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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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me, a right-wing conspiracy nuts simpleton: the ruling class is ruthless, as already shown by the abundance of precedents in history, they are culling us and putting us inside a digital fence under total surveillance
you, a marxist scientific genius:

This really shows what imageboards are, because Cockshott exists only in leftypol. They are nothing but shilling places where fringes and "alternatives" get promoted by the factory of manufactured dissent, under the control of mercenary moderation and trolling.


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Trying to understand this post gave me aids >>453281


I didn't get any vaccine so there's that you can think about


Cockshott is right that vaccines are very effective at reducing deaths, that's just undeniable, because of evidence. The criticism that i have of this is, that the purpose of a vaccine isn't just preventing deaths, it's also intended to eradicate viruses. Vaccines are also supposed to be weapons of mass extermination, we are trying to drive viruses that cause harm to humans into extinction. The current covid vaccines while probably decent medicine are shit at being weapons.


your average cockshott fan


What is your actual criticism of cockshott, I still don't understand


You're talking to a polyp who thinks vaccines are reptile jew weapons putting nanobots in your blood.


>What is your actual criticism of cockshott
There's no criticism at all, dumbass. I don't have to criticise something like that, there's no need to do it, not that you would understand anyway. Maybe I'm critising you, but that's debatable too.
>Cockshottsuckers are pharmabots (also just giving more examples for the thread LMAO)
This could count as criticism?


>The ruling class is totally not culling us, they don't have a history of poisoning and mass murder. Here, take this thing they made for us.
>Hello, fellow communists
t. you


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>me, a right-wing conspiracy nuts simpleton:


holy shit oh god o fuck

chetniks are invading our planet

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