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The other thread was full.
Anything Latinoamérica related, let's unite in discussion while the CIA-funded military hasn't decide to torture us to death for the time being.


File: 1622763760383.mp4 (5.34 MB, 1280x720, arce.mp4)

Empezamos con el basado Arce.


So is Bolivia at least staying on what evo started or are they gonna cuck out?



Seeing the per million death being dominated by latin america really highlights the coming instability in the coming years. The ruling class either are too incompetant or dont care, or both.


Constituent elections have already happened. The presidential primaries will take place in July and the general elections are in November.
Jadue is leading the polls and it's very likely that he'll win, every other candidate seems weak at the moment.


They are quite skilled to show that's somehow irrelevant.


Hay buenos libros discutiendo la historia de la narcoviolencia en Mexico? Yo se que hay blogs como Borderland Beat pero es dificil de sacar un narrativo general de eso. Quiero saber de las facciones, la relacion con los burgueses, el gobierno etc.

Pueden ser en Español, pero no demasiado academico porque mi conprension lectora no es tan bueno (t. Burger con Nopal En El Frente)



Tienen algo que decir sobre las elecciones en México??? No son unas elecciones que deciden entre el tercer reich y la RSFS pero igualmente son elecciones


oye y el caribe y mesoamerica guapo >:(


Hace poco se publico uno en inglés que se llama The Dope. Todavía no está en libgen, y por eso no lo he leído, pero el autor tiene un blog con cosas interesantes y puede servir como punto de partida.

Si quieres volverte paranoico, lee estos


Bueno, como ya de seguro es sabido MORENA mantuvo su mayoria simple, pero creo que perdio la absoluta.


What I don't get is why you feel the need to inform us that you were molested as a child.


Livestreaming Bogota day of action


You wilo never be white José



Still protesting. They just pushed back the police force and water Cannon truck for a bit. It's a bit calm now before the next big move.



File: 1623341836438.epub (1.43 MB, Paley, Dawn - Drug war ca….epub)



>Hola, soy nuevito
Bienvenido! Te puedo preguntar cómo llegaste a saber sobre la página? Necesitamos más hispano-izquierdistas.


No me gusta los términos izquierdista/derechista, no creo en esas etiquetas, pero en otros chans me decían "regresate a leftypol/bunkerchan" y asi me entere de este sitio


basado. hispachan? o /pol/?

el término "izquierda" se ha usado por mucho tiempo. Yo lo utilizo para ser lo menos sectario posible. Una mejor palabra es "revolucionario" pero se me hace demasiada mamadora/LARP.


Hispachan /pol/ y 4chan /int/


Recomiendo los documentales de Paco Ignacio Taibo 2




File: 1623363430372.jpg (231.06 KB, 600x600, ElMitoDelSocialismo.jpg)

Me dicen que esos tiempos quedaron atras, pero temo por una intervencion estodounidense en Perú

I worry about american intervention in Perú, despite most people thinking those times are long gone


Quisiera ayudarte pero no soy de esa región


Una intervención aquí esta bien verde. A ningun pais socialista del cono sur lo han invadido militarmente, solo les han dado golpes de estado de todo tipo, blando y blandos.
Asi que hay que agarrarse de que hagan un golpe algunos termocefalos en la marina o el ejército. Mi gran duda es como reaccionarian los gringos a eso.


>>310771 (yo)
*Socialdemócrata jajaja


Si los militares hacen un golpe de estado lo mas seguro es que aseguraron el reconocimiento de Estados Unidos previamente.


File: 1623384095158.jpg (267.67 KB, 1201x1600, Peruvian-political-leader-….jpg)

Would anyone be interested in a Jose Mariategui reading group? I've been meaning to read him for a while and it might make sense to read him with people who can actually read him in Spanish since some stuff might get lost in English translation


Yo estoy interesado, nunca he participado en algo así, dime como funcionaria


File: 1623385620079.jpeg (17.43 KB, 400x400, f2pOAv8q_400x400.jpeg)

Esta debería ser la imagen del OP


Did you mean to reply to >>311419 ? If so, I also have no experience doing reading groups, maybe we start a thread on /edu/?


No sé que decirte, ya no tiene la mayoría en la cámara de diputados que tenia antes, pero desde mi perspectiva tuvo un gran éxito, gano varios estados en su totalidad, gobernador, todos los alcaldes y toda la cámara de diputados local.
No me tiene muy contento


Shit, sorry, yes I meant to reply to >>311419.
Im very new to this site, however you see fit, we could disccuss the initial details right here, I think is on topic.


me gusta esta historia


It seems that Venezuela has reached capability to produce 82% of its own food supply.
Great news if true , especially considering there's still some leeway in terms of abandoned farmland to recover (a job which could be done by the nascent communal movement, considering there's legislation in place to aid that).


If they manage to get to more than 90% food sovereignty their economy could really start being buolt back.


In the second round of the regional governors' elections, the right-wing parties won only one region and it was an Evópoli (liberal) candidate. UDI (Pinochet's party) and Renovación Nacional (partially Evangelical party) got nothing (but they scooped lots of mayor seats a months ago).

