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So there are some type of nano-chip that is smaller than rice, is black in colour and has GPS capabilities, you can't even notice it and we may have them inside ourselves.
1. they can see us from the sky with the St Satelite
2. they can track us with phones (can be blocked with faraday bags)
3. they can now track us with nano-chip (if you deny this, then deny that while we in 1950's we couldn't even access advanced cameras, while the army had Ultra-High Quality infrared cameras on their Air-to-Air missiles, the army has technology far ahead of anything we have, they have supercomputers the size of an office computer (talking bout the secret army, dug deep underground), which means that they already have tech beyond our comprehension)

NOTE: arround that size is the chip


A chip that size would actually be trivially detectable, its signals would be trivially detectable, and its signals wouldn't be strong enough to track with GPS without extensive conspicuous infrastructure being present literally everywhere.


I think you should focus on getting phones with better privacy.

Putting chips into people is probably what they would like to do, but if they do that people will properly freak out, because that's breaking the body boundary. It's impossible to hide it, because even a standard laboratory microscope could detect tiny chips. People put human tissue samples and blood samples under microscopes on a vast scale.

The chips you got in your personal computer if it's a recent model have electronic elements with features between 5 and 50 atoms. That's actually very close to the limits of current physics. I doubt if there is super-secret physics research, because they usually need giant physics experiments for that. Those are very expensive and so big that secrecy is out of the question. So the chips you get in consumer electronics are pretty close to what's possible.

IMHO tiny chips would be very simple devices. Nano-bots are possible but would have very limited abilities. At the moment we haven't figured out how to power and control them unless there is a large external power supply and controller. Sending signals with tiny antennas is really energy inefficient, we're talking really short range, like you have to be almost touching it to pick up a signal.

I don't know if future tech can get smaller and make nano chips practical. But if you are worried about it, now would be the time to get it outlawed, that will make it harder to do in the future and will buy us at least some time.

If you can build a machine with features smaller than an atom, you can make it release energy in unfathomably large quantities and make matter change it's physical properties. If you got that level of scifi tech there's more interesting things to do than chipping people.

So again focus on improving phone privacy.


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5G/6G antennas, they're built everywhere (did you check all of the antennas by yourself to check if they're actually 4G or 5G antennas, not 6G?) , it can be hidden in food easily, expecially with cakes as it can be hidden easily.

radiowaves can, in fact, work as a power source, didn't Teslea make wireless electricity? he did, it's not hard, you just need electricity, which we can get easily nowadays, as there are electrical sites everywhere emiting electricity, aka antenas.

the glowies aren't smart, they just can replicate and perfectionate inventions, they cannot come up with any, unless if from a non CIA uyghur.

phone privacy can be easily aquired with a small faraday bag and rooting, as well as developing an OS for le mobile phone.

you gay




cope and dilate

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