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Ukraine's Thread, for fuck's sake
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File: 1659721564386.gif (40.91 KB, 500x359, termintor3.gif)

>Russia has 5th largest proven reserves of oil and is called "the gas station of Europe for a reason".
Yes but if Ukraine can develop it's oil reserves the EU will break free of their reliance on Russian petro.
>Ukraine is 51st by proven reserves lol.
>Excluding Russia’s gas reserves in Asia, Ukraine today holds the second biggest known gas reserves in Europe. As of late 2019, known Ukrainian reserves amounted to 1.09 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, second only to Norway’s known resources of 1.53 trillion cubic meters. Yet, these enormous reserves of energy remain largely untapped. Today, Ukraine has a low annual reserve usage rate of about 2 percent. Moreover, more active exploration may yield previously undiscovered gas fields, which would further increase the overall volume of Ukraine’s deposits.


>lib still doesn't understand the difference between proven and unproven oil reserves
does your memory get wiped every night or something?


you posted literally the same thing here >>455807 and you were btfo'd. look up what "proven oil reserves are". if Ukrainians are incapable of extracting the oil, and apparently they are because what the fuck have they been doing for the past eight years??

oh that's right, too busy ethnically cleansing Russians and having a nationalist "Ukranisation" campaign to appease the Nazis.


File: 1659722538951.jpg (1.13 MB, 2000x761, morenazis.jpg)

>Some Putin shill says 10% of Euromadien protestors were Nazis
>Zero proof, or even explanation as to how he came to that number.
Point is is that there was very wide support the Ukraine joining the EU, it was not some astroturfed coup by NATO, Nazis, or whoever else you pull out of your ass to blame.
And having Nazis show up at a rally, does not make it a Nazi rally lol.


>NATO is using Ukraine to hurt Russia.
Yes, and it is very based.
>you posted literally the same thing here >>455807 and you were btfo'd.
How the fuck did I get btfo'd. I said Ukraine has shit tons of oil, which they do. You said they had barely any at all.
>if Ukrainians are incapable of extracting the oil, and apparently they are because what the fuck have they been doing for the past eight years??
Getting BTFO'd by Russia.
>oh that's right, too busy ethnically cleansing Russians and having a nationalist "Ukranisation" campaign to appease the Nazis.
Whoa a genocide you say? Surely you have proof of such at huge horrific event protip you don't


>Putin shill
You didn't even watch it. Are you scared?

Yevgen Haras is the leader of C14 (S14 to you Anglos), the paramilitary arm of the Svoboda party.
>S14, also known as C14 or Sich[1] (Ukrainian: Січ, romanized: С14), was a neo-Nazi,[2][3][4] Ukrainian nationalist group founded in 2010.[5] In 2018, it gained notoriety for its involvement in violent attacks on Romani camps.[6][7][8] S14 stated that it is only involved in removing illegal Romani camps using "compelling legitimate arguments".[9] In 2020, the group disbanded and was succeeded by the new organisation "Foundation for the Future".[10]

You poor, ignorant fool.


>Whoa a genocide you say?
No, I said ethnic cleansing. lrn2read


These attacks are heinous, but come nowhere close to a fucking genocide or ethnic cleansing.
Can you please look up what those word mean in the dictionary you dumbfuck tankie.


> I said Ukraine has shit tons of oil, which they do. You said they had barely any at all.
PROVEN reserves

No point talking to you, you're functionally illiterate.


Dude whatever, take your stupid ass pedantic win a GTFO. My point is that if Ukraine joins the EU it means the end of Russia's monopoly on Eurozone gas. That's why it's fighting in Ukraine.
You're just quibbling over semantics when you clearly fucking meant to imply that Ukraine has no oil and therefore it could not be a motivation for the invasion.