Chile officially BTFO'd rightoids for the third time in a year: first 78% voted for the new constitution, then a leftist constitutional assembly denied rightoids veto power (they got 22% instead of the required 33% of seats), and now this.


los de la recons compartieron este hilo que habla sobre el tema y da buenas recomendaciones de libros al final


File: 1623660469616.png (54.44 KB, 583x406, ClipboardImage.png)

now that the dust has settled, what did they mean by that?




File: 1623817424206-0.mp4 (491.43 KB, 310x564, bop.mp4)

File: 1623817424206-1.mp4 (7.9 MB, 352x640, bam.mp4)

Colombian army base hosting US soldiers destroyed in Cucuta blast. Nearby building referred to as a gringo base by Colombian soldiers was also destroyed.
Was it a false flag, or an actual action?


It was actually based :DD


File: 1623817653051.jpg (61.7 KB, 750x576, 1623648450976.jpg)

did you do it


nice catto, I almost want to implicate myself for terrorism now


<A top official in the outgoing Bolivian government plotted to deploy hundreds of mercenaries from the United States to overturn the results of the South American country’s October 2020 election, according to documents and audio recordings of telephone calls obtained by The Intercept.

<The aim of the mercenary recruitment was to forcibly block Luis Arce from taking up the presidency for Movimiento al Socialismo, or MAS, the party of former Bolivian President Evo Morales. The plot continued even though Arce, a protégé of Morales, trounced a crowded field, winning 55 percent of first-round votes and eliminating the need for a runoff election.

<In one of the leaked recordings, a person identified as the Bolivian minister of defense said he was “working to avoid the annihilation of my country.” The armed forces and the people needed to “rise up,” he added, “and block an Arce administration. … The next 72 hours are crucial.”

<Several of the plotters discussed flying hundreds of foreign mercenaries into Bolivia from a U.S. military base outside Miami. These would join forces with elite Bolivian military units, renegade police squadrons, and vigilante mobs in a desperate bid to keep the country’s largest political movement from returning to power.


Quien lo hubiera dicho, archivado para vuestro deleite pero en ingles, del Intercept.


Hum. At least I archive it kek


File: 1623978119627.jpeg (7 KB, 225x225, download (5).jpeg)

Is the sun upside down in south america? t. burgoid


PCR (Argentina) is absolutely fucking retarded even by maoist standards. Stay away.




how cucked is jadue?


He's pretty moderate and he can't win otherwise. But he still makes the entire right wing and center-leftists screech because commie party, kinda a Peru scenario but without an actual popularity of the right.


File: 1624318665488.jpg (121.4 KB, 1280x720, cuba vacuna abdala.jpg)

Finally, LatAm vaccine.


Go to Chile – rightoids are at all-time low here.
He's ok but, like many other Chilean politicians, fail to keep his mouth shut at the right times.


What the fuck are you talkign about. The chilean movement is a bunch of apolitical utopians that romanticize lumpen aesthetics and Jadue is a fucking radlib. Even fucking Peronism is a thousand times more based than anything the Chilean left has ever achieved.


There isn't much pure communism in Latin America, but there are a lot of based populist movements like those in Argentina and Brazil. Study more into what vargas and peron meant in our countries. I don't intend to be rude, but you may want to revisit your beliefs and start looking at actual existent movements by what they are as they manifest in reality.


considering they've been arresting a shitload of politicians and military leaders connected with the coup, I think it means they're doubling down


Just look at his history. He's a petty bourg urbanite trot.


Jadue doesn't represent workers, Peron and Vargas did. They themselves weren't communists, so they believed social corporatism was necessary and didn't have enough faith on the working class, but unlike socdems they were both leaders of movements that drew their power solely from said class. Tbf, i'm mostly talking about movements and not Peron and Vargas themselves. In the case of peronism, you had a huge marxist movement under its wing in Montoneros, for example.
There's a reason Chile is the fucking pet project of neoliberalism and lost all of its ties with it's socialist traditions. Namely, socialism in Chile was just a petite bourg idea and not a popular movement. At least Peron did the groundwork that set up a strong socialist tradition here that survived the plan cóndor. Sadly, peronism has been coopted by radlibs like Cristina Kirchner and is slowly drifting away from it's working class bases. She certainly is on par with Jadue.


Yeah, Peronism is a very complex movement. Look into the FAR and Juventud Peronista, too.


he's pro-cuba and pro-china


Well, at least this seems to guarantee that leftypol is a place were leftist ideologies are welcomed.

En otras cosas, nueva cumbre del ALBA
>Intervencion de Arce, presidente de Bolivia
>Intervencion de Rodriguez, canciller de Cuba
>Discurso inicial por Maduro


>Golpes con mercenarios en America Latina ¿Una tendencia al alza?
Nuevo video de ¡Ahi les vá! sobre los audios de The Intercept acerca de los reclutamientos de mercenarios para darle un golpe a Arce.


