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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1630006461247.png (657.22 KB, 818x811, stock worker.png)


Since we are throwing out Marxism anyway just to appease liberal sentiments we could go way further.

>fetish work

A subspecies of sex worker specializing in shitting or peeing on their customers. Very endangered worker.

>mafia work

A mafia worker is a proletarian who is exploited by the mafia boss. He is forced by The System to extract out money and/or gold teeth from his victims for protection, but his evil capitalist mafia boss takes almost all of that and pays back the poor mafia worker only a small part.


The proletariat working in the US congress, UK parliament, etc. They produce new laws without which we couldn't live under capitalism. Sadly the politi-worker is not free and is controlled by the evil bourgeoisie.

>NGO work

The section of the proletariat that produces awareness about social injustices. Sadly, they are exploited by George Soros (their boss) who doesn't compensate them properly for all the awareness they created with their hard labor.


As opposed to the regular proletariat which is exploited in the workplace, the NEET-proletariat is exploited by the system as a whole, forcing him to live with his parents and post sad content on the internet about something called the "black pill." The NEET prole is the most exploited prole of all, since his exploitation comes from all directions, resulting in such total alienation the regular proles never experienced.

>pet work

The work done by domesticated animals like dogs and cats. They work hard on creating emotional stability in their human counterparts, called "owners". Probably the most exploited type of worker, since they are basically slaves with no freedom whatsoever.


The vegetariat produces growth in their bodies, resulting in edible vegetables. It is debated whether they are more exploited than the pet workers or not, since the former doesn't typically get eaten.

>atom work

The "strong force" is a worker which attracts protons to protons, neutrons to neutrons, and protons and neutrons to each other. Without his work matter would literally fall apart, yet he gets no monetary compensation whatsoever.

>god work

A God(dess) worker is somebody who creates a universe out of love for his or her creation. Without god work there would be nothing.

What other types of work exist?


What the fuck are you talking about OP? Who "threw out marxism?" Kek


take a look at this specimen, the
>post worker
he is exploited by the janitor class who profit from the post workers hard work.


This site is fucking obsessed with sex i swear


prostitution is the oldest profession, what this means is that whores are the real OG's


>prostitution is the oldest profession
pure idiocy


File: 1630007660723.jpg (23.85 KB, 296x475, 52198.jpg)



>Since we are throwing out Marxism anyway just to appease liberal sentiments we could go way further
What the fuck are you talking about?


I buttblasted him on the OnlyFans thread and the Incel has double down on his vulgar interpretation of Marx about service workers not being workers


File: 1630008566694.jpeg (25.82 KB, 532x419, hoes.jpeg)

Men have been complaining about hoes long before that book was written.


Nah, you just ignored everyone's points and continued to talk as though you'd won.


Marxism isn’t some abstract theory that existed for all history, Marxism is nothing but an observation of objective reality, and the fact that you’re trying so hard to interpret shit only proves you are swimming in the filth of ideology. Instead of trying to interpret shit why don’t you shut the fuck up and accept that things are the way they are today because of real material forces, it’s simple as that you fucking ill educated mal tempered faggot loser.


File: 1630010154149.jpg (61.47 KB, 600x784, sweet.jpg)



Just to add to this, should people that buy videos really be allowed to watch them whenever they want? Shouldn't we charge them per view even if it is playing on their own computer?
We do this for movies, it seems unfair that people should unfairly get to steal content from performers. It's really a form of rape when you think about it.






>Engels: Sex work bad.
>Kollontai: Sex Work bad, it's caused by less than ideal conditions faced by women and it's exploitative
>Average RadLib masquerading as a Leftist: sEx wOrK GOoD


Engels and Kollontai would have vomited uncontrollably if you'd call prostitutes "sex workers".


More like the origin of no family, no property, and being NEET


>god is a prole
Also explains why things are so shit. God needs a union


File: 1630020875492.webm (696.23 KB, 632x388, 1630016408862.webm)

>what is the holy trinity?


>what is arianism


sex work is work

it's physical labor fulfilling a social function (sex, intimacy, connection)

subscription based sale =/= rent, ergo sex workers who model on OF/cam sites/PH are not p-boug, they are prole


breath work is work

it's physical labor fulfilling a social function


File: 1630022778527.png (353.3 KB, 784x548, zemin.png)

>you can buy intimacy, human connection


a lot of people seem to be pretty intimate with their therapists, sharing private details of their life, paying the therapist (whether directly or via insurance) to help them with their life problems

I follow a few female sex workers on social media and I recall at least one of them posting about how working class men will often pay them not only for sex (or even not for sex at all) but for a listening ear, someone to talk to, someone to cuddle, someone to validate them and not shame them for their desires, kinks or insecurities


in fact, I even recall them saying that's possibly their favorite part about their line of work, believe it or not


I know exactly what you are talking about. I always pay my girlfriend $20 after she hugs me. It's our authentic way to be intimate.