This isn't about points or "winning", it's about breaking your programming.
>My point is that if Ukraine joins the EU
Your ignorance is showing. Countries don't just join the EU like it's the fucking library. Countries require a complete rehaul of their laws and regulations so they are compatible with EU. Good luck with Ukronazis accepting gay marriage. The country must also not be engaged in a conflict or have any border disputes. Not to mention cracking down on corruption. Ukraine could hope to join in 20 years, maybe. It usually takes a country 7-10 years to join the EU, and that's when they are already mostly compatible, they spend 7 years ironing out details. And you think Ukraine can join just like that? You live in a fantasy world, maybe Dumbledore can say a nice word to Ursula on behalf of Zelensky.


File: 1659724198567.jpg (164.34 KB, 1536x2048, pig2.jpg)

>Your ignorance is showing. Countries don't just join the EU like it's the fucking library.
You dipshit, they were taking the first steps in joining the EU in 2014. That's why it was stopped by Putin's puppet Yanukovich.
Here's a recounting of what actually happened in 2014. And how close Ukraine was to starting their integration in to the EU.

>In November 2013, Yanukovych was due to travel to Vilinius, Lithuania, for a summit with the EU where he was widely expected to sign an agreement that would have set out a framework for Ukraine’s relationship with the European bloc, including preferential terms of trade. The agreement would have set Ukraine on a clear path for eventual EU membership. (emphasis mine)

>But the agreement and Ukraine’s move closer to Europe angered Putin, who engaged in a campaign of economic pressure against Ukraine: cutting off energy supplies to the country and blocking almost all imports from Ukraine. This resulted in a 25% reduction in Ukrainian exports and pushed the country’s economy into recession. The Kremlin publicly threatened to drive Ukraine into default on its sovereign debt if it went ahead with the EU trade deal.

>On Nov. 21, Yanukovych succumbed to this pressure and suddenly reversed course, saying he would not sign the EU alignment agreement, although he still favored eventual Ukrainian membership in the EU. Instead, he would accept a package of Russian financial assistance to meet the country’s debt obligations.


>Countries require a complete rehaul of their laws and regulations so they are compatible with EU. Good luck with Ukronazis accepting gay marriage.

Then why did put so much pressure on Yanukovich to stop the EU agreement if it was so impossible to get done kek.


>eventual EU membership
>-Occurring or existing at the end of or as a result of a process or period of time.
>'it's impossible to predict the eventual outcome of the competition’
Yes, 20 years is "eventual".


>Putin's puppet Yanukovich
You might as well just don a wolfsangel already. Your perception of reality is so distorted as to be clownlike.


Okay he's more he's more of a cuck. A distinction without a difference.


Hard to tell who is the shitposter here.


The funny thing about that was that Yanukovich first negotiated with the IMF before he asked the Russian federation for an offer. The IMF made brutal austerity demands for investment, while the Russian offer for investment was a better deal without the requirement to axe social services,labor legislation and selling off state owned enterprises.

The neo-liberals are still pushing that austerity agenda btw:


Russia is the most neoliberal country in the world.


File: 1659993101532.jpg (132.25 KB, 677x921, 1659906234821207.jpg)

>Article assumes everthing they talked about in the conference will happen.
>Assume Ukraine wouldn't be way worse off as an imperial cuckold.
>Ignores that Russia is the one that made them this vulnerable in the first place.
They had to change their name from "The Gray Zone" because everyone started calling their rag "Alex Jones Info Wars for Tankies".


File: 1659999985249.jpg (524.85 KB, 2613x1723, NonCredibleDefense-uql.jpg)

New Russian war crimes about to drop.


File: 1660010004281.jpg (226.08 KB, 818x800, my_stance.jpg)



>Russia is the most neoliberal country in the world.
Russia was the most neoliberal country in the world in the 1990s
But since the early 2000s they have moved away from that, Russia nationalized their oil and gas industry for example.

yes a website with high quality investigative journalism
>Article assumes everthing they talked about in the conference will happen.
It demonstrates the intentions of neo-liberals, they are loosing this proxy war so their ideas probably won't be implemented
>Assume Ukraine wouldn't be way worse off as an imperial cuckold.
The Ukraine is the US's imperial cuckold, their people are being used as cannon fodder in the attempt to weaken the Russian federation
>They had to change their name from "The Gray Zone"
No https://thegrayzone.com/ is a different website, and its still there with it's original name.

