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File: 1666884636972.mp4 (6.46 MB, 576x1024, QkR34cixUTvg-AKB.mp4)


French pigs stop people from removing faggot climate activists from road.

How long until one of them gets curb stomped into into carbon neutrality?


carcucks seething lmao
maybe they should've used a bus or something


Sorry, not everyone is a bugman that wants to be shuttled around on a pre determined route while being restricted in their movement


nobody cares carcuck
you will be standing powerless just like carcucks in your video while chadtivists will be saving the planet


File: 1666891507261.webm (4.58 MB, 281x500, horsepilled.webm)

carfags btfo
horsechads win again


File: 1666891646757.jpeg (29.77 KB, 399x385, th-3327687176.jpeg)



is there a more pathetic creature than carcuck?


just look at them standing there like a bunch of idiots lmao

those retards are always standing around in waiting lines lol


You mean the feable and soulless looking geriatrics sitting in the street like bums while cops protect them.

Is that what you call a chad?

I get it. You're poor and can't afford a car. That doesn't mean you have to act like a fag.


Yes. Fags who call themselves the 'resistance' while cops protect them from pissed off normal people


File: 1666893194365.png (734.36 KB, 595x564, 1665037274541324.png)

Climate change is real though


Ya, climates always change. Mars used to have water on it. Literally a braindead npc.


>The climate always changes!!!!

Not this dramatically and in such a short time frame. Learn a little statistical analysis.

>Braindead NPC

Said the brain dead npc


climate change is real but the dude blocking traffic is the real solution to it. if we just block enough traffic, the earth will start cooling. every communist must support blocking traffic for the sake of humanity. theres no reason to radically change the economic system, lets be pragmatic here. capitalism is eternal, but blocking traffic on the other hand is a realistic long-term programme to end the climate crisis. i support the activists 10000%.


No see I actually agree with this sentiment but posts like OP tend to lack so much nuance that one (including individuals who are less attentive) could take this to be some.call.to arms against the "climate change" propoganda.
This is the other side of the Infrared coin bs where denial of scientific fact is embraced rather than a nuanced understanding based on material and historical forces; economic.


So fucking dimwitted.

There's a reason the average person equates the 'left' with the ruling elite


Tell me more about the nebulous looming threat that demands people give up more freedom and submit to great scrutiny/control to the existing systems of power.


sarcasm, anon.


I would be fine with relinquishing my freedoms if I could fully trust that the authorities are responsible in their judgement and will eventually return it unmolested.
A socialist leadership MIGHT be able to convince me of this…and certainly much more than a capitalist leadership could.


I would blah blah blah if blah blah blah

You have a beautiful pristine soul, anon


Funny, because I thought the same about you.
Nice dubs.

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