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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Do you know why the nazi lost?
Because of aestethic. It was a great point of advantage for them, they had very good aesthetic, and it made them succeed, but…
… but aesthetic is something that appeals to still human beings. Beauty is holy. Aesthetic made them not nazi enough and in the contradiction of being a dishuman force that still needed humanity, thus they lost. The essence of nazism was Auschwitz
and there was no aesthetic in Auschwitz, it wasn't anything nice to see, but outside of it they had cool uniforms and such. Now you can see the contemporary neo-nazism that is winning because they absolutely have no aesthetic whatsoever, on purpose. They are fucking ugly and disseminate the destruction of aesthetic everywhere they go. They put their mask on. They have killed humanity. The nazi project can continue.


The naiz failed because they were horrible strategic planners and flamboyant in their genocidal rage.l through out one of the strongest powers on the planet at the time the USSR and they even managed to piss off the USA as well. That's why they failed. Aesthetics have nothing to do with it.


nazis were idiots to begin with


t.complete moron, marx-illiterate, cognitive disordered, undialectical whore


you are the reason why nazis are winning today. you don't understand shit. nazi failed last time because humanity was still alive, that's the point, I think it's not difficult.


>Do you know why the nazi lost?
The Soviet Military was more powerful, soviet heavy industry was much larger and better managed, attacking the Soviet Union was really dumb.

>nazi failed last time because humanity was still alive
You mean that as a metaphore for ?

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