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>what is the communist heroes journey
>is there one
>what exactly does it entail (pic related)


It begins with reading Marx and believing that your edgy for it.

The next step is developing a crippling anime porn addiction.

Finally, you cut of your dick, blame society for all your problems, then kys.


1. don't read any marx or lenin
2. claim to be a marxist-leninist
3. post on .ogre and ideally twitter, with pronouns in bio
4. do glowies work for free


>You aren't edgy for supporting the most despised ideology in all of the anglo spehere.
Ok pol cuck. keep sucking off Hitler.


Ok. Go to any school or 'respectable institution' and test out these two phrases, record the response, and let me know which is despised more
>Marx may not have been right about everything, but he had some good ideas
>Hitler may not have been right about everything, but he had some good ideas


>Hitler is bad
What an edgy and transgressive opinion to have, comrade!!


last time i checked according to le "respectable institutions" marx is either a sexist and white supremacist or the man whos ideas killed trillions
>b-b-b-but muh karltural marxists
go back uyghur


some of us don't base political political ideology off being edgy. You have this in common with troonies go to the .org if you want to talk to them.




Marx didn't kill 6 million Jews though you moronic faggot lmao. You're comparing apples to oranges.

Hitler deserves the scorn he gets Marx does not and that is what separates accurate political analysis from being an edgy transhumanist on pol.


The amount of social conditioning you had to break through in order to adopt the position 'nazi bad' is truly astounding. you definitely are a free thinker filled with originality and courage. Your worldview definitely isn't a parody of the normie world view


What do you not understand.
"Hitler good" Is not a valid position you moronic faggot.
On the other hand Marx was based and red pilled and you are a moronic boot licking cuck who cannot understand politics that isn't based off being an edgy retard.

It's not about "social conditioning" It's about the validity of a proposition you fucking dumb uyghur

and communism is still hated more than nazism


I never said 'nazis good.'

I implied you're basically an over socialized dork who takes normie position to some parody extreme as some form of lame 'leftist politics.'
>Muh validity of proposition
Reddit tier

Like I said - go test out your hypothesis, and split test 'Marx/Hitler had some good ideas,' then report back which is more despised

Maybe it can be part of your hero's journey, you dorky faggit


>Philosophical validity is reddit

It comes from Greek philosphy you midwit lmfao
Unless you just believe anything for no reason which is possible considering how stupid you are.


Retvrn (to reddit)


The masses are true heroes.

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