File: 1630025302193-0.jpg (277.97 KB, 1067x1200, lh8w3he6at941.jpg)

File: 1630025302193-1.jpg (464.58 KB, 2176x918, 934u05ed5g711.jpg)

File: 1630025302193-2.png (699.31 KB, 903x1283, Class ID chart.png)

By Category:
None of these categories is exclusive to the others. Example. God makes pee tapes for the mafia in order to help the grass grow at the atomic level without doing anything because God is a NEET who hasn't done any work since creation. This is part of the radical liberal woke agenda to RaphaelWarnock our borders and let the pets in to build the wall someone tell me how to purchase a GF because stuffing singles in their thong doesn't seem to work. There are other combinations as well.

>Fetish work

A sole proprietor without employees who produces their own content(images video of themselves) is either an artisan or petite bourgeoisie. This transitions to exploitation if they charge rent for usage/viewing of the images or if they employ as stable of other fetish workers who do not own the right to their own materials and or are compensated by wages. This relation is the exploitation, not the work itself.


The term here is vague. If you refer to think tank employees who author laws that elected officials are then supplied with to ask, the employees who were paid wages instead of a percentage of all proceeds from the transfer of legal documentation, (trips to Epstein's island, etc) are exploited. If you refer to the unpaid juris doctors who intern to perform the actual day to day of an elected officials job without compensation. They are slaves as they do not receive compensation at all. If you are referring to elected officials, it gets muddy depending on the government and rules in question, but on the whole they are paid a fixed stipend by the state not a wage. In short the state does not collect the value from their work and then pay them. The elected officials pay themselves from the public purse as their own judgement allows and are thus thieves in the Marxian sense. Gratuities through bribery are likewise not transfers for labour as percentages must be laundered through the employers of these elected officials; their party apparatus. In this degree alone are elected officials exploited workers.


Unless they do the dishes or mow the lawn they are not exploited slaves for labour. Unless they pay rent, they are not exploited by landlords. Modern medicine and the BBC's recent coverage of Julius Evola notwithstanding.

>pet work

For the moment I will presume you are not identifying spouses as 'dogs' and 'cats'. A domesticate can be exploited for labour if the product of that labour is not shared. Example: The cat that catches a mouse may be permitted to consume the mouse whole, without abandoning it's use value through exchange. Should an owner remove the mouse from the cat's possession in a taking without compensation in treats of at least equal value, this would constitute exploitation. So while it is possible to produce an abused and exploited pet, it is not necessarily the case in all relationships. Outdoor cats which are still fed in this regard are more free than their homebound proletarian counterparts that are sprayed and abandoned to starve while the owner extracts value.


The so called Vegetariat watch fox news uncritically and can safely be considered reactionary. They will be braised in hot oil when the revolution comes.

>Atom work

Atoms are clearly leftists owing to their well known tendency to split when properly organized. However the pretentious so called 'noble' gases, secure in their inert torpor have exploited the space time foam for too long and will be contained in the GULAG system until their decay reveals their reactionary potential. This will result in repurposing.

>God work

What does a perfect God need with a Universe?

<Meanwhile in reality. Sex workers are adopting Marxian analysis however imperfectly. Not Marx, nor Engels, nor any other was >born< or is >inherently< a Marxist, or "good", or "bad". After the revolution all exploiters will be reeducated to end the exploitation. All peoples deserve better, even the least of these. If you claim to love God(which I doubt) you would do less to shit on the first timid steps of a nascent revolutionary population and more to directly improve their material conditions.

Also OP is a Lizard person sent to steal our precious bodily fluids with the vaccime. Laugh at it so it does not starve for want of attention. Something something CriticalRaceTheory proves timecube.


Just let it go anon, you and your fellow incels were never able to explain why the price of OF does not follow the same laws at rent, despite labeling it at such. Hell, do I need to quote the post where you say the body of a worker is their MoP


File: 1630026176073.png (6.27 MB, 5200x3469, ClipboardImage.png)

>Modern medicine and the BBC's recent coverage of Julius Evola notwithstanding.
What the fuck does that have to do with Neets?


Based non-spooked Marxian analysist


According to that Class ID chart, neets who aren't on welfare simply don't exist. Ebin


you may not pay her $20 for a hug, but you do pay her $20 for her meal at a decent restaurant, where you and her both talk and enjoy each other's company. social activities cost money in capitalism, ergo you perform labor to get paid a wage with which you can consume products that facilitate your social relationships and interactions.


Capital ownership ->N
Paticipate in labour ->N
Rely on good will, persuasion or trickery of others to survive ->Y
=Lumpen Proletariat

Read please.

If no to the last,
Work the land ->N
Neets are Priests


Halfway down I realized OP is a time waster.
Resorted to satire, share and enjoy.


