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Self Development
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You know the deal

No one is coming to save you
No one cares about you
Your quality of life is your responsibility
(Unless you're a woman, I guess)

Use this thread to track your weekly actions, habits, and the goals you've reached on your journey to improve.


>Read 50+ pages
>Gym 5x, Morning exercise routine 6x, bike ride 2x
>Collagen mask 2x, teeth whitening 1x
>Oil change for vehicle
>Payed rent early
>Cleaned my place well. Scrubbed bathroom tile, rearranged dishes, washed bedding.
>Settled on a way to make business related content that is less time consuming and energy draining. Result is better output that I'm less personally embarrassed about, which has better organic reach as well.


I cleaned really well and organized but deff need to get into reading it's so hard. Best advice for reading?


Pick a genre you enjoy reading or at least feel like you're getting something out of.

Don't try to force yourself to read something because you 'should.'

Personally, I read a ton, but I have somewhat narrow tastes. This just kinda came up in my life because my gf mentioned she was thinking about getting me a book for Xmas but said she wasn't sure if I would like the book she got or not. This was good intuition on her part, since I definitely wouldn't have enjoyed just any book.
If you're not sure what genre you even like, I'd recommend checking out historical fiction since it combines many different elements and interests.

Secondly, set a very low bar for success. Instead of telling yourself you're going to read 20 pages a day, tell yourself you're going to read 1. Then, if you want, stop after you finish that one page. That way, you're more likely to start since reading 1 page is a much smaller time/effort commitment.

Likewise, pick a time and place ahead of time. 'Im going to read 1 page in the afternoon while drinking coffee at the cafe by my house' is much more clear plan/goal than 'im going to read 1 page.'
That way, you have less to decide when the time comes to put your plan into action, and won't be as affected by descision fatigue or choice paralysis.


These threads should be revived

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