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socialism is giving resources to wrong people, and not giving them to good people

i hate socialism –karl marx


>socialism is giving resources to wrong people
The workers are the ones that dig up the resources, they are the ones that produce the economic surplus, all that stuff has always belonged to the workers. Socialism just doesn't let capitalists steal that stuff from the workers anymore.

Lesson number 1 in ideology : Ruling classes always steal the surplus from those that work, and they always come up with elaborate ruses to support claims that all that wealth that societies produce somehow belongs to them.

Ruling classes also want to make you believe they are an indispensable part of good economic performance. And considering how shit the economy is right now, capitalists really can't claim that mantel. According to capitalist logic, the bourgeoisie re-invest profits to make the production better and because of that commodities are supposed to become more affordable. But things are getting more expensive instead.

The capitalists are investing in picking fights with other countries like Russia or China, this only has downsides for the workers, so there really is no reason why they should let capitalists have the economic surplus or the resources.

The capitalists as a class are no longer making life better for people, on the contrary for most people life is getting more difficult, so what ever justification there might have been at some point for their rule, it's gone now.

People want a nice, peaceful and comfortable live. They also want fulfilling work, some amount of amusement or adventure, and a future that looks hopeful. On top of that they want to have a say in how society develops. Ask your self if capitalism is delivering that to the masses ?


that doesn't compute

you assume that workers are some kind of saints, but we know that isn't true

once they have the riches they're not better than exploiters (and not better by themselves either, they're just poor)

enlightenment people though its just enough to give education to everyone to build space rockets and nucler lunar bases or just utopias but we know that didn't worked either

now you have tools to create music masterpieces but all you have is brazilian brap music with 70 million views on youtube
all it created is a waste (and now you have just less mozarts as in OP, since you can't imagine them compete with the retarded)

thats the reason democracy doesn't work either


i would give resources to good people
there's no definition of good people == workers


bro i just borned and worked, im good person
i went in good person courses as well, please transfer that one iphone


This is just elitism to justify stealing the surplus from workers though.
To get a class society you have to do all those horrible things that are incredibly destructive to society just to maintain class rule. Once you've gone that route and build that destructive system, your personal qualities no matter how good, can't make up for the damage. Once you create systemic damage, personal qualities become irrelevant, and systemic qualities become the deciding factor.

The point of workers controlling the means of production and surplus isn't about virtue, or being saints, it's about not destroying people with a destructive class system.

Nobody in the enlightenment thought that giving people education would enable individual people to build space rockets. The point was to enable societies as a hole to do that, and it did work. We also aren't done figuring out how to teach people science and technology or how to produce sophisticated cultural artworks, because most people never are enabled to realize their mental potential.

You also have to account that class societies forfeit most of the mental potential of humanity by default because most people are not able to do mental labor if they are exploited. To a degree it's possible to force people to do manual labor and some repetitive intellectual tasks, but you can't force people to have brilliant ideas. The kind of subjugation present in all class societies affects the brain a lot. People living in class societies get brain damage in the process of being bullied to accept class subjugation. So you have rulers inflicting mental harm on the masses, and then they invent ideology to evade the responsibility by saying look at all that rabble, they're just shitty people.

Capitalism for example mass produces a lot of low quality uninspired music. People are showered with that stuff from the day they are born to the day they die, and then you come along to complain about people having pedestrian music tastes. But how could they have gained a sophisticated taste in music in that environment ?

Democracy in capitalism is really plutocratic democracy. The election systems are build in such a way that only people with a lot of wealth can afford to pay for elaborate election campaigns, and that creates a filter that removes most of the candidates that would act on behalf of society instead of special interests of ruling classes.

You don't have to use that particular form of democracy, you can do sortition democracy. Randomly selecting a representative sample from the population ensures that society as a hole has it's interests represented by the political system, and then democracy will work much better.

The key to building a good society is in building good political and economic systems.
You don't have to construct systems that pander to base instincts and lowest common denominator schlock.
You have to admit that rulers in class societies always have a tendency to degrade people with tribalism, divide and conquer politics, bread and circus, and so on.
Socialism will have a better chance at building systems that engage higher brain functions and foster the good aspects of humanity like the pursuit of mastery.


>i would give resources to good people
how do you get the resources in the first place ?
maybe by exploiting a bunch of people ?

The ideological premise at play here is that you assume that people will always just get exploited and the only question is who gets the loot. But we don't have to base societies on exploitation. That is optional.


What is the idiot OP trying to even say?


Just reducing marxism to moralfaggotry


Das rite!


Unironically this

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