File: 1630027235919.png (890.15 KB, 1437x908, ClipboardImage.png)

>Neets are Priests
Lol, I fucking knew it


File: 1630027273589.png (428.13 KB, 682x854, tiffany.png)

>by Tiffani Warren


nah, intimacy is when i pay my gf to love me like all normal people do


Incels: I can't believe only rich gigachads who can afford a gym membership, a nutriologist, plastic surgery and a car/house are able to form romantic relation.
Also incels: Romantic relations do not require money, a romantic relation between a sex worker and a client is fake.

Explain which one is correct.


Would your prostitute let you cuddle with her if you didn't paid?

>well, I actually don't have a prostitute, I just DEFEND them heroically online as a brave leftcom should


Would your gf let you cuddle with her if you didn't give her a relevant portion of your time and income in gifts and dates?

>Well, I don't actually have a girlfriend, just looking for an excuse to hate women.



Indeed they are a kind of fakery, both of them. The prostitute scenario is perhaps only moreso insofar as it has been made explicitly contractual and that they sleep with an arbitrarily large number of people (making sustaunable psy/biologically impossible)

A reminder: Death to west and all its degenerate peoples ❤


Where are the "communists" who are for decommodifying sex work instead of encouraging it
Asking payment for sex, physical contact, or conversation is the most vulgar, alienating thing ever, inserting the commodity-form into the most basic and essential of human social interactions. Stop this shit


answer the question


Where are the "communists" that aren't working with Kaiser Wilhelm II?

Where are the "communists" that aren't working with the Kerensky government.

The Ultra's are fash. Material conditions demand step by step improvement of a bad situation. Idealistic utopianism leaves you in chains with a good feeling in your stomach.

"Left-wing" Communism an Infantile Disorder


File: 1630093512709.jpeg (61.25 KB, 469x470, images (61)~2.jpeg)

Pic related

Nobody here or in the OnlyFans is encouraging sex work, all forms of commodified labour should be abolished

The discussion started because a misogynist Incel claimed that they are all p-bourgs who get money from rent, and after being proved wrong he started to spergs and even made this new thread as damage control.

A friend of mine is a professional chef, he once made a full 3 meal course for all of us in another friend's birthday party. We didn't have to pay for his labour, just cooperated with the ingredients.

I'll let you figure out what this means.


in the OnlyFans thread*


File: 1630094765402.pdf (112.9 KB, 232x300, Lassalle (1).pdf)

Here, read this shit, never do I encourage sex work as "liberating" or anything like that. The discussion is around the social relations of sex work within a capitalist firm like OnlyFans. Quite dishonest to claim anyone is encouraging it.


The abolition of prostitution is a downstream effect caused by the abolition of wages and money. Prostitution is based on exchange first and foremost and it’s existence hinges on the existed of a system of exchange. If one can no longer “buy” the services of a prostitute because the system of exchange is no longer existence it follows that prostitution is rendered superfluous and impossible. Sex as a public service can exist but only as a service without any actual physical accumulation of capital, or money. There does existence personal prestige or social capital, for example; I imagine a world in which sex as a public service has a certain prestige in it, one with social capital that can gain the eyes of many, in any case friends and friends of friends who invite you to fancy parties, essentially your popularity as a sex servant makes you “popular”. This of course only could exist in a highly developed communist society where money no longer is a thing in any shape or form, even labor time vouchers.

If the saying that prostitution was one of the earliest professions is something to consider, then it follows that it’ll be one of the last ones to be abolished with the disappearance of money.


I have pushed for some years in Portland for the rights of Drug Workers to be recognized. The SW lobby laughed at me or mocked me until they would be actively hostile against me when they realized I was serious.

As a joke, I made flyers for a "snitch's union" and dropped them at protests. I claimed that snitches are exploited workers who work under threat of coercion in unsafe conditions for poor wages with little training. A few people actually texted the throwaway Signal number I'd set up for it. I didn't care enough about the hoax to follow through.






>Sex as a public service
Early Mesopotamia actually had something like this in the form of temple priestesses.


Productive labor in the marxist sense means producing a commodity with a persistent use-value, that is not for big bourgeois luxury consumption, or for war. Prostitution in the Marxist sense is unproductive labor.
Socialism would abolish prostitution but the police would persecute the Johns, not the prostitutes.

A mafia worker is just a lumpen-prole, or informal economy worker or a precariate.

I like the idea that Matter is proletarian.




>Productive labor in the marxist sense means producing a commodity with a persistent use-value
Source? As I understand it, "productive labor" is any labor that was employed in producing commodities and thus surplus-value.


File: 1670204365348.webm (1.09 MB, 316x240, IWW.webm)

>Where are the "communists" that aren't working with Kaiser Wilhelm II?
>Where are the "communists" that aren't working with the Kerensky government.
Cook County Jail


Sex work is just a jewphemism. Another attempt by the ruling class at destroying language so the cattle of America can't think. They had proper names in the past like whores or prostitutes

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