>Estallan audios del exjefe de espias Vladimiro Montesinos en Peru
Audios confirman que la mano negra del fujimorismo rondo a los miembros del JNE, ente encargado de validar las elecciones y confirmar a un ganador en la busqueda de prorrogar el tiempo de aceptacion de nulidades.
En el tercer audio Vladimiro denosta a los abogados de Keiko, por sus errores de principantes en el proceso, de que la marina se echaba para atras en materias de dar un golpe y solo quedaba esperar a ver que decia la embajada de los EEUU.
Lo publico aqui porque crear un nuevo hilo sobre elecciones en Peru me parece innecesario


¿Alguien me pude explicar que paso con el antiguo formato?
y¿Existe algun foro(o chan) de izquierda


Puedes cambiar el formato en la barra derecha de opciones, cambiandolo de dark red a lo que tu quieras

Un video del no socialista pero antiimperialista por excelencia Tops de Impacto justificando a Bukele


Como siempre, verlo en x2 de velocidad de reproduccion es mejor siempre. Ahorras 15 minutos de tu vida




Acabo de comenzar a ver este video sobre el embargo a Cuba


Has ELN claimed responsibility?


File: 1625572679701.jpg (790.16 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20210706-045121….jpg)

I'm one of those knock off beaners viviendo en el gabacho and I get into these rabbit holes of looking at political or meme Mexican/Spanish content in general online and since I was born and raised in the USA I obviously lack a lot of the cultural context of most people in Hispanidad so I'm left wondering:

Is this like some ultra right wing WE KUZ KANGS apologism for the Spanish empire? I often see lots of neoliberal/fascist (same thing?) sharing these types of things and have never been able to tell what is really going on since I figure trying to analyze it through the lens of the Anglophone political sphere isn't going to make much sense

t. pocho


File: 1625572935264.jpg (1.79 MB, 1080x2813, Screenshot_20210706-050113….jpg)

uhh wait I think your right wingers might be even fucking worse than ours this page gets more insane the more I scroll


File: 1625573240001.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2030, Screenshot_20210706-050559….jpg)

ok this page is weird, there's like vague anti imperialist sentiments in the comments but the vibe overall seems to me to be like a weird stabbed in the back myth but with Spanish nationalism thrown in


File: 1625584806035.jpg (6.97 KB, 300x168, evo.jpg)



Hispanistas have their mind rotten, I bet it just gets worse than that.


>>359684 (me)
Pucha, no eran los clasicos hispanistas…parecieran ser que han leido por decir a Galeano y siguiendo esa linea, conocen como el poder industrial britanico se comio la primitiva industria latinoamericana.
Dibujar paralelos no es algo deseable, pero creo quee se podria dibujar paralelos con los socialistas Carlistas españoles.

Oh, they weren't the classic hispanistas. Looks like they read Galeano and following that line they know how the british industrial power ate the latam primitive industry.
Drawing parallels is something that is not very desirable, but I could compare them with the Socialist Carlistas for example

La asamblea constituyente en Chile ha empezado a funcionar.


so a marcyte?


Desearia que los extranjeros hablaran de J Posadas en terminos que no sean memeticos, me chupa bien la pija la guerra nuclear y los alienigenas, estuve leyendo su texto sobre el peronismo, llegue hasta la mitad pero por lo visto el ve a Peron como lider del nacionalismo burgues anti imperialista, pero el movimiento peronista seria distinto a sus dirigentes, y tendria potencial revolucionario, esto contrasta con Nahuel Moreno que lo ve como bonapartista e imperialista, igual Posadas principalmente acusa a los partidos comunistas y socialistas de la epoca de ser extremadamente complacientes de la oligarquia y el imperialismo ingles/yanqui, (la union democratica y todo eso) pero sigue siendo critico de la izquierda nacional que se acerco demasiado a Peron como Puiggros y Cooke, pero al igual que estos ultimos por los años 70 tenian sus esperanzas en la Castrificacion de Peron. Cosa que obviamente no sucedio.
Abreviado:Posadas mantiene que Peron perdio control sobre el peronismo y que este no saciado con las concesiones que tenian el apoyo de los militares (reformas burguesas-nacionalistas) se desenvolverian en un movimiento revolucionario.
El peronismo es raro, es cierto que hay facciones bastante fachas, pero hay otras bastante respetables, o sea, existe un Vandor por cada Framini, y un Lopez Rega por cada Campora, la derecha Peronista participo en el exterminio de su contraparte izquierdista y me lastimo que no hayan sido ajusticiados como se debe (igual nos fue mucho mejor que Chile respecto al trato a genocidas)
Igual no se porque llama a los Kirchner radlibs, fueron gracias a ellos que ya no mandamos militares a la escuela de las americas y no mandamos ninguno a Iraq, fueron reformas mucho mas profundas que las de partidos con credenciales mas de izquierda como el PT Brasileño


File: 1625629331206.jpg (64.56 KB, 600x424, 2018-05-07_MARX_EVITA.jpg)

Honestamente le doy apoyo a este gobierno debido al dolor rectal que le causa a los cabeza de termo, por esto permanecen sumamente basados




