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What made their immigration policies so effective when importing millions of syrian, afghan, and somali refugees compared to westerners?


They also are granted citizenship pretty easily compared to illegals and refugees within the west especially when it comes to hispanics in america


Migrants trying to enter turkey and kenya compared to migrants trying to enter europe and north america


They have no xenophobic sentiments.



The people immigrating to those countries aren't that much different from the people already living there. The languages are similar. These countries already had established minority communities for decades or centuries who are essentially the same as the refugees. Turkey has always had kurds and arabs. Kenya has always had somalis. Swahili is already known in Somalia and Turkish is already well known among kurds and arabs. The people have similar cultures as well. It makes integration easier. Many of the refugees have relatives who have lived in those countries for generations.

The transition is easier and you might as well since these countries are better off than Syria and Somalia respectively.



Kurds don't live in camps. A lot of them live in Istanbul or Ankara. Kurds outnumber turks in most of southeastern Turkey.

Somalis live in the big cities of kenya but yes some of them do live in camps.

Neither refugee group is forced into segregation zones.


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Are they really refugees If they become employed though?


>stayed stable

Lol no


>Turkish is already well known among kurds and arabs
lmao no



Use Google chrome and translate these comments it's a good read

Please don't miss out on reading this


Anti Kurdish sentiment has been apart of turkish culture for years now being that Kurds are notorius for the same behavious as mexicans in the united states that being criminality, refusing to learn a new language, calling turks bigots and sending all the money made in turkey back to their homes instead of reinvesting it back into the turkish economy. Despite this erdogan loves Kurds and keeps borders open


File: 1628224612840.jpg (51.07 KB, 750x710, 54975b46a6e982fc2945f4a0cb….jpg)

<Kurds are notorius for the same behavious as mexicans in the united states that being criminality
<Despite this erdogan loves Kurds


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Oh you'd be surprised turks consider syrians to be their own ethnic group but still turkish. They love and hate them


Kurds aren't refugees


Lol kurdish is literally a dying language replaced with turkish slowly. What are you even talking about?
>reinvesting into the turkish economy
Stop being a fucking cuck


>calling turks bigots
They really don't. You think kurds are some kind of coastal city-dwelling left-idpozzed liberal types like in the USA? Kurds are the most socially reactionary people in all of turkey. I'm not saying that's something good considering turkish soldiers constantly go around burning their villages.


>Kurds are the most socially reactionary people in all of turkey.
Well my friend, this is now Syrians. Also many Kurds had become """libleft""' at coastal regions
Source is my ass
You have no idea how much that destroyed us. You get the more good of them, which ones selected while we had get most of them; which are very reactionary
Our government really works them exclusively while people started to suicides. They created crime syndicates. Women can't wear like how they want because they look at them so bad. They are not integrating to our culture, not even learning language. Some of them join islamist orgs. They are working with really low-wages and makes our workers jobless. They are doing fun without caring about people. They theirselves attack to LGBT prides or feminist marches. And so on
At 2023, CHP will won and all of them will be kicked back to Syria. Assad had won (which is good) and there are no war anymore.
We have enough ultra-conservatives, they should go back


File: 1628243883723.jpg (54.4 KB, 294x313, dear-diary-op-is-a-moron.jpg)



They did not stay stable


Do you really know this by first-hand?
Don't forget the mass rapes in Germany.


Turkey and Kenya are so unstable that adding more instability dosn't change anything


if i insert the word “reactionary”, i can pretend that my chauvinist, ethnonationalist hatred of migrants from lower-wage countries is progressive and communist
apartheid was progressive because african men are misogynistic rapists bros


>Turkey took refugees and stayed stabile
as a turk, please fuck off. ok?

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