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Why the left is dead

Pic related is a protest against some literal who rightoid YouTuber.

Somehow, the left got psyoped into protesting and organizing against scarecrow facefags instead of record high corporate profits, inflation, war, and the wide ranging expansion of bourgeois state police powers under the guise of protection and security.

In effect, the left stopped being the left proper. It's been transformed as a rotting corpse, one which is often strung around like a puppet by oligarchal capital - another spectacle to keep people busy.

One of the most interesting things about the historical left is how sectarian it was. The history of splits and reformations is constant and persistent in the left until recently.

Thus, its surprising there's has not been a more strident and consistent Jimmy Dore-esque leftist counter message against this effete faggotry that passes itself of as the left in popular parlance nowadays - that there hasn't been a more evident split in the left of anti-establishment populist vanguardists against subcuck banal cultural leftist democrats.

And until we see a sort of split away from cultural faggotry among the left, I assume the left (as the phrase is commonly understood) will continue to operate like a corpse and patsy for the foreseeable future.

The way forward, as far as I can tell, comes from a ruthless critique and rejection of fake progressive leftites as a means of clearing the way for a movement capable of both acting as an effective opposition to modern power while also as a germ of future power.


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It's because none of the generations since 1960 have been taught about organized labor; been fed misinformation about organized labor intentionally and generally have been taught insane shit about not just unions but organized labor generally. Modern economics literally has in its core ant labor ideology and talking heads repeating this shit on the mass media create the zietgiest and thus shape public opinion. It's all manufacturing consent from cradle to grave.


>implying it was ever alive
eat shit


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the trahnnys took over the left & right




the left is dead because the American government spent a century of assassinations, false flags, sabotage, massacres, infiltration, and smear campaigns on them. Thinking college students are the real enemies is some rightoid meme


I don't see feds in my former parties. Too skinny or fat and pathetic. All I saw was troons


ikr, pretty much every opportunity is robbed of its momentum due to a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the population whining they are not acknowledged enough while at time the usual media casually mentions the rise in workplace accidents, fatal traffic accidents, and recent homeless population exploding.this shit cant last more than a decade

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