This is pure sheer garbage.
If you see the time-lime in Spain's history, whenever there was a political/scientific/philosophical breakthrough, Spain arrived late: Barroco? Spain was last, renascence? Spain was last, Diderot encyclopedia? Never arrived in Spain during the reign of the inquisition.
Quevedo was a painful misogynist, they all (writers from the "Spanish golden age" in literature) were virulent anti-Muslims and antisemitic (there is a word in español "judiada" which means an awful action done by someone, which comes from judíos, Jews, a reminder from that era), but both cultures contributed scientifically and economically to support Spain's rise to become a superpower, even the "Paella" a typical food has rice, a grain that Muslims, Mesopotamians, introduced in the Iberian peninsula, thus helping to have food there.
Quevedo stated that only the true "noble profession" that a Spanish should have is "the profession of arms" (soldier)
At some point, the king of Spain, Charles V, became the king of the Sacro-Roman empire, but only because they started to extract gold and resources from Southamerica, the only thing they actually cared:
Both Cristobal Colon and Hernan Cortez believed that gold is the only pure thing that closes you to God and paradise, and the true love Spanish have.
The Hispanic culture is so backward, that when they started to lose their colonies what they became was a reactionary shit resulting in Franco.


Anglo spotted


File: 1625631981722-0.pdf (425.62 KB, 232x300, Juan Goytisolo - España y ….pdf)

File: 1625631981722-1.epub (1.14 MB, Los 1001 años de la lengu….epub)

They have some kind of "proud" of that past of that ascendency. Usually, white males, but also have some Spanish ascendency (probably they don't know that probably their parents came from the Spanish civil war, that is a result from that retrograde culture).

No, Latinamerican with reading capabilities. How can a common anglo possibly know about a word like judida? lmao


>Igual no se porque llama a los Kirchner radlibs, fueron gracias a ellos que ya no mandamos militares a la escuela de las americas y no mandamos ninguno a Iraq, fueron reformas mucho mas profundas que las de partidos con credenciales mas de izquierda como el PT Brasileño



Abdala y soberana.


I think this was a false-flag, I remember seeing a deputy prosecutor found that the car was bought recently in a concessionary owned by an Uribe close friend.




Just stay strong. We have prove that we can survive sanctions, you will have a harder life, will be harder to have some small luxuries (like a console), but it is liveable, just don't eat fearmongering and support Castillo where you can, criticize with options where he's doing wrong.


Nada, todavia los juzgados electorales no lo proclaman presidente.
Solo hubo marchas de sindicatos y comunidades. Y parece que estan preparando otro ataque contra el y Peru Libre.


I think there should be a sitcom where it's Abimael Guzman, Victor Polay, and Vladimir Montesinos all hissing and bitching at each other in prison.


Has Keiko conceded yet?


Nop,she is still waiting to the skies to open and Jesus give her the key to Pizarro's chair.


He will not because Provoste will win in this centrist country. He's too socially inept to keep his mouth shut and LARP Bernie to appeal to the average voter.


File: 1625670966136.jpg (470.98 KB, 1920x1080, boom baby.jpg)

Apo Inca Tupac Sagasti Hochhausler


Majority of nationalists here in Latinamerica are southern europeans, mostly iberians, who have a profound respect for Spain, even if they don't identify themselves as hispanists.


Frente Amplio is running primaries along Jadue and the communist party. Gabriel Boric is their candidate. If Jiles wants to run for president, she will do so alone. Her party is not very popular, specially not since their split a few years ago. She became briefly popular before she saturated the media with her shitposting. The Jiles Humanist party is populist and has no principles/ideology. She's definitely anti-right, but hardly a socialist.

Having said that, Jadue is definitely doing good on the polls.


File: 1626037501205.png (35.83 KB, 483x353, 58345034905.png)

Gusanos in Florida along with Marco Rubio are trying to stir up a color revolution in Cuba.






File: 1626296022407.jpg (41.07 KB, 600x659, lavin furro.jpg)

Jiles is completely irrelevant now. A game changer would be that "La Lista del Pueblo" presents its own independent candidate, splitting Jadue's potential voters. I'm a little afraid of that scenario, but Jadue vs Lavín in November is still the most likely, and Lavín is a fucking joke…no way he can win the second round.


File: 1626302039971.jpg (110.59 KB, 800x800, cervantes-en-lepanto_dc914….jpg)

>Quevedo was a painful misogynist
you are telling me a man born in 1580 was mysogynist, wow how could that happen?

>They all (writers from the "Spanish golden age" in literature) were virulent anti-Muslims and antisemitic

This is just false you don't even name all those writers but even if true were they supposed to be all inclusive and tolerant like in this century when in their age there were religious wars all around the continent? Christian hated muslims and muslims hated christians. Even Miguel de Cervantes fought in one of those wars in the battle of lepanto.


Unidade Popular, Brazil's newest leftist party who is growing with the youth, is the electoral wing of PCR, hohxaist party whose founders where tortured and killed during the military dictatorship.
The future of LaTam is HOHXA.


