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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Get in lads, its gonna get comfy


sup m8


I'm at work faggot.


Is this an anti-work / post-work thread?
I've been a NEET for nearly 10 years.
Sometimes I do "work" for fun / for self improvement.
No one should ever work.
95% of society suffers from brainwashing.

I recently began working on an anti-work essay:


File: 1631483054308-0.png (356.4 KB, 1280x868, epi_pay_gap.png)

File: 1631483054308-1.png (256.23 KB, 406x330, Good Time.png)

How unfortunate.
This is basically an anti-work comfy thread, and a NEET general for /leftypol/
From day one you are brainwashed to accept getting a job and dying of old age as normal
What a world we live in


> what do you do with your free time
Studying, programming, writing, volunteering, exercise, cooking… all kinds of efforts towards self-improvement, politics, and art!
> how do you afford to be a NEET
I faked schizophrenia to get disability welfare; just rent a small bedroom and can always make some easy money doing code work (if I really need it). Life really isn't that expensive beyond rent if you don't drive and cook all your meals & food stamps help.


ive also been unemployed for a long time. my tactic is work somewhere 11 weeks, become totally incompetent s they have to give me a lay off, live off unemployment for 6 months.

currently I got a gig for $20/hr pick my own hours, I've only worked like 7 hours so far this month. But govt buys my food and is paying rent until the end of november.


This is a sibling of "NEET" called "Freeter" – much respect, I do similar. My standards of living are cheap enough to ensure that I only "have" to work a few days a month to get plenty of luxuries.


It's pretty shitty yes lol


blessed are the neet for they shall inherit the earth


How can you live a full life and be NEET? You literally need a job to do that.


>slaving away to some corporate boss is living life fully
I shiggy diggy


I mean no but it's better than being trapped in your room all day doing nothing and meeting no one or worse being homeless.


there's plenty of free or cheap things to do. unless you live in LA or somewhere.

i went to a goldenrod dye last week, yellow isn't really my color, but it's nice to meet people and learn uses for an abundant local wildflower (can also be used in tea)

I go to a chess tourney every other saturday.

Art galleries will have shows with free nosh and you can meet an assortment of bohemians.

Plenty of time to exercise. And because I'm low-income I qualify for very cheap gym membership.

I've been reading more fiction, and I garden.

This time of year there's outdoor films shown at parks and "community-centered" businesses.

I would say that I get more done and meet more people as a "freeter" than I ever did as a cubicle-dweller. I certainly spend more time outside.


g'day lads
just woke up from a nap
whats happening with your lives today?


what's happening in my life is irelevant, immaterial; it is all mental illness, that is my life


i'm sorry to hear that anon
tell me whats's wrong
I will comfort you


File: 1631582886970.mp4 (9.58 MB, 730x720, Superstar.mp4)

seasonal heart ache


File: 1631583390621.mp4 (10.56 MB, 1280x720, California Dreaming.mp4)

we've all been there brother, sometimes you feel lower than you did a couple months back
especially when you dwell on thoughts that bring you discomfort and regret
What thoughts have you been having?


File: 1631584067828.mp4 (4.48 MB, 1280x720, Blowin in the Wind.mp4)

Its weird to me that reading news about geopolitical savagery everyday doesn't make me as sad or frustrated as love.
Its been so long since I've seen her, but still. I cannot help but selfishly wonder if she's thinking of me too.
>we've all been there brother
incels beware


File: 1631753549540.png (623.71 KB, 600x984, Why bother.png)

why the fuck do i keep playing csgo


did they fix the water footsteps bug yet?


This but with real racing 3


i can't be a neet anymore
i gotta get a job or i'm screwed

do you have any trouble getting hired when you told them you were a neet?


how can i become a NEET again? construction sucks, i would rather have barley enough money and lots of free time than slightly more than enough money and always be to tired to enjoy myself.


I tell them I started working as a freelance english teacher, which is rather common in Mexico


never noticed that tbh


why my nose fulll of shit and i keep sniffing whant te fck???


clean your pp


hell naw im jizzin


unless they do a background check that involves your tax records somehow, it's super easy to cheat your resume. Just have a close friend lie for you and pretend to be a former manager.


I have plenty of friends. Very involved in local politics and finished university and grad school while on NEETbucks. I moved out at 17 which is one reason why I went on NEETbucks, no contact with my family.

> trapped in your room all day
Just because you don't work means that you have to give up on life. Exercise is basically free… tons of "events" are free even if you don't have a lot of friends. I've switched cities a few times and never have any trouble networking.

Yeah, it's really hard to write, read, make art, etc when you slave away for 30-70 hours a week. I've had family members and close friends who were essentially killing themselves from work. Being a NEET doesn't mean that you don't do anything, it just means you don't make profits for the boss and US govt to steal.

>i can't be a neet anymore

apply for SSI and then get laid off


NTA but even when I'm not working I tend to end up doing software projects that I find interesting, so I don't think people want to just sit idle. They just don't want to be doing uninteresting or mundane work to make someone else rich.


How can you be a neet I don't get it? Who funds you?



parents do. there are very few independent NEETs.


How do you hope to keep funding your NEETdom

are you rich?


shoplifting and squatting are both great ways to keep costs down.


File: 1633563930965.jpg (8.81 KB, 125x125, problem.jpg)

>tfw angry wagies try to guilt me due to my neethood


NEETbros I have a very hard time transitioning to wage slavery

It's so fucking depressing going from having no time to having to work 8 hours

Please give me some tips, I have no choice but to wageslave because my parent is getting old and we are poor


apply for disability checks


Poor cunt, No welfare system
At least for me


File: 1633703745592.png (142.71 KB, 360x450, insanity.png)

go postal in minecraft



i just wanna shitpost on the internet, exercise, eat food and have a gf and die one day


>Having no time
>Having to work 8 hours a day

What's the difference?

I work 12 hours 3 days a week. Try and find a job with better hours neetbro


Your job sounds sweet as hell
What is it?

I am guessing it requires high degrees, I dropped out after 10th grade and employers here really believe in the degrees = skill bullshit, so I will go to a cheap college before wageslavery


File: 1633792048609.png (1.02 MB, 1654x1900, 1632512937409.png)

Nah. I I make bullets for hunting and shit. You just need a highschool education or higher. We're one of the only bullet manufacturers in the country and one of our competitors is also here in town. It's not easy neetbro but I believe in you. Don't give hope friend there's got to be something better than what you're doing now.

What is it you're doing anyways?


I have nobody but my pet hamster to go to for company now


Post your contact information somewhere and make some friends. It's really not that difficult.


is that really you Zizek?


hmm today i will learn web hosting

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