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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Glowuyghurs be damned, I'm just not scared of you clowns anymore. Everyone should go full NEET now. Drop out of school, quit working, leech off your GF and family, church and state. Work is exactly the problem. If you're not working to dismantle work at your work (aka, not a saboteur or wobchad) just stop the fucking enabling. Make your landlord cry. Make everyone cry who just doesn't "get it". There is a terrible, demonic conspiracy that exploits your brothers and sisters. Refuse to feed it.


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Based. Imagine working in 2021. lmao for what?


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the issue here is the fundemental nature of what you are doing will not undo the very systems that exist and keep the whole thing turning. No one can work but as long as we need work to live then we aren't really fixing anything.


> we need to work to live
Maybe you do, I won't.


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You do, retard. How do you think half the things that exist today got to be in front of you? antiwork is fine and dandy but the total abolition of work is not yet possible or feasible. At least not if you desire any type of modern type of economi9c system with modern amenities.


is this lacc in action?


>How do you think half the things that exist today got to be
>we need work to live
we need to not live to live?


You need to be a Le to extrapolate more than just the words you don't like in order to make a coherent retort that doesn't sound like a retard wrote them.


*At least able

Holy fuck I need to learn to proof read.


no, you're an idiot.


No u. Unless you can actually argue a valid point that isn't"LOL UR DUMB" then I'll just continue to believe what I believe. Antiwork types really are stupid.


that well is running dry for me
wish I could suckle at the teat of some rich person

Pray some rich bastard gets hit by a bus so I can rescue him Bros


Why would I want to end work? everyone but myself needs to work so I can continue my NEET life of course.


I always thought this was kind of a bad take. Work isn't really the issue it's how we handle work in society that is the problem. Some level of work just will have to be done in the world that's just how it is.


It will depend on the NEET but the increasing economic issues in Japan and the U.S. are the big reasons. What incentive is there to work or work hard when wages have been stagnant since the 70's, all the managerial cash has been slashed and sent to the top porkies, and society has increasingly been atomized to the brink?


From my understanding it's a cultural thing. People work themselves to death over there because they have a culture of hyper extreme work ethic




Lol wut


It's not like you can "just go and be a NEET". I would be homeless and probably freeze to death in the winter where I live if I didn't work for a living.

Wage slavery is a means of survival. The OP implies that anyone can just and stop doing it, but this is the whole reason I'm a socialist in the first place.

In order for a mass of people to stop their work, you would have to have a mutual aid plan in place to not let workers and their families starve. In other words you're calling for a general strike, just in a retarded way.


This is exactly what I was thinking. n33t faggots and scuh are quite idealistic. The same is true of the "anti work" types.


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File: 1648959297653-1.jpg (244.62 KB, 1920x1080, Stirner.jpg)

I've been a NEET for 10 years and here's to 10 more!


>imagine being this new



Imagine being this NEET


Okay so just so I understand your position, you are saying, as a leftist, that you think other leftists should simply afford to not work for a living, and that we're losers for going to work, am I getting this correct?

How is that a political position? You may as well be BOOJ

>If you're not BOOJ you're a loser

>I've been a BOOJ for 10 years and here's to 10 more

Explain to me concretely how I can be a NEET.


>explain to me concretely how I can be a NEET
Well many NEETS still have to work on and off so you can have a NEET mindset while wage turning.


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You got it all wrong man: I work for a living and I think other leftists should work for a living. It builds character and teaches you lessons about society and the economy.
The point of working though is to being an example to other people tho. If you loose sight of that you are no better than some dumb ass reactionary.

I'm >>454974 for clarity and I don't know why you lumped me in with the pro neets, lol. Sorry neets, n33t behavior is bourgeois.


Why should communists elect to work in a capitalist system? The only job I could think would be good would be like industrial work but I would say nothing should be done. It does not matter if a communist works or not.


because some work is going to have to be done at some point regardless of what society we live under.


If you have to work then work, I do not have to so I will not.


then you deserve nothing but the most basic necessities


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