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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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>The "tax" for keeping the Second Amendment just increased by 14 kids and 1 adult.
>But, hey, it wasn't anyone you knew so what difference does it make, amirite?

Are we ready to ban the guns yet? Go ahead… I'm ready for the "thoughts and prayers" guntard playbook.


What will banning guns solve?


School shootings are just a fact of life in murica.


Does banning Drugs stop people from smoking meth?


did banning people from abusing sleeping pills stopped them from abusing them ? oh wait it actually did


nothing insurance won't cover.


No, but it'll stop autismos since they'll have to make social connections to get guns, I'm not aware of any darknet market that sells them.


Its not going to stop people from getting or even having them. There's like 20 guns for every one person.


Liberalism is trying to implement bandaid ineffective solutions like gun bans, while not realizing these policies won't ever even get implemented.

Simultaneously libs are going to do it by primarily limiting the firepower of potential revolutionaries.

There's a lot of work about capitalism and it's effects on mental health. I really think americans should just focus on the actual problem of the numerous crisis that capitalism is causing in their country, a minor one being shootings.


You think they font realize what they are doing? This is the second thread this retard's made.


The only reason there's gun control in the first place is because libs like you got triggered by the Black Panthers. There'd be no welfare if guns were illegal.


How come you libs never call for the police to be abolished whenever footage of them ventilating the umpteenth innocent person is released?


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The SWAT team had no means of forced entry. Can't make this up. They made someone who worked for the school sneak up to unlock the door. Republican gov thanked the cops for their bravery.


All you need to do is ban /pol/ my glowie fren.


Blue lives cower.


File: 1654373247513.mp4 (5.84 MB, 176x144, (289) Cops in Uvalde, Texa….MP4)

Cops in Uvalde, Texas INVITED A BIKER GANG to Intimidate Journalists!?!>>455346


Here's the link to the this Youtube video. I can't get handbrake to compress the video properly.


File: 1654382505578.jpg (863.98 KB, 807x1200, 1654378346771.jpg)

Jesus christ, lmao. This isn't the first time something like this has happened in the united states, funny enough.


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Bait thread


The purpose of the second amendment is to be a deterrent against government tyranny. It's not about hunting or recreation or even self defense.
>but the government can just use tanks and bombs and artillery and and
but you can only destroy a country by bombing it, you can't RUN a country and RULE over a people just by bombing them. they want to RUN the country not just wreck it. running a country requires people in that country, people that could be shot hypothetically if they push too far.

Get rid of all the guns, total gun ban, and what final deterrent against absolute tyranny do you have then? None. And so what you will get is absolute tyranny. Simple as.


So with that in mind, consider what it means when a politician wants a total gun ban, think of what he really wants. Do you think these people care about the victims of shootings? Of course they don't, they care about power and what they see as an obstacle to that power. So it's very concerning when a government seeks a total gun ban. That being said I am open to some reasonable limitations, but unfortunately governments in general aren't reasonable entities.


File: 1657843547421.jpg (236.24 KB, 1600x1200, martha-fbi-shirt-supermark….jpg)

The right wants to disarm the left. That's why they do these shootings, to manufacture conditions where banning guns seems rational. That way they can shoot at us with the guns the cops let them keep, and we won't be able to shoot back because the cops will take them from us. Don't let this be an effective tactic.


It's not realistic to use a gun-ban to disarm people that don't want to be disarmed.
Gun-bans are however effective at making it hard for people train shooting a gun.

>That way they can shoot at us with the guns the cops let them keep, and we won't be able to shoot back because the cops will take them from us.

That is basically a civil war, in those conditions nobody will not care about legality.

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