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Observers seem totally lost regarding the latest developments. They cannot put the pieces together and they jump from one place to another not knowing where to head or where to reach. Some observers are completely lost . One analyst today said that the US is unable to overcome Russia, and therefore it hopes to push Russia into China’s arms and after that it would be easy to deal with China because the US will deal with it the same way it dealt with the USSR, and will cause its collapse . This is close to delirium and is just to give you an idea about how people are looking at things . Certainly , the situation is complicated and what makes it more complicated is that no one is looking at facts or is giving a good reading of what is happening , and they are either linked to a certain agenda or starting from a wrong assumption . No one wants to understand the reality about the war on Ukraine and they want to see in it a righteous cause or a Russian self defense initiative while it is something totally different and is a conspiracy on Ukraine and on Russia and on the world security and stability , and will cause penury and food shortages. What we are witnessing is the next chapter after the Covid 19 conspiracy that has struck all societies and undermined them socially , financially and economically. But the tendency is to see in this a Russian cause at the time the NATO missiles were not even deployed and Ukraine is Not a NATO member and has difficulties joining the EU even . And this will lead to partitioning Ukraine and displacing the people and sanctioning Russia only to find new markets for the israeli gas in Europe . No one wants to investigate Putin’s past to find out who Putin is, for how to invest in someone who has starved his own people by stealing the money reaped from exchanging foods in return of minerals ? The media now is demonizing Putin – they say- but this not true because no one is casting a light on his past and this recent demonization is to remain for consumption and will never reveal who Putin is . As for the alignment USA+Gulf Countries+israel it was outshined by the spectacular Iran+Russia +Turkey alignment after Turkey has been promoting its relations with israel and the gulf countries and when Russia is still coordinating with israel the raids over Syria that have multiplied lately . And they say that this is a strategic alliance between the 3 and many are buying this, keeping in mind that withholding Turkey from annexing more Syrian territories was costly on Iran and sounded like a victory while Turkey is occupying large portions of Syria still and is not carrying on the Sochi agreements . In comparison, the Riyad alignment seemed dim and this is intentional, and bin Salman who has been granted a small victory by his US sponsor seems over secured and will not deliver the full amount of required oil because simply the ceiling of productivity has been reached and cannot be transgressed . These are small insignificant victories reached on both sides . They are only a waste of time and a further blurring of the situation but everyone seems satisfied except those who really are seeking truth and looking for answers .


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Propaganda these mostly, that unfortunately the regions media pushes to indoctrinate its society


These summits are but a maneuver . the real summit is here in the south of Lebanon where 3 drones originating from the RESISTANCE overflew the israeli drilling installation near Karish gas field in a clear message that reached the enemy . The Resistance has by this set a new equation that there is no gas for anyone neither for Europe nor for anyone and not one drop will be extracted from the occupied Palestinian sea unless Lebanon starts extracting its embedded gas. This is where history is made and this is the real world summit and everything besides this is empty talk and seeks to obscure this major event . It is the Resistance that decides who gets gas and when . These summits are empty talk and are meant to overshadow the real event . and why Biden came to the region is mainly because of this event .


>the situation is complicated and what makes it more complicated is that no one is looking at facts or is giving a good reading of what is happening , and they are either linked to a certain agenda or starting from a wrong assumption . No one wants to understand the reality about the war on Ukraine and they want to see in it a righteous cause or a Russian self defense initiative while it is something totally different and is a conspiracy on Ukraine and on Russia and on the world security and stability , and will cause penury and food shortages. What we are witnessing is the next chapter after the Covid 19 conspiracy that has struck all societies and undermined them socially , financially and economically. But the tendency is to see in this a Russian cause at the time the NATO missiles were not even deployed and Ukraine is Not a NATO member and has difficulties joining the EU even .

The situation is not complicated at all.

The US started a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, in 2014, when they overthrew the Ukrainian government and started a civil war in east Ukraine, that resulted in the Crimea split-off. Shortly after that the US began to integrate parts of the Ukrainian military into NATO structures. The fascistic Azov Battalion acted as proxy force of the US as lever to exert power over the political structures in Ukraine, and it helped the CIA to get a foot in the Door of the regular Ukrainian military to push them towards unofficial NATO integration. The NATO link is undeniably confirmed by the weapons shipments from NATO countries, and the US war intelligence support of the Ukrainian military.

