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Weekly Goal Tracking Thread
>Itt: we celebrate personal victories, achievements, and the actions we've taken to improve our lives over the past week. Use this weekly thread to track progress and move toward goals, be they big or small, individual or political.
<Improving the world starts with improving yourself
>How to use this thread
Throughout the week, keep a mental note of the positive things you're doing. As the weekend rolls around, list them down by Sunday. When we take a moment to celebrate minor personal victories and goals, we're more likely to repeat and stick with them. This weekly post exists to help you keep on track and improve your life.
>Positive change doesn't occur all at once. Rather it's the compounded effect of small daily habits and repeated action.


I started NoPorn this week let's see how it goes


Nice, anon.

Porn is cuck training. Jerking off to a chick you're attracted to getting banged by another dude. As a habit, it only hurts you.


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>Ended a relationship of nearly 3 years. Kinda goaded her into having a convo where I knew she would break up with me over an unresolved issue. For the best.

>Prayed at a church once or twice.

>Did suggest meeting up with the 18 year old from last weekend. But she's out of town this weekend. Still not sweating it. Girls are a low low priority.

>Went out with a woman who I used to work for. She's been trying to date me forever. But I can tell she has a somewhat anxious attachment style. That clashes with my own avoidant attachment style. If I was starving to get laid, it would be ridiculously easy, but then she would be bothering me constantly and I'd have to brush her off/ghost her. Not really something I want to do. Also approached exactly 1 girl and was able to social media close. She's kinda soft 6 in my book (devil is also in the details), but she could also be a potential lay with less drama in the future if I'm horny or want the ego boost.

>Shaved my chest instead of using the probably-carcigenic hair removing cream I usually use.

>Used a pore clearing nose strip one day, and a collegan mask another day.

>Bought a light teeth whitening system and used 1x

>Currently on day 3 of no cigarettes or nicotine. Combined with my supplement stack and not being bogged down by texting a borefriend every night, I have ridiculous amounts of energy.

>Gym x 5. Actually had to go at an irregular time one day, because I had a social call during my normal gym time. Happy I still made it in and didn't use that as an excuse to skip that day

>Bike x 4. Went the furthest I've been on one route, and explored some new areas on another trip.

>Jog x 2 (I need to up my cardio).

>Woke up and did push up first thing one day. I should make that a regular habit.

>No weed and sugary drinks. This is becoming the new norm, so I'll stop tracking it here

>Finished one book, continued reading another book. Also bought another book.

>Bought a couple new hats. Still need new pants to complete the winter wardrobe.

>Studied a foreign anguage 2x this week

>As part of a plan to open a business, I created a TikTok and posted 4 videos. This was done after someone who themselves built a successful business from scratch suggested that I start marketing now via that particular platform.

>Cleaned house, including sweeping and mopping, scrubbing bathroom tile, and changing bed sheets.

>Deleted poker app off my phone. Too much of a dopamine roller coaster and I've hit the plateau of where I'm not improving any more.


damn thats brutal


Im gonna only go on the internet every weekend only.
ive also cutting down coffee, i was on around 10 a day now just 1, i think it fucked with my head tho, chronic migraines.

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