Eso seria algo inesperado




Hey guys, how's it looking for Jadue? heard he was standing in the primaries today?


Ah, so he already lost? or is this just doomerism?


oh, we dont say "doomer" anymore? sorry, wasn't on any imageboards for a while.

What I wanted to know, is if it was just defeatist pessimism or not. Is it really looking that grim for him? is his rival that popular? wasnt he leading the national polls the last time I checked? please educate me


It's uncertain. Things like the Cuban protests and the media constantly bashing him have taken a lot of votes away from Jadue, so he may lose.
>is his rival that popular?
Most leftists here hate him (Boric), he's an opportunist rat. If somehow he wins, a more radical candidate will probably arise in November.


"La Lista del Pueblo" is thinking of raising a presidential candidate, they are to the left of Apruebo Dignidad and will definitely not want to vote for Boric. I'm not saying they will necessarily win in November, but at the Constitutional Convention they won a lot of seats.
If ur the gringo anon here's a bit of context:


Chileanons, I heard Jadue lost the primaries?


Yep, its ogre


Centrist faggots voted for the useless spineless fat fuck Boric because they got scared about Jadue defending Cuba. Leftists in this country are so fucking pathetic.


tbh Jadue had chances to win, but he did various fuckups on TV debates. I'd say its 50% his fault


Pasadomañana probablemente proclamen a Castillo como vencedor y pueda iniciar la transferencia de gobierno. Una lagrima lo que ha pasado en Chile. Supongo que sera reformismo por 5 años mas ¿no?

Y un paseo aereo sobre Pyongyang. ¿Interesante que hayan renombrado de Juventudes Kimilsungistas a Juventudes socialistas no?


Bueno, Jadue llamo a la unidad, asi que a apechugarse compañeros. Que el reformismo es aji, pero la reaccion es un habanero fantasma.


Creo que lo hicieron por un tema de tratar de empezar una cultura de liderazgo mas colectivo, principalmente por el contexto que esta pasando ahora en el pais, con el tema de la marcha ardua y la crisis de comida que les pego recientemente. Tal vez es el inicio de una tendencia o solo por la situacion complicada actual.

Suerte para Castillo, ojala no tenga problemas pero seguro que van a tratar algo.


Eso seria desastroso, pero como siempre, de la desilusion salen nuevos compañeros.
Gracias tambien, tengo un relojcito de arena para ver cuanto dura la coalicion.


Que paso en chile? y Keiko ya dejara de hacer el ridiculo e ira a prision de una maldita vez?


Pues parece que el candidato del partido comunista (Jadue) perdio ante el del frente amplio (Boric) en las primarias de la alianza.

Ella me parece que lo ha dado por terminado todo, pero mas probable es que se vaya presa a que acepte que perdio.
Y me lleva, parece que tambien han contagiado aqui la mania de desenterrar antepasados para romper con el mestizaje. Ojala no se vaya de las manos (seguro que se va de las manos).


File: 1626671031460-0.mp3 (5.27 MB, benny-hill.mp3)

File: 1626671031460-1.webm (14.61 MB, 1280x686, metanse el celular al pot….webm)

Que me aspen, pero le han robado el celular de la abogada de Keiko, Loudes Flores, en vivo cuando salia de un mitin fujimorista.
Apuesto a que se esta dando unos quebraderos de cabeza por todo Lima tratando de buscar esa pequeña computadorita.


>Los fujimoristas se roban entre si.
El ciclo se cierra por fin.


Ser de izquierda en Puerto Rico es sufrir.


Actual izquierda supongo, porque los AOC-like classcucks parecen estar pasandola bien.


Agree with >>386768, Jadue fucks up and gets emotional too much to represent a communist party which is always ruthlessly attacked. You need someone chill and well-spoken like Bernie to sustain all the dirt about Cuba and whatnot.


>porque los AOC-like classcucks parecen estar pasandola bien.
Nah, ni ellos siquiera. Eso es mas un fenomeno gringo que uno que otro aca se engancha.


I'm so frustrated by this. This was our best chance in a lifetime, he was doing so well on the polls. I know center-right boomer who were going to get on the train and give the communist party a chance, only to get scared back into the center right by his lack of chill. Dammit, I know leftists who didn't vote for him because of their disappointment. Why couldn't the party get a better campaigner?


Podrias explicar de manera sencilla porque la gente esta tan opuesta a la independencia puertorriqueña?


Varios factores:
1) Se le ha vendido el cuento a la población de que sin la asistencia de los EEUU no podemos sobrevivir y descenderíamos a ser un país tercermundista como la República Dominicana o Cuba. Incluido con esto se le ha vendido a la gente que vivimos en un país desarrollado de primer mundo cuando en la realidad no lo somos y nunca hemos estado a ese nivel en la mayoría de los aspectos
2) Miedo de perder la conexion con la diaspora, casi todo el mundo aca tiene familia que vive en los EEUU.
3)Miedo de perder la valvula de escape que es la emigracion a los EEUU. Cuando aca las cosas se ponen malas es facil cojer un avion.
4) Alta represión institucional (por el gobierno local y las agencias de letrecitas gringas) al movimiento independentista en el siglo pasado.
5) el mensaje de que Unirse a los EEUU como estado = Igualdad = Libertad. Mientras que independencia = Corrupcion, bEnEzUeLa. etc.


