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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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is so cringe. I can't understand how anyone takes them seriously. I went to a fascist political discussion subreddit called /r/discuss_government and it had some of the dumbest fucking posts i've ever seen being taken seriously. Browsing places like /r/monarchism and other right wing subreddits makes me think its almost trolling. I dunno.


I literally cannot tell the difference between a Proudhonian and a National Socialist without the heavy racial element of the latter


I guess PJ just decided it was better to keep that kind of stuff to himself , unlike Bakunin



Lmao. Those people are getting raided by anarchists now.


The left does not hate "white people" you absolute idiot. I can't remember the part where Marx said "hate the white man" or other dumb shit like that.

But hey, I'm quite sure you are to deep in your fascistic pov that nothing that we will say would change your mind, so just go back to pol to complain about blacks, or de joos, or black jews ruining your way or life or whatever. Loser :^)


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The democratic republic of Korea is the way it is because of US foreign policy of overthrowing governments they don't like. North Korea also has a success story to tell, their citizens are not subjected to war. Their are many countries in the world right now that are not able to protect their citizens like that.

The idea that we can't have communism until everybody agrees is stupid, do you really think all those capitalist billionaires would ever give up their privilege to plunder the world and exploit its people, willingly ? Capitalism is torturing billions of workers with exploitation, every year 10s of millions of people are murdered with systemic violence, hundreds of thousands to millions more are destroyed with physical violence. Once all those people had enough of the despair, the suffering, the political disenfranchisement, the pointless toiling for the rich, the pointless dying… and they establish a system that works for the masses, it will be justice. And you don't get to judge the means by which this is achieved, unless you can do better and lead by example. Because the system as it is now sure as hell is not based on voluntarism.

You would be telling the people being slaughtered by fascism in WW2, that if they defend them self it's not justice unless all the Nazis agree with it.

Most communists and socialists have as personal characteristic, a strong sense of moral principle, and you are a liberal trying to use that against us.


"the left" doesn't

The Left™ in America® sure makes it seem that way though. You have to understand that the average normlord doesn't read theory, let alone about half the people who claim to be "into politics". People like us are an extreme minority in my local town (maybe 1-3% of the population)


do you think you really better than them?
what are you doing against what the rulng class is doing right now before your eyes?


>Browsing places like /r/monarchism
Why are you using your tiem like this if itbupsetd you so?


Neo-fascism is more of a spiritual/religious movement then an ideology, because they hate radlibs so much they just become their inversion. The culture war is a religious struggle, not an ideological one.

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