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Ummm… Chomsky bros, I don't feel so good


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>discussed political and academic topics
lmao, like what? Discussing finer details of the Bakunin's "Invisible Dictatorship"? Sorel's "Reflections on Violence" lol? Nechayev's ethics of individual terrorism?

All this tells me is that the world on the very top is a very small place. Famous professors, media personalities, industrialists, actors, politicians, university presidents - they all know each other face-to-face.


Orwell was the most based retard to ever exist


It's almost as if there is a ruling managerial elite working in loose concert with eachother


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Chomsky is a cranky oldfag who hasn't been relevant for decades.

No surprise he's buddying up with state security agents like Epstein and shilling for biomedical globohomo. That's basically the trajectory of anyone on the muhleft who achieves any prominence.


Why is this in /b/?
Is this not political? I know we can post about anything here, but wouldn't this be fine on the main board? I like using this board for goofy shit.


Also Epstein's relationship with CIA director William Burns the year before is imo more remarkable, even if it's less surprising. Chomsky could plausibly not know exactly the extent of Epstein's crimes, and just think of him as a university donor or something. Do I believe that? Well, I'd like to, but not really. I believe it's more plausible than William Burns having no idea, but that doesn't mean I believe Chomsky is innocent here. There seems to be less connecting Chomsky to Epstein 'personally' than with Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Ehud Barak, Steven Pinker, Bill Gates, Alan Dershowitz, prince Andrew, Matt Groening, king Salman of Saudi Arabia, Courtney Love, Les Wexner, Peter Soros, Alec Baldwin, Ted Kennedy, David Koch, and Chris Tucker… among others. But this is still very, very bad.


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I'm no longer a leftist, I'm purely MAGA COMMUNIST now, for the only Epstein acquaintance I trust


politics on the internet can only ever be goofy shit. In fact goofy shit in general is probably much more valuable.

Think about it, the only real political action you can take is going to happen outside.

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