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Pretty much the only table top I still play is Dark Heresy. Although my group is full of bourg grognards.


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can someone make another one of these treads?


Here are the rules to Debord's boardgame.

Also worth checking out: http://www.classwargames.net/


Where do you find the games? I clicked on the link for one, Imperialism in Space, but the webpage is gone.


Unfortunately Imperialism in Space disappeared four years ago, the other games should have materials at the bottom of their pages.


8chan had automated dice that you can role in threads… bunkerchan doesn't have that functionality as far as I know and it's kinda essential


posts have numbers right, just use the last number of a post as a dice roll


that post for example would be a one


There is simply not enough posters here for post numbers to not be utterly predictable.


I think that the best way to go about doing this is to make a game with a leftist society rather than a game about leftism .


>with a leftist society
What did he mean by this?




there are more then 300 posts per hour, here that is about 5 posts a minute, that should be more then enough to keep things unpredictable right?


There's always Eclipse Phase; although I haven't played it in a couple years.


I see that and I want to kill myself.
Some years ago, I've heard about the tabletop game "Deuda externa", foreign debt, it even has a page on ecured about how to play it. The problem it wasn't very pppular when it was sold in Argentina.


Ms. Monopoly pisses me off less because of the retarded sexism and more because it's an entire new commodity to sell for what's literally just a fucking house rule.

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