The fig-leaf of plausible deniability that they weren't getting official NATO membership is not a valid counterargument. Things are what they are, even if there are no stamps of officialdom, signed treaties and pictures of politicians shaking hands.

The sanctions war and the global economic chaos that it has unleashed, was the imperial hegemony and it's imperial bourgeoisie giving the people of the world the middle finger.
<Fuck your food security
<Fuck your energy security
<Fuck your hopes for prosperity
<I want to play cold war 2.0 and i don't give a fuck
It has been US foreign policy to cause famines and serious shortages for quite some time, They are doing it to Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan. They also tried to do it to Iran and Venezuela, although they were unsuccessful in those cases. Now there will be more famine in the global south. This is happening too consistently to be just a big oopsie.

Saying that Russia has no security concerns about NATO missile deployment in Ukraine, unless the missiles are already installed and it's too late to do anything about it, is just not realistic. Russia tried to get insurances from the US they wouldn't expand NATO in Ukraine, and the US categorically denied giving any insurances. That pretty much sealed the deal for a further escalation of the War the US started in 2014.


File: 1658425245914.png ( 929.63 KB , 1024x576 , ClipboardImage.png )

What is happening in Ukraine had already happened in Syria . We say this because both countries are being subject to the same scheme using the same players to a certain extent . While the world powers introduced terrorists into Syria they are introducing the fascists or what they call the fascists into Ukraine if something like this exists hoping to revive the fascist / communist confrontation when communism is being associated wrongly with Russia like fascism is wrongly associated with the Ukrainian armies .

The world powers are behind all those war belligerents, and they have invented this war in Ukraine and designed it like they have designed the war in Syria . See how many parties are involved in Syria: from NATO to various terrorist groups to gulf countries to Turkey to Russia to USA to israel. And it is one hand that is behind all those parties who all work for the master and carry on the same scheme without overlooking the complacency of the Syrian rule in all this in letting all the terrorists in and in pacifying and giving in to the terrorists and their so called sponsors like Turkey and others .

Are there many hands playing in Syria, and is there polarity between Russia and terror or between Russia and USA ? There is no such thing . Russia is also a sponsor of terror and terror still operates in Syria after more than 10 years of war. What the world powers are doing in Syria and Ukraine is ‘globalizing’ these countries and turning them into quagmires where all world powers and their proxies are present and not just one party . This is what is meant by globalization which is to turn each country into a global arena, and thus the country is no more a country nor can it remain a country in these conditions.

Globalization is not turning the whole world into one village but it is turning as many countries into as many hot spots as possible . This is what is happening in Ukraine, and this happened in Libya and Syria whereby the introduction of foreign alien elements in these great numbers to the country and society disintegrated the country where the people no more form a homogenous entity. Globalization here means disintegration and displacement of the natives and oppressing them in favor of other components alien to the society and its culture . The same scheme is designed for Ukraine where both US and Russia are repeating the Syrian scenario and opening the country to all kinds of conflicts in order to turn it into a failing country and an international arena where all parties will sort out their differences and where fascism is being reproduced .

The only response to such an act is to hold on to one’s culture ; and the real threat on such a scheme comes from the deep rooted Resistance that is fully qualified culturally speaking and otherwise to face the challenge and defeat the world powers’ purpose because it is fully aware of it and never complacent or compromising with it.

There was never a time when colonialism was limited to a country . Colonialism has always been a global endeavor where many countries and organizations like UN for example were involved and so the real polarization has always been between the peoples or natives and the world powers . This lasted until the USSR stepped in and took over pretending to speak in the name of the peoples and defending their interests and rights . Thus started the polarization between the 2 poles- the US and USSR- and the peoples were marginalized as a result. It was more a competition over hegemony rather than a struggle between two poles with opposite agendas; and direct military confrontation never took place.
Peoples continued to struggle against hegemony in all its forms and wars took place where peoples were able to make themselves heard and proved themselves on the ground.

After the USSR collapsed the world powers looked for different tribunes other than UN to continue their assaults on peoples everywhere . Nationalism was shunned and globalism spread. Any unity had to be based on economic interests like the European Union and so on . China rose as an economic power rather than a national one and Russia became associated with the world powers with different assignments like in Syria and Ukraine and other places too like Azerbaijan and Libya.

