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Based Dutch farmers win big in provincial elections


File: 1679082145375.jpeg (130.62 KB, 2020x1084, f7bij1jbbvw61-322883956.jpeg)

>Based farmers
the absolute state of "the left" lol

pissing pants for petty bougie victories in elections

tho what can you expect from "lefties" that are just nationalist collaborationist shills for their respective capitalist governments


Sorry, 'comrade.'

Leftism isn't when you take breaks from smoking weed and masturbating to talk about how leftist you are on reddit.


File: 1679082849795.mp4 (6.53 MB, 640x360, The Class Enemy.mp4)

also the right marxist term is "kulaks" - petty bourgeois capitalists in the agrarian sector that employ wage labor, usually immigrant labor that has little rights and no labor protections

you should google about communists historical encounters with kulaks to not embarrass yourself next time


>Cosplay marxism


>principled adherence to your class is cosplay
not everyone is a class collaborationist "leftoid" like your lot

The only fucks I give about "farmers" is how can we expropriate their land without them throwing a tantrum and burning all the grain and killing all the livestock

making them all protest like in your vid and then dropping a bomb on them actually can be one of the solutions


to elaborate, there are no "good" "farmers" in the first world anymore

all kulaks rely on massive subsidies and immigrant labor for their reproduction
kulaks actually can't survive in the current capitalism without immigrant labor, because of the urbanization trend when majority of native labor flocks to cities

they are just an outgrow of the outdated mode of production


Larp. You won't do shit. Have more Cheetos fag


>You won't do shit.
If I only get the opportunity to kill them all - I will do it.


File: 1679084279720.gif (2.92 MB, 291x300, 9c6e5734e0dace94c506e18562….gif)

>pro-EU centrist kulak party win elections in some irrelevant euro shithole
OP you are coping HARD if you think this means anything at all. I have taken shits that were more remarkable than this story.


>if I could pick a superpower, I'd have the ability to manipulate space and time.
Seriously bro. Go back to you anime threads


Your petty bourg ass should be praying to Allah that I don't get the opportunity.

Just sayin.


You're right comrade.

Let's go back to fanfic threads about hypothetical technospace luxury worker democracy nonbinary free weed communism. All this talk about things happening in the real world is killin my buzz.

>God forbid you have any relevance in the real world


Again. You won't do shit because you are the definition of a larping faggot. Go back to you pipe and the anime threads


File: 1679084823627.jpg (191.67 KB, 1080x581, IMG_20230318_032458.jpg)



Sorry mate but my bare minimum for caring about an emerging party in euroshitistan is them being eurosceptic, anti-immigration, anti-NATO and at least succdem on economics. Your gay little kulak cow-shagger party doesn't tick any of those boxes so idgaf. Nice strawman though.


I won't do shit if I don't get the opportunity. But if I do…


File: 1679085445757.jpg (277.49 KB, 1080x1170, IMG_20230318_033454.jpg)

Ok, OP here. First of, you still won't do shit.
I looked a bit more into this farmer party movement. This is their leader. I can not support this sort of physiognomy. My apologies for previously promoting it itt


more so it would require for capitalism to shit the bed

which I hope to live to see through
until then keep wagin and keep sharp

revolution would need actual dedicated communists and not class collaborators draped in red


>I can't wait for society to collapse so that my ghey pet politics will come out on top
>Until then, I'll keep working and larping online


>I can't wait for society to collapse
It's just in my class interests, petty bourg, nothing personal

anyway, I don't understand why you got your panties in a twist

if capitalism is truly the end of history and always comes out of the slump even stronger, then you don't have to worry about any revolutions

just don't cry crocodile tears if it just so happens to be not
accept your death as a sailor would accept a sea storm - as an inevitability


>I think society collapsing would be fun and help my life improve
You really are quite dumb anon


yes, I'm dumb that I want labor protections, that I want to live in my apartment and not pay 50% of my wage to some parasite, that I want the ability to get a degree while I work, and then be guaranteed a workplace according to my education

Instead I should pray that the current society wouldn't implode..

all while the porks from all sides are preparing to throw proles into the meatgrinder..

nah, I don't have much to lose except my life, and capitalist war would take that from me as well


Post arms. I'll let you know if you'll be a field slave or immediately executed after a collapse.


File: 1679092147587.jpeg (63.86 KB, 520x347, cheka-812757527.jpeg)

kek, nobody is safe in a revolutionary situation

I might end up being shot, but on the other hand I might as well end up shooting petty bourgs

all better than being shot for pig profits while rotting together with some disgusting piglet "fellow soldiers" while being fed nationalist drivel


I know that made sense in your mind, but the weed (or whatever you're on) really is not helping you make coherent posts


point to the sentence you didn't understand

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