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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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What's the point in having science and scientists if all you people are going to do is cherry-pick the stuff you agree with and toss out the stuff that you don't?

You realize that you don't get to choose your own reality, right? There's only one reality and it's kinda sorta important to figure out what that reality is. That's how progress is made… Figuring out that reality and then designing procedures to best utilize that reality to solve the problems that our society faces.

I thought you so-called "intellectuals" would understand that fact. Apparently, you don't.


What the hell are you talking about? first of all the right wing literally re-writes what "science" is with their "alternative facts" in order to justify their shitty opinions and secondly no one does this and if you believe so explain why.


majority of "leftists" don't really care that much about science and how we work, while the 3rd positionists want to find out the truth
we need to prepare for every possibility to be able to survive if any of them become true, but the "left" doesn't care about it as it isn't sentimelntal, but factual

eighter way, what's the "left"? socialism?
and what's the "right"? national socialism? so an idea based on socialism, eh?
the "left" and the "right" are nonesensical western identity politic catalogues whom aren't even well thought about


What is "the truth" to a "3rd positionist?"


Read the rules before you post reactionary faggot.


the truth about how our world works (like wheter it is flat or globe, wheter there is a curve or not, etc etc) are the things that are:
1. observable
2. testable
3. repeatable
those 3 are the solution to things that are 100% true about our envirorment
history (before 2000's) cannot be 100% true, except for the Orthodox Bibles from Mount Athos and whatever the Vatican hides, there will always be some deviation, even if it is just slightly or simnificantly; while the history made after 2000's is true 100% in certain places that have audio-video cameras, the rest is can still be modified slightly or simnificantly. it all gets interpreted in any way one would like, which may deform the truth in one's mind, but still be the truth irl.

what is currently known as 3rd positionists are those that don't assimilate with any part of the "leftists" and "rightists" (aka 1st and 2nd positionists), as those are usa kikery manufactured politics. 3rd positionists are national socialists, christian/traditionalist fascists and such; 4th positionists are considered to be national bolsheviks.


If you do economics in a scientific way you basically get Marxism.

Don't take the bait, 3rd positionists originated in the era of cold war bipolarity. They wanted to be a third ideological pole or something. Since that period is long gone it doesn't make any sense anymore. After the Soviet dissolution there was a time of unipolar US hegemony and then it didn't make sense to call your self number 3 when there was no number 2. Today the unipolar moment in history is passing into the multipolar moment, and calling your self number 3 is also not very meaningful anymore, because it's just one of many.

There also was non-alignment in the cold war, which was a few countries that tried to stay out of the influence sphere of the US and the Soviets. That was distinct from 3rd positioning, because it was just a geopolitical strategy used by some countries to avoid getting wrecked by proxy wars between big powers.


anchored for bad faith.

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