Your meme makes no sense, i tried to fix it.


File: 1660057928965.jpg (90.52 KB, 677x921, sanctions bike.jpg)

for forgot to post meme pic


>Russia threatening Ukraine and Europe with nuclear fallout.
Grey Zone coverage is always misleading af.


File: 1660068622113.jpg (152.12 KB, 834x1148, proxy war in ukraine.jpg)

>How dare Russia put it's country in the way of our NATO east expansion.
The warblob in Washington is openly saying they wanted to balkanize Russia.
You are just whining that balkanizing a nuclear super-power isn't a realistic prospect.

>Grey Zone coverage is always misleading af.

What ? the website that published the western plans for imposing neoliberal austerity is multipolarista.com
And how is this misleading ? The western big bourgeoisie and government had nothing better to do then go to Switzerland to scheme about how to destroy labor protection laws in Ukraine ?
Also You are attacking the people who published it, that makes it look like you are defending this.
Are you ? – why?


I'm convinced there is not one earnest poster in this thread


Somebody should make a youtube compilation of Ukraine HIMARS blowing up Russian bases and ammo depots set to the tune of "Fortunate Son"




Why because people have different opinions than your own?


File: 1660093000537.jpg (571.02 KB, 1045x1300, busted.jpg)

NATO shill BTFO'd


File: 1660096431844-0.png (556.64 KB, 850x560, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1660096431844-1.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>Mr Zelensky has remained in Ukraine since the Russian invasion of the country. The picture was taken in Ukraine, and is from a recording of Mr Zelensky’s virtual appearance at a number of technology conferences.


He's more like a puppet of the ruling nobles. Is there a feudal analog for that?


Russia balkanized practically on its own 30 years ago and given that the population of ethnic Russians is still in decline, it is not implausible that more territories break off in the future. What we are seeing is the slow motion collapse of the old Russian empire that's being going on since the early 20th century.


The Multipolaristas' are a rotten group of people


I think multipolarity is a good concept. I just think people like haz are a bunch of retards. He is getting better though. To bad he burned out so quicky.



So how do the Ukrop shills cope with the fact that Ukraine is bombing Zaporizhia's nuclear plant on their master's orders while they make open threats of causing a nuclear disaster if Russia doesn't withdraw?

The NATO side is literally, openly threatening, in the UN security council meetings, mind you, to cause a nuclear disaster if Russia doesn't stop winning the war.

And Ukraine's government is perfectly okay with damaging their most important power source causing a nuclear disaster on their own land, on their own people, because Washington says so.

This is what sovereignty looks like btw


Nothing will happen but it would be funny if it did


Nuclear power-plants are hardened and this one was build by the soviets, so a few artillery shells are unlikely going to trigger a big catastrophe.

That said this power-plant is making 20% of Ukraine's electricity, it is beyond retarded for them to attack it, maybe Russia should do decapitation strikes against the Ukrainian command structure, they clearly lost it.


Love how you tankies ignore the fact that Russia shelled the plant themselves in March, are the one preventing and inspection of the plant, are launching attacks from it, and are the ones that shelled the plant this time, which is what they,have been threatening to do for a week.


The shills still believe what the press is trying to sell. The russian army doesn't have any reason to bomb the nuclear plant, they have the territory and they let the ukrainian personnel work in there to keep the power up since the beginning.
They are already a puppet country and with one of the poorest median population in europe but when this war ends, if there is still any left in their country, it's going to be 100 times worse than before and being totally controlled by foreign governments.


