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>Dalia Soto del Valle aka Lala, lived a secluded life raising her sons most of her life in the immense family property of Punto Cero in the Havanan quarter of Siboney where some of her sons still reside.
>In 1984, Dalia allegedly started an affair with a member of the ** a bodyguard named Jorge.
>Fidel was informed of the affair by the head of the **, Domingo Mainet, who was informed by Dalia’s official chauffeur, René Besteiro.
>Allegedly after finding out of his wife’s affair, Fidel didn’t go back home to his wife for months; the bodyguard Jorge disappeared and nobody said a word about it ever again.
>Eventually Fidel returned home to Dalia, they resumed their married life as if nothing ever happened.


Locked his wife in the house, executed the one security guard who banged her, had thousands of mistresses himself.

Fidel was basically the Andrew Tate of the Soviet aligned bloc.


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he was 36 and her 17 when they first met but let that slide. that's stuff a cuck with power does
bet he was a leftcel before the beard glowup


B b b based. Imagine a charismatic revolutionary leader not getting a bit of young pussy. Rumor had it, him and Mao had a little private friendly rivalry about it.




>pol does not send its best


Niqqa Mao got in an arranged marriage at 12 with some 19yo chick but dumped her look it up


Lmao nice. However much I take issue with the specifics of some of Mao and Fidel's policies, it's impossible to deny that they were both incredibly based individuals with exceptional personalities (in a good way).


>he was 36 and her 17
your point?




>he was 36 and her 17

Not even unusual back then, and honestly only retards care now. I was banging 40 y/os when I was 18, age gaps aren't some magical force which overrides the effects of both partners having already gone through puberty.

Locking his wife away and having a shit-ton of affairs is nasty though, but not because one time she fucked someone else lol.

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