>5) el mensaje de que Unirse a los EEUU como estado = Igualdad = Libertad. Mientras que independencia = Corrupcion, bEnEzUeLa. etc.

En serio hay gente que realmente cree que puerto rico sera el 51th estado? a estas alturas lo veo muy poco probable.


File: 1626685764031.jpg (14.26 KB, 488x364, 1581040774347.jpg)

Y yo aqui siendo pocho comunista en el EEUU que ni siquiera soy aceptado por los gringos ni por los latinoamericanos

donde chingado me voy a ir cuando los fachos llegan a poder en el gabacho


File: 1626696296956.jpg (81.63 KB, 1024x679, lulinha kekando duro.jpg)



No hay fronteras para la clase trabajadora. Usteded tienen su propia cultura chicana y es válida. Está bien que no sea muy compatible con la mexicana ni con la supuesta cultura Americana blanca.


>En serio hay gente que realmente cree que puerto rico sera el 51th estado? a estas alturas lo veo muy poco probable.

La gente piensa que eso esta a la vuelta de la esquina.

Si eso llega a occurir ese va a ser el dia en el que hago como Hostos y me voy para RD o Cuba a vivir.

>que ni siquiera soy aceptado por los gringos ni por los latinoamericanos

Eso significa que tienen su propia cultura unica y que no necesitas aceptacion de nadie!

>donde chingado me voy a ir cuando los fachos llegan a poder en el gabacho

Hora de tomar Aztlan mijo.


Pues el comunismo es bueno entonces, porque hay que ser bien mamao para extrañar al pinocheto.


>La mayoria de los chilenos extraña a pinochet
>De hecho solo es el 12%
>Eso en una encuesta del 2017
>Probablemente sea mucho menor ahora despues de las protestas.

Aldo chile literalmente nunca tuvo comunismo, la reaccion fue tan grande que literalmente le estuvieron poniendo el pie en cada movimiento posible, a lo mucho llego a un movimiento socialdemocrata soyboy, ni siquiera llego al socialismo cubano.


I wonder if we could see a coup in Mexico. I've been reading shit like r/Mexico4t and it's filled with AMLO supporters and from what little I know and have read he is the best they've had since Lazaro Cardenas.

He seems very, very unpopular with the right in Mexico though


File: 1626730939350.png (390.22 KB, 861x588, Captura.PNG)

Based if true but doubt.png

He's the most popular president since Lazaro Cardenas, and the right hates him and would like to kill them, but no one likes them, they have no support beyond some high and upper middle class reactionaries.

Pic related daily popularity poll, made by a reactionary turbo neolib newspaper no less, so his popularity may be higher actually.


>would like to kill him *

Also they don't kill AMLO because everyone would already know that it was CIA + Reactionary Right and there would be a civil war the next day.


Well, looks anticommunist writer Jaime Baily has untapped that the "cardinal Cienfuegos" abused sexually from two boys and was later called to Rome and "buried alive" there, he is from the Opus Dei, misteriously, the old peruvain cardinal Cipriani was also called to Rome and has never appeared again.
Maybe they are two different persons and the writer known for wrtiting about his decadent but ultrareligious rightwing family has adopted a new style of writing or it was in the wall.
Archive for safety.

This comes in times when the Opus Dei church has been exposed again and again and again of pederasty, fascism and all kind of sewer related activities imaginable. Threatening the journos who expose them in a million ways,etc. Christcucks not even once.


wut, deja de guiarte por los derechistas de internet. La mayoría aquí detesta a Pinocho y desde el 2019 la derecha está en su PEOR momento histórico.


Si alguien esta aburrido y quiere reirse un rato


>Es mejor destruir nosotros mismos al país antes de que lo haga un comunista.






Oh no, eligieron a un izquierdista en un pais siempre procapital! Es hora de sacar todos los muertos enterrados de nuestros amigos que siempre ensalzamos!
O que dirian de este video?
¿Cómo se ESTROPEÓ el PERÚ? - VisualPolitik


AMLO envio ayuda a Cuba y dijo un discurso bastante bueno en el aniversario de Bolivar.
Basicamente que EU deje de pensar que LatAm es su patio trasero y que toda latinoamerica deberia unirse como la UE, ademas alabo otra vez a Cuba.

Fue bastante basado, aunque como presidente no lo es tanto, igual casi cualquier cosa es mejor que el PRIAN.




Qué opinan los compas mexicanos de la consulta?



It seems a spontaneous uprising in non-EZLN controlled Chiapas brought some self defense groups to life.

How will this affect the Region and the Zapatistas?


File: 1627626664412.jpeg (35.29 KB, 380x808, images (6).jpeg)

Hay que hacerla, hay que votar, aunque sea para hacer rabiar a la derecha pendeja.