File: 1660487887756-0.png (1.52 MB, 1280x853, 1660429605119.png)

File: 1660487887756-1.jpg (217.76 KB, 1284x1534, zeoown5jl8h91.jpg)

The Allies have liberated Pisky

Allied forces have liberated Pisky after days of intense battles. The battle for Bakhmut continues, but the Allied soldiers are in high spirits, spurred on by a series of victories in the last month.

The defenses of Nazi Ukraine will not hold for long. S&P has declared yesterday that Ukraine has defaulted on its debt, and the central bank of Ukraine has said that it haa already sold off a large part of its gold reserves. It seems like the armies of Fourth Reich will be on the run soon.

Europe's and USA's support is weaning as they are running out of military surplus to send. US will run out of surplus HIMAR rockets in a few months. The winter will start in three months, at which point Europeans will not be happy about sending billions to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy needs to do something quick, they need to recapture Crimea and take back Donbas by November or Ukraine stands no chance.


Kiev has also mobilised 50-75yo teachers and taught them how to fire NLAWs and Javelins. Ukraine is preparing for the final stand, TOTAL WAR.



>Come to the Dark Side
Uhhh, do they know that the Sith, Empire and Dark Side are the villains of the Star Wars universe?


File: 1660623605465.jpg (1.47 MB, 1393x2160, 1660616025562.jpg)



File: 1660640622355.jpg (239.36 KB, 1125x1701, 1660280047239565.jpg)

Russia btfo


Russia is a failed state with a shrinking ethnic Russia population and a rising non-russian population in its borders. I'm guessing some complete ethno-reactionary war will happen whenever the Russian state falls apart.


File: 1660642223392.jpg (141.04 KB, 1080x823, 1660410416321.jpg)

>more liberal screeching about fantasy scenarios
Russia is now undoubtedly winning the war, they have just liberated Udy, Vershyna and Pisky. Ukrainians are pinned down by artillery in trenches around Mykolaiv, praying for a Kherson counter-offensive that will never come.

This is the extent of the Ukrainian offensive by Kherson:
>This isn’t Afghanistan, it’s not Iraq … it’s sitting in a hole getting shelled. You could die at any moment. You could die without even firing a round'
Some more Canadian neo-nazi volounteers ran home with their tail between their legs after they realised that they don't have the tech or support they had while slaughtering Afghani sheep herders.

Russia has already won this war. Now we wait for Ukraine and its master NATO to realise it.


lol at that image. But I'm not a Russia shill.


answer these Nazi cuckboy: >>456124 >>456129 >>456132
you ignore the facts you can't meme to, and always get caught up on one thing.

How embarrassing will it be for you after Ukraine capitulates? You gonna come back into this thread and say you were wrong? Didn't think so.


File: 1660735270141.jpg (30.71 KB, 640x423, file-20220321-25-u2jxf6.jpg)

Putin’s fascists: the Russian state’s long history of cultivating homegrown neo-Nazis
>Many commentators have already debunked Russian President Vladimir Putin’s absurd claim to be waging war to “de-nazify” Ukraine.

>Some have pointed out the far right received only 2% of the vote in Ukraine’s 2019 parliamentary elections, far less than in most of Europe. Others have drawn attention to Ukraine’s Jewish president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and the efforts of the Ukrainian state to protect minorities like Crimean Tatars and LGBTQ+ people, who are subject to brutal persecution in Russia.

>What has received less coverage is the Putin regime’s own record of collaboration with far-right extremists. Even as Russian diplomats condemned “fascists” in the Baltic states and Kremlin propagandists railed against imaginary “Ukronazis” in power in Kyiv, the Russian state was cultivating its own homegrown Nazis.



File: 1660751512661-0.jpg (51.91 KB, 999x515, FaWtn1PWQAITQDI.jpg)

File: 1660751512661-1.jpg (94.02 KB, 680x498, FaWtoBbXgAEbZ2v.jpg)

File: 1660751512661-2.jpg (71.23 KB, 601x680, FaWtFQmXoAExVO8.jpg)



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