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BLM was a sketchy banker funded psy op the whole time.


>The bank collapsed because it was to gay and black.
You have to go back /pol/.


>Omg don't destroy my antifa super soldier fight-da-powa fantasy narrative


>His conspiracy becomes more unhinged the more he's confronted.


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Fuck libtards and wokescolds etc. etc. But if you seriously believe that this bank collapsed because they were shilling for gays on their socials then you genuinely need lobotomising.


>But if you seriously believe that this bank collapsed because they were shilling for gays on their socials then you genuinely need lobotomising.
You imagined that part


>SVB donates to BLM (?) like 8 or 9 years after Ferguson
>Wow, this proves that BLM, and by extension literally any anti-cop, anti-racism action I want to lump into the "#BLM" brand, is 100% a banker psyop


It's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled



You talking 'bout me?
If so, fooled by what?
I was skeptical circa Ferguson (because of Mike Brown specifically), and by 2020 most rioters took pains to distance themselves from "BLM" specifically, which had been co-opted and turned into a cynical brand (the early 2020 MN rioters preferred new slogans like "no justice, no peace," as well as emphasizing cross-racial unity against the MN police) with a bunch of cynical media representatives devoted to de-escalation and idpol. There've been corporate types co-opting and attempting to direct this stuff for years, this is not something specific to the last 10 years of anti-cop protest, but rather something capitalists attempt to do every time there's some sort of unrest or movement within capitalism.

Now the MSM won't tell you this stuff, they're happy to oversimplify it, to say it's all fans of Talcum X, to accuse white anti-cop rioters of "appropriation," to try and split the participants, to not give you the whole picture. If you buy what they sell you, then ok - but I wasn't getting my info from CNN in 2020.


File: 1678971460814.png (172.7 KB, 1440x971, 1678959806734957.png)

The grift must go on


File: 1678992461219.jpg (377.11 KB, 1061x1682, IMG_20230317_014048.jpg)



Wont this just make infaltion even worse though?


Yes, and that's a good thing.


No it isn't you dumb child.
Making people suffer because you have this delusion that they will revolt in your head is not praxis.


Inflation is good because workers are up to their eyeballs in debt. Funny how you and the entire booj is kvetching about inflation but you accuse others of being selfish kek.


Why is workers being "up to their eye balls in debt" a good thing? Inflation is not good your dumb cia glow uyghur.


Because inflation reduces debt. You not understand how numbers work?


>The booj want to stop inflation.
>Tankies want to stop inflation.
Tankies and porky are on the same side of an issue again, curious!



>He actually bought the debt slavery bs

My guy any economist will agree inflation is far worse for people than debt.


Every economist is a capitalist stooge.


>Buy car
>Price stays the same but my wage goes up because of inflation
>Pay car off with less valuable dollars.
>This is bad for workers because it just okay!


dumbest shit


>Richard wolf the capitalist stooge

These gotta be retards from reddit/org


Do you seriously not understand what inflation is bad for people? You realize prices can get so astronomically high that things become UN-buyable correct? So the retarded fed bailing out these banks after the last bail out durring covid is only going to fuck the economy even HARDER because, suprise surprise, you can't just get rich by printing fucking money. Understanding how a capitalist economy works doesn't make you a "stooge" you fucking child.


holy fuck lmao you cant be serious


File: 1679034687924.jpg (82.75 KB, 668x1024, 1679033492014486m.jpg)



BLM was never anti-cop, and no, "anti-racism" is still racism.


If everything is racism, then is racism really that bad??


anon never said everything is racist
he just said anti-racism is still racism and TBH most of the time it's right, liberals are racist as fuck with their "anti-racism"
instead you can be a non-racist, like the vast majority of proles are


File: 1679247749343.jpg (122.85 KB, 1400x933, precinct 3 MN.jpg)


BLM was sometimes anti-cop, it was pretty broad before the initial decentralized (vulnerable) movement was co-opted by grifters, but I also said "by extension" - the 2020 riots were mostly outside of the scope of the by-then cynical BLM brand, and focused on direct battles with police. The participants were diverse, and opposed to cops, racism, and most of the time opposed capitalism in general, while also rejecting the cynical corporate path "#BLM" had taken.


File: 1679247826247.png (514.69 KB, 640x480, bigeyesbigmouth.png)



>co-opted by the democrats


What's the difference


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