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MSNBC collected random Trump supporters and expected them to be complete idiots. Didn't go as planned.


Any self-identifying leftist who gave even half a fuck as the establishment did about Trump ought to be considered compromised by bourgeois politics.


Trump was the establishment


Oh, that explains why nearly every media company smeared or banned the one guy who became president without having previously held an elected office.


Correction: Trump became the establishment.


How has trump not always been establishment?


This place is filled with reddit Le resistance takes today


>Cannot answer the question
>resorts to calling opposition reddit


He never held an elected office prior to presidency nor had any connection to the DoD; immediately after getting elected, the DNC claimed that Russia somehow conspired to make him president, a narrative much of the media ran with.

Bro, just admit you browse reddit. it's ok.


Lol at calling yourself the 'opposition' too


MAGA communism will win


Two more weeks.


>nearly every media company smeared or banned
Lel, they ran his shit day and night on every goddamned station and over every media platform they had that even dealt remotely with news. That asshole got more free air time than Bush the Younger's War on Terror bullshit did back in the day. Only an idiot would think that it matters whether what they said about him was nice or mean. There's no such thing as bad press.


>one of the titans of the big bourgeoisie
>literal celebrity and a household name synonymous with the concept of "rich person" in the minds of most
>not part of the establishment
get the fuck out infrauyghur


>Omg, he wasn't a total nobody before he got elected as president. That means he's exactly the same as some glowfag who's only job has been a politician.
You sound bitter about being irrelevant


Back to leftypol you go!


File: 1667118371544.jpg (102.87 KB, 1457x1057, 1666902480358291.jpg)

This is the same lib shit faggotry that defines peoples class based on the amount of income the generate per year. Trump is and will always be the ownership class and his actions in office reflects that completely. the dude have massive tax breaks to his fellow porkies. You have the cart before the horse because the government is a puppet of capital you faggot.


His class interests are aligned with the capitalist class you retard and most trump supporters are old petty bourgious boomers. I am not against reaching out to the base but supporting trump is fucking retarded.


Marx, Engels, Che, Lenin, Mao etc all came from the middle and upper classes.

>The govt is a tool of capital
This unironically helps explain why the entirety of the state, which is broader than the 'muhgovernment,' lined up against Trump. Because, despite his massive flaws, he bucked the interest of the modern ruling class in favor of heading up a broad class coalition for common prosperity. Sorry if mentally ill troons and lumpens weren't part of that. Go back to reddit to seethe about Trump.


Marx didn't come from the "middle class" you fucking retard and Lenin used to rob banks with stalin. Marx literally lived off engles for years and years and years. Mao is a revisionist and a retard so his opinion is almost worthless.

Marx points out, not that you have bothered to actually read anything he wrote; that there are instances where a person who is of one class can conciouslly support the interest of the proletariat, but, this is a general exception to the rule as most capitalists under capitalism are extremely short sighted and myopic. How did he "fight le establishment?" by giving tax breaks to wallstreet investors? by appointing extremely reactionary supreme court justices to office? you keep saying he did "buck the system" but you won't actually explain how.

Infretards aren't even old enough to post on this website.


Nice fanfic

Back to reddit you go! r/socialism seems more like your style.


File: 1667123860121.jpg (7.22 KB, 220x285, wojak-pea-brain-2022319658.jpg)

>nice fanfic back to reddit you go! r/socialism seems more like your stlyle


Are you coping or seething?
Whichever this case, don't forget to dialate as well


File: 1667146225060.jpg (25.73 KB, 473x382, 1655909877336.jpg)

>Are you coping or seething don't forget to dialate as well


Also, Che was a doctor, not upper or middle class.
>gets pwned by facts that are plainly available goddamned eveywhere
>tries to nuh-uh and meme his way out of it
Pathetic but in no way disappointing.


>Never gave a single retort
>Calls this facts

Yep, you have to be 18 to post here.


>meme meme meme


How about you actually explain yourself other than just being a childish faggot.


>Answer me answer me answer me

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