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True low-cost universal healthcare will only be achievable when the population adopts scientifically valid practices, such as abolishing alcohol, cigarettes & marijuana.


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This is dumb because it pushes the onus off of the massive corporations shilling and shoveling this shit out to the general public and back onto the end consumer. We have seen this type of propaganda before with the recyclables industry. People should have the freedom to use anything they wish, with in reason, so long as it doesn't effect anyone else. Much of the negative results of drugs (including tobacco) comes from the resulting societal structure of capitalism anyways.

People under capitalism are generating their own alienation and own poverty, for example, and as such, will be more prone to escapism including drugs.


What is so anti-leftist about following sound scientific practices? Substances such as alcohol and tobacco clearly have negative biological effects on the human body. It is in the interest of both the government and the population to ban these substances and develop a culture that discourages their usage.


They aren't purely negative. Smoking and drinking are also social and cultural practices. Moderation works as well as abstinence(and possibly preferable if research about the positive benefits of certain alcohol consumption can be believed), but taking away alcohol from an alcoholic is only treating a symptom and not the actual psychic illness that creates a person inclined to addiction.


There's nothing wrong with that but you should also respect peoples freedom and autonomy to do what they want with their own bodies.


>They aren't purely negative
If it costs more than the benefit that they deliver, then of course it should be banned. What social and/or cultural benefit is there that outweighs the cost in human suffering and death?

There are no positive biological benefits to alcohol or tobacco. This is a falsehood perpetuated by the very industries who profit from these substances.

What is "freedom" if it comes at the cost of human and societal suffering? The health of society always outweighs individual freedoms. It always has and always will. Removing alcohol and tobacco enhances a society, not detracts from it, much the same as removing lead from gasoline or asbestos from insulation.


Just say you want Eugenics, because that's whst you really mean by "scientifically valid". Prohibition policies were usually brought in alongside eugenics policies, because the "prohibition" was selectively enforced specifically to protect the eugenic interest.

If you wanted to wipe out the drug trade, you could do so very easily within a generation. It'd be bloody, but far less bloody than the eugenics you've been pointing to. The reason why this doesn't happen is because the authorities quite like the proliferation of drugs, because it reduces the population and dulls their ability to resist eugenic rule. Only a concerted effort to restore actual virtue among the people would be effective in the long term. But, the drug trade, which has always been protected and coddled and is by no means the natural order, that could be stamped out very easily. Civilized countries put down heroin and cocaine dealers like dogs and don't think twice about it. Simply doing that would stamp out the worst of the problem in short order, then you rehabilitate the existing addicts and show a different way of life is possible. Rehabilitation is anathema to everything Eugenics stands for, which is why such an obvious strategy is rejected. But that is the only thing which has ever seriously improved outcomes against the drug culture, or the flesh trade, or any other vice.

Anyway, you could treat the heart conditions caused by smoking and alcoholism very cheaply, even if smoking were as common as it was in the first half of the 20th century. This was not a problem in that time, and life expectancy kept increasing even with a large part of the adult population smoking like chimneys. Usually the treatment plan involved telling the patient to stop smoking, and a decent number of people did exact that without any overbearing manager telling them. There are people every day that quit smoking because it's bad for their health, or because it's too expensive, or because they're sick of being dependent on nicotine. Eugenic society generally tells people there is no escape from vice and addiction, because their entire moral philosophy is premised on addictive behaviors - that's what utilitarianism is, and why they're such abominable lizard-people. That's why Eugenics and neoliberalism advance these peculiar narratives around drugs, glorifying the drug culture and this philosophical idea of pleasure and pain and ignoring the actual people who live through this shit. It was known from the start to be an entirely ruinous strategy, and that was the point.

Do you know how many people take up smoking because they just stopped giving a shit? If society is pushing people to die as quickly as possible, why not get the nicotine fix? It makes the suck a little more bearable. People need something to live for, and eugenics prohibits that at all costs. It aggressively destroys faith, any sense of community, and any sense of self that could live happily in the world. Eugenics must out of necessity replace that with this alien, proprietarian world-system that is extremely aggressive at rooting out dissent.


Want to know why healthcare is so expensive? It's all the lawyers, bureaucracy, managerialism, and bullshit put into it. A large part of "health care" is psychiatric policing that has nothing to do with helping anyone, certainly not the people who are forcibly injected with drugs. The health systems of neoliberalism are designed to destroy people and force them through a rigamarole for even basic things. It's so absurd that anyone thinks the Obamacare regime or the Eurotrash regime are any way to improve peoples' health or lives. It is the descendent of the eugenicist mindset that makes health this political question in the first place. There's no solution to health care until people have control of their lives back from the technocratic managers, if such a thing is possible. Everything that is at all good about the present situation exists because people have to, out of necessity, take care of themselves. "Society" and certainly the state aren't there to help them, and have gone out of their way to ensure that the healthcare (eugenics) question is an intractable one. It would be simple to hire a sufficient number of doctors - and most of the people you deal with aren't fully trained PhDs but medical techs, and the work they do could be trained by fucking community colleges. It's not like medicine is some arcane art that only geniuses can do. The supply of doctors and techs is kept deliberately low because the objective of the current "health" systems is eugenics. The whole point is to selectively treat people, and that's why I have to go through hell to even be seen. What you get for treating your heart depends entirely on your social class. That's why you see Senators get luxury treatment over every little thing, while my heart - which is clearly at a moderate stage of failure - is left untreated. I had to insist on something to even lower my cholesterol and they were giving out the minimum dosage possible. I need my fucking arteries cleaned out. But "priorities" and all that…


This is literally "I don't drink and therefore neither should you" but I think either life should be made so amazingly good that you don't need substances or you should quit it with enforcing stupid rules. Like of course the working class is going to continue drinking, look at what happened last time it was banned.



This is the only real take.

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