In all these places Russia fully coordinated with the world powers . It became part of regional alliances with Gulf countries and so on against Yemen and with always for main concern the security of Israel, and this is clear how the war in Ukraine is promoting israel as a gas producer that will enable it to join OPEC. Tribunes like Shanghai and BRICS and OBOR are also world powers tribunes that are economically based . The only exception was Iran whose successful Revolution made it remain rooted in its culture , Religion and National Identity , therefore it became a real threat on the world powers together with the various Resistances in Lebanon, Palestine , Yemen and Iraq .

Now there is an attempt at assimilating Iran by having it join alliances where controversial Russia has the pro and this by deepening the conflict with Russia in order to qualify it for such a role . Only the Resistance of the peoples can curb such a scheme.


File: 1658440031036.png ( 1.69 MB , 1920x1080 , ClipboardImage.png )

Whatever the leader said or expressed in the presence of Putin we don’t know and we were not there , and we doubt what has been transmitted coming from the leader and that the leader justified Putin’s behavior in Ukraine . This is the most absurd war in the history of mankind that has no purpose except destruction . Can someone tell us what is the purpose of this war ? Why people are being killed by hundreds and displaced by millions , and why the infra structure is being destroyed? What is the cause of all this? It is the war against fascism and where are the fascists? They are on both sides; or must we consider Putin’s mercenaries as communists ? Reproducing this setting and this alignment between fascists and communists is a maneuver and a big bluff . And what brought Putin to Ukraine after 8 years? Because the Ukrainian crisis had started in 2014, and we were all surprised to see Putin heading to Syria and leaving Ukraine behind and the Russian community who was subject to transgressions and violations was totally neglected . Then suddenly after 8 years a feeling of chivalry takes over Putin and we see him rushing to help the Russian community in Ukraine . The truth is that in both cases whether regarding Syria or Ukraine , Putin had received orders and abided by them . This is why he headed to Syria and why he headed to Ukraine . The KGB operator had received orders from a higher Intelligence Service .Putin’s wealth is estimated at 200 billions , his toilet seat is made of gold , what can leader Khamina’i whose sandals are old and worn out possibly tell him ? The only thing he could tell him is to continue on the road of perdition until this path ends because what else can the wise austere and faithful leader say to the KGB thug turned into a billionaire who like an earnest believer in the twelve Imams wants the blessings of the leader for this absurd war ?


Are you a bot or a real human ?
this almost reads like generated text, with the aim to place a bunch of talking points.

like these
>fascism is wrongly associated with the Ukrainian armies.
Ukraine got the fascist association because they are collaborating with the Banderites, who literally worked with Hitler and participated in the Holocaust during www2

>The only response to such an act is to hold on to one’s culture

No you can also be anti-imperialist and defend the class interests of the working class

>the USSR stepped in and took over pretending to speak in the name of the peoples and defending their interests and rights

The USSR wasn't pretending they really did defend the interests of the working class.
>Thus started the polarization between the 2 poles- the US and USSR- and the peoples were marginalized as a result. It was more a competition over hegemony rather than a struggle between two poles with opposite agendas
Historic relativism is for pseuds.
The cold war really did have an ideological conflict between communism vs capitalism, it was not just real politic between equivalent power-blocks, and the Soviet Union really broke colonialism.

>Russia fully coordinated with the world powers

Russia is not coordinating with the US, they are fighting a big proxy war in Ukraine against each other

>The only exception was Iran whose successful Revolution made it remain rooted in its culture , Religion and National Identity , therefore it became a real threat on the world powers.

The real reason why Iran is on the US's enemy list is because they nationalized their oil-production and kicked out the imperial capitalists, Iran also controls the trade-routs that go through the gulf and they are a regional power that curbs the influence of the US-Isreal-axis in the middle east. Nobody in power gives a fuck about cultural roots.

>Now there is an attempt at assimilating Iran by having it join alliances where controversial Russia has the pro and this by deepening the conflict with Russia in order to qualify it for such a role .

Iran and Russia both got sanctioned to shit, and now they are allying with each other. this is just more blow-back of aggressive imperial policy, making the world more multi-polar.
>Only the Resistance of the peoples can curb such a scheme.
This sounds like apologia for color revolution