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>Itt: we celebrate personal victories, achievements, and the actions we've taken to improve our lives over the past week. Use this weekly thread to track progress and move toward goals, be they big or small, individual or political.
<Improving the world starts with improving yourself
>How to use this thread
Throughout the week, keep a mental note of the positive things you're doing. As the weekend rolls around, list them down by Sunday. When we take a moment to celebrate minor personal victories and goals, we're more likely to repeat and stick with them. This weekly post exists to help you keep on track and improve your life.
>Positive change doesn't occur all at once. Rather it's the compounded effect of small daily habits and repeated action.


I got a haircut and sorted some stuff out with my bills, which involved calling (scary) the government. Other than that a pretty meh week for achievements.


Whoa. That's kinda cool that you did what you had to do. I know I avoid the govt at all costs, so props for that. Keep chugging forward.


>Bought whiteboard to better plan and track activities through the week
>Bought a lint roller to make my clothes look nicer
>Bought a jump rope to improve cardio
>Bought new pair of pants. I'm trying to minimize pointless descisions, so now I have 3 pairs that are exactly identical
>Gym 4x
>Jog 1x
>Read 130+ pages, finished a book, started a new one
>Used Korean-style anti-wrinkle facemask x2
>Whitened teeth x1
>Not the most productive week, tbh. Clearer up some drama with a girl which had been clouding my mind. Looking forward to the upcoming week.

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