>Pero m-muh dinero…es un desperdicio de dinero

En este país hay un montón de mierda que es un desperdicio de dinero mucho peor que una consulta constitucional y a nadie le importa, pic relatada.


File: 1627630526493.jpg (1010.57 KB, 1080x2049, Screenshot_20210730-003400….jpg)

I'm reading The Divide right now and I keep thinking, I know Mexico is poor (have family there) but like why does everything look like absolute fucking shit

Who is responsible for the upkeep of the country? Is it ALL left in private hands or something? It seems like every other street you have a flip flop between buildings that look like pic related and some that are kind of in between and some areas that look like unironic warzones, even in major cities


File: 1627631053794.jpeg (59.58 KB, 899x341, California Homeless.jpeg)

That's not true, there are nice and shitty areas, just like in every single country.

A big part of the country is in private hands and most of the jobs pay little compared to the US (Thanks Neoliberalism and NAFTA!) But for the most part people in poor zones are too worried about other things to care about the upkeep of the buildings (like in every country with a certain level of underdevelopment including the US).

You're taking a picture and judging an entire country based on that, that's just plain wrong.


I've spent a lot of time just looking around in street view and most of the country looks pretty sketchy even in major cities. Only Mexico City looks well maintaned and even then….

Not really knocking the country, I've been wanting to visit with my dad the next time he goes back to the ranch. Just curious as to why so many spaces look well, beat. Most of the places I see look like commercial districts, so it's not like I'm judging people's houses. My grandma doesn't even have windows and just barely got a door, so I get it.


Leftist podcasts / breadtuber recommendations in Spanish? Need to practice the language more.

Something similar to Citations Needed would be perfect.


jajaja wey soy mexicano y no estoy enterado para nada de la política del país. Por lo general evito enterarme porque nada más me enojo.

tl;dr en la consulta?
It's all in private hands, yes. There's a lot of corruption. So even if there is funding, things like sidewalks and streets have very high costs and are constantly being defunded anyways.

I'm not sure where your picture is, but that building looks old. I bet its in what used to be downtown of the city decades ago, and is now mostly inhabited by poorer people.
The places that look actually nice are usually very car centric. There's obviously privilege attached to owning a car. Economic inequality is high in Mexico. So you basically end up with this shit.

So, in summary I think it's a combination of things:
- poverty
- corruption makes the upkeep of anything by the government really expensive and frequently just fails, as in, people just pocket the money and call the job done.
- economic inequality means that there's few parts of the city that are more maintained, but they are usually inaccessible to pedestrians.
- urban sprawl is insane in some cities because of cars which makes it really expensive to upkeep everything.


Mientras que en E.U (AKA Imperial core) la popularidad del socialismo y las ideas de izquierda han incrementado su popularidad en los últimos años en la población joven (DSA triplicó su militancia estos últimos 4 años y el promedio de edad es 32 años) en muchos países de Latinoamérica parece suceder lo contrario, la juventud es cada vez más reaccionaria y se inclina más a la derecha.

No entiendo porque sucede esto si los países latinoamericanos han sido probablemente los países más golpeados por el neoliberalismo, si está reacción viniera de una población joven que ha sido beneficiada por el neoliberalismo lo entendería pero la mayoría de jóvenes reciben salarios de mierda y son explotados por Porky trabajando cada vez por menos dinero y menos derechos, y aún así le rehuyen a la izquierda y votan por los partidos que fomentan su propia explotación.

Hispachan es un buen ejemplo, pero no el único.



idk some self defense groups in mexico have been nothing but militias for local porky it really depends on who is actually running things nehind close doors


>Boric va a una cárcel a ver a los detenidos (gracias a la ley que aprobó lol) para hacer campaña

Hasta donde yo se, no hay nadie detenido actualmente por ley anti-barricadas, sino por ley de seguridad del estado, en la que no tuvo participación Boric. Usaron ley de seguridad del estado porque la anti-barricadas era mas suave.

Igual Boric no era mi candidato. Quería un reestructurador, no un reformista. Votare por el solo porque las otras opciones son la derecha y la concerta, con la diminuta esperanza de que el PC tenga algo de influencia en su gobierno


File: 1627874690276-0.jpg (41.31 KB, 582x320, soygara.jpg)

File: 1627874690276-1.jpg (106.36 KB, 720x956, soygara2.jpg)

Alberto Vergara: “En los hechos, Castillo ya fue vacado por Cerrón"


Castillo esta siendo mas basado de lo que pensaba tbh.


I don't know if this is your cup of tea, but Alfredo Jalife is very good, he uses a lot of jargon so it may be difficult for you.




File: 1627883629981.jpg (26.89 KB, 495x310, nido.org_1444241899358_n.jpg)

Ando con el ano rajado de ver a tanto progre defendiendo con su alma a Boric en RRSS, incluso anteponiendo la reputación del candidato por sobre jóvenes que literalmente sufren en cárceles miserables cada día, a quienes de a poco los están tildando de "violentistas" igual a como hace la derecha. Socdems de mierda, su "rebeldía" en las protestas era pura postura, esto es muy blackpilleante.


