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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Just a dumb thread idea I had. I was trying to imagine a teenager asking me, "so I think I'm a lefty, now what?"

0. Find local lefties. Be a good friend for your comrades.
1. Join a union. Become active in it! Pushing for a fairer workplace is honestly a more meaningful fight than trying to change local laws. It'll also help develop the leftist position in your neighborhood.
2. Exercise often and learn to cook. The amount of $$ that NPCs waste on eating crap food is really pretty mindboggling. You can watch a little less TV or do a little less shitposting online to find the time to cook yourself a good, wholesome meal now and then. Invest in a weight set or punching bag; at least do some body-weight exercises.
3. Put up wheatpastes! At best, you may be able to make new friends and spark some kind of discussion. At the least, you may be able to trigger some wrongthink NPCs into flipping out. Good activity to do with friends, and is decent enough exercise.
4. Meditate, research, absorb theory. Learn to articulate what you see as being problems in our society and how to resolve them. Discipline your mind and learn to regulate your feelings.
5. Find ways to apply your skills to the cause, whether it's writing, educating, sharing resources, pushing messages, countering narratives, etc. If your town is absolutely dry, you can resort to online projects, but try to remember that online ultimately doesn't matter or challenge any meaningful threats to the status quo.


You are in for a big let down if you join a modern union.


What's wrong with modern unions?


They aren't what you think. They model themselves like a bussniess and they sell themselves like a bussniess. The reps drive around in expensive sports cars and designer suits talking about how the union will represent you in court if you need them. Which, I mean, that's fine and good; the lawyers, however, the try and use it as a selling point among affordable insurance rather than using solidarity and unity and common self interest as talking points.

It's rediculous. They literally say "were a bussniess."
That's how mine was. It's not what you think. They're in the pockets of the owner class.


So they've basically sold out and are now no better than the companies they were founded to protect the workers against? What can we do then?


Yeah, pretty much. At least yellow unions like the AFL-CIO and its subsidiaries. I say this from personal experience. There's always the IWW or party politics but the IWW is small and Our communist parties are splintered into a million different groups. So, I dunno. I think growing the IWW is the best bet personally.


read bordiga and paul cockshott, thats le it


IWW is great. No reason why you can't join it or try to pump some life in. They have an IRC channel on Libera with a Matrix bridge iirc btw. Subreddit is a bit active; we should really make a Lemmy somewhere eh?


Do they seriously? What is the room name?


Even IWW?

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