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What is the political economy of onlyfans?

How does onlyfans utilize the m-c-m and c-m-c cycle to render the human subject (labor power) into an object (commodity)?


Women are whores.
This is the political economy of OF


File: 1683111475322.jpg ( 97.46 KB , 600x400 , g0bh94ud92j51.jpg )

>human subject (labor power) into an object (commodity)?
sorry, I don't understand philosophycel speak

you either speak like a human being - or you fuck off to your 19th century books

as to OF - it is a service that doesn't produce any commodity (it sells interactive porn, not time-durable, consumed at the moment of buying)

and yes, w*men are eugenic chadsexuals, sexual marketplace is a wild west capitalism, and w*men hold monopoly power over the means of reproduction


File: 1683112870245-1.jpeg ( 97.41 KB , 1240x701 , game in 2023.jpeg )

>w*men are eugenic chadsexuals
tho obviously it is not as simple as "just be gigachad" - you need to thread a fine line between masculine and feminine traits, w*men sexual preferences are as retarded in humans as in fucking birds

but nevertheless, the biggest contribution of the blackpill to science is the discovery that sexual preferences are OBJECTIVE

truly solipsism is the original sin of our species, that rears its ugly head in all spheres of life throughout history


File: 1683113513377.jpeg ( 19.04 KB , 474x316 , th-1380471230.jpeg )

>>147442 (me)
Man, I can't stop laughing at that bird photo..
just become a kid's doodle theory lmao…


File: 1683113608639.jpeg ( 199.98 KB , 1280x720 , w*men can't reisist this.jpeg )

>just become a kid's doodle theory lmao…
just become a piece of abstract art theory


Onlyfans is a far right website that aims to exploit men out of their survival funds.


File: 1683150721238.mp4 ( 10.59 MB , 640x360 , D O G P I L L E D.mp4 )

>w*men sexual preferences are as retarded in humans as in fucking birds
case in point: dogpill

there is no evolutionary explanation as to why w*men are sexually attracted to dogs

while men fucked all kinds of animals throughout history, it was because of the lack of access to any human females, basically a form of masturbation

while we could hypothesize by analogy that w*men fuck dogs because of the lack of access to Chad, it doesn't seem to be the case when even any landwhale now can get a chadlite to rub it into her lard flaps on tinder
also, how many men fuck their dogs in our day and age, even tho they have far less access to w*men now than w*men have to Chad?

Nah, there must be something else here.. Occam's razor.. the simplest explanation is that w*men are just sexually attracted to dogs

<Harvard Study: 20% of White Female Pitbull Owners Admitted to Engaging in Sexually Stimulating Activity With Their Pets

Goodness Gracious, and that's only those who "admitted" to it

if your wife has a pitbull - you have a 20% chance of being dogged

it's truly ovER for sub8 men in present day, present time
not only do they have to compete with Chad, they also have to compete with Dogs, other w*men (lesbianpill is underrated), and God knows what else!


>if your wife has a pitbull - you have a 20% chance of being dogged
add to it a chance of being cucked by Chad - and we're already past the half point.. it's SO FUCKING OVER I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS ANYMORE TO EXPRESS HOW OVER IT IS!


Basically lots of women compete on social media for either rich dudes or OF subscribers. Women are commodified under capitalism, they become a product to be bought and there is a marketplace where you can compare products.

I've heard that both sexes are commodified under capitalism but I don't really see how men are, i see how as a worker but not as a sex…


File: 1683152854748.jpg ( 46.63 KB , 800x450 , Belle-Delphine-Ahe.jpg )

>m-muh poor w*men are a product!1
seethe soyboid

OF is based
where else can an incel tell a Stacy to make an ahegao face for him?

only roasties and their soyboys are butthurt about onlyfans


also a note on dogpill: I don't think it was a thing in agrarian societies, or at least it was not as widespread.

my grandmother lived all her life in countryside and she never allowed not only dogs in the house, but even cats

she treated all farm animals in general as animated objects, and it was savagery to her that a person could hug and kiss, let alone fuck, an animal

so I'm kinda split on dogpill, it doesn't seem to be as universal as chadsexuality
we need more research into this topic


>she treated all farm animals in general as animated objects
tho that is to be expected from a person who raised countless animals with the sole aim to then kill them

another peculiar detail: she didn't even touch animals directly - for example she used a stick to beat a cow to follow a particular path, or used a chain to yank the dog in a particular direction

oh right, our two dogs were also chained for life - their only purpose in life was to alert to any strangers and preferably scare them

there was no shred of even repressed sexuality at all in how she dealt with animals


File: 1683211367839.jpg ( 14.63 KB , 480x360 , dolphed.jpg )

>case in point: dogpill
don't forget about horsepill
oh, and also dolphinpill is especially brootal
women will fuck anything that moves except us inkwells


File: 1683212659921.jpeg ( 310.77 KB , 2560x1724 , can't compete with that f….jpeg )

>don't forget about horsepill
a piece of historical trivia: many women in the middle ages lost their virginity riding a horse

it was horse or be horsed world


I'm not butthurt about anything, but I suppose I'd rather these women do something more productive and less degrading with their lives. I wouldn't want my children to have to literally whore themselves out as a career.

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