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Itt: post questions on meeting women, dating, relationships, and sex.

I'll try to give mainly practical advice based on my experience and understanding as someone who started out as fairly shit with women and now does alright. Obnoxious blackpillers will be left on read.


How the fuck do I meet women at work?
I have basically no life and work is my only real social outlet. There's some women I'm really interested in here but I can't muster up the courage to really flirt with them out of fear of loosing my job.

What can I do?


Trying to pick up chicks at work is risky, for obvious reason. More likely, it just leads to unnecessary drama. But…

Focus more on being 'fun' rather than flirty. Have strong (but relaxed) eye contact and good posture. Look for unconscious signs of interest (i.e., pupil dilation, positioning their body facing you) and suggest hanging out/doing something outside of work that is both fun-ish and gives both parties plausible deniability that it's not a 'date,' i.e. not dinner nor something lame like going to a movie theater.

Good luck.


Don't or be prepared to switch jobs.
I guess you are 30 or older, if you have a hobby other than posting on anonymous imageboards, try to meet people there and hang out with them. You are going to get friends eventually and friends will give you the opportunity to meet other people.
You can also make friends at work but don't flirt with them, because the drama will chase you even if you only try once. Don't be the creepy guy from the 3rd floor.

>unconscious signs of interest (i.e., pupil dilation, positioning their body facing you)
Oh no.


>How do I improve at tennis
<Lol, do golf instead

In all honesty, you're right. Trying to date girls at work IS objectively a terrible idea (for a myriad of reasons), but that's the circumstance he wanted advice for.

As far as looking for unconscious signs of interest l, it's better to instead just assume it's on and look for/appropriately respond to signs of disinterest. But most guys don't have that level of confidence/social awareness to pull it off.


>Name faggong


Well it's over, I'm turning 20 next year and still haven't had pussy. I failed you


best time to start improving your skills with women


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I'm in the exact same boat. Missing out on teenage love/sex is something which I will regret for the rest of my life, even if it is mostly all bullshit. Pic related.




Get a prostitute for your birthday


Don't get a prostitute. Probably the worst thing you could do, unless you want to be a trick.

Every little action is a vote for the sort of person you want to become. By getting a prostitute, you're telling your inner self, 'Im the type of guy who can only get laid if I pay for it.' Absolutely disasterous for your self image.

For your birthday, grab a (preferably non alcoholic) drink with a friend or acquaintance, if you have nothing else planned. As for getting laid easily, shooting for less than hot girls makes it easier. So does booze. But you want to use both as a stepping stone to better things without getting stuck using either as a long term crutch.


I think I'm getting over my fear of speaking to women my own age. In work I can now talk to my zoomer female coworkers pretty easily.


Awesome. Congrats man. The first few steps are always the hardest.

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