Hmm, la juventud en Chile es bastante tirada hacia la izquierda (me consta como el zoomer que soy), creo que en Colombia también, no sé en los otros países. Pero si para ti Hispachan es un buen ejemplo, estás leyendo muy mal la realidad latinoamericana.


No defiendo a Boric (no soy chileno para empezar…) pero si es lo mejor que tiene la izquierda por ahora, pues habra que apoyarlo (apoyo critico le llaman aqui).

Mejor que gane Boric a que gane la derecha piñerista.






I don't know if Pedro Castillo will manage to deliver for the people of Peru.
He surely as hell did for the ones of Bolivia Cuba and Venezuela though.


File: 1628209805814.jpg (244.78 KB, 540x720, f9cc65e29239e1b6942a156c1c….jpg)



Lmao, fucking amazing. AMLO could be better but that kid has potential to be based.


Absolutely amazing piece of art. 10/10

>The detailed hair if AMLO

>The whitoid in the back ground
>The poor woman whose pose is reminiscent of indigenous paintings


I told you, expect a nonaligned foreign policy AMLO style now the rightwing is having a daily meltdown and the press (b. press obviously) is behind every hair that falls in Castillo's executive.
Looks like the parlament is going to play the second fujimorist strategy of 2017, aproving the cabinet but calling the ministers day by day until the sun goes dark.


But not excusing some gems that they have encountered.
Parafrasing the disgraced first lady of the traitor Humala: Is so difficult to walk straight?




Someone send this to AMLO so he can show it on the press conference.


File: 1628356452568.png (20.46 KB, 604x277, 162830661477.png)



Es la única forma


lmao Argentina doesn't have a communist president.
For neolibs all governments that do literally anything (good or bad) are communists.


Y la generacion Z es generacion Zyklon verdad? libertarado inutil.


File: 1628530269065.png (128.96 KB, 843x421, hispapol.png)



Jajaja que imbecil


Hispachan entero deberia ser gaseado, a veces es peor que /pol/ y eso es mucho decir.


File: 1628546837139.jpg (42.23 KB, 402x480, recordar.jpg)

No me cabe en la cabeza la situacion jajaja. Un mestizo que se odia a si mismo explicando teoria racial a una chica con un ejemplo contra si mismo jajajaja


File: 1628547229831.jpg (66 KB, 600x434, watermelons.jpg)

Que opinan del coup de watermelon?


Por eso es que aparecia un simbolo de sandia ayer? Dame un resumen de que paso si puedes


No estoy muy enterado de lo que paso pero al parecer hubo un "split" entre 2 grupos de moderadores, caballo de un lado y watermelon del otro, estaban en desacuerdo sobre la moderacion y la ambiguedad de las reglas y al final gano el grupo de watermelon y su "junta militar".

No entiendo muy bien las diferencias de opinion, todo es muy confuso, ojala no lleve a otro rompimiento y que la mierda del bunker se repita otra vez.


Una raya mas al tigre, a ver que pasará


Yo estoy seguro que un gran numero de nacionalistas "blancos" aquí en Latinoamérica (posiblemente un poco más de la mitad) ni siquiera son blancos.


Tenemos muchos aqui en Estados Unidos que son bien morenos/La Luz Extinguida y son mas racista/Nazi de los que si son gueros

Los brainworms reactionarios transcienden las limites de la raza

>t. my older brother calling the mailman a worthless black person


Basado el autista jajajaj




No sale tan caro rentar un VPS básico e instalar nginx, Tinyboard y un certificado SSL pero estoy casi seguro que un tablón dedicado a la política izquierdista sería raideado por los hispakids y sus hermanitos los lolniños y niditos.
Sería una pena usar cloudflare en un board de izquierda solo para evitar que usen Tor, e igual podrían raidear usando proxies públicos o VPN.


File: 1631883896149.png (1.26 MB, 976x549, ClipboardImage.png)

Alguien explica que carajo pasa en El Salvador con el Buttcoin? Perdieron la cabeza las elites sirio-libanesas (((levantinas))) al fin?
No le veo el sentido por ningun lado segun fuentes ni el 4% de salvadoreños sabe usarlo y es un completo meme ni la corrupcion podria funcionarle

Buttcoin y circo para mi


They hated him because he told them the truth.


¿Alguién tiene un artículo u algo sobre las causas de la crisis venezolana? Parece como si todo lo que encuentro no dice nada fuera de "los comunistas comen wawas"…


bukele recibió unos cuantos shekels por parte de ""emprendedores"" de las cripto ""monedas"" para darle un poco de credibilidad a ese bulo


Fuera de hispa/pol/ no esta tan mal al menos no esta tan boteado como el 4chanclas


File: 1654379461239.gif (115.91 KB, 700x541, prism-p2-normal.gif)

Por favor que alguien me diga que la infraestructura de internet en latam ya no es así.


Castillo is gone
¿que se sienten Peruanons?

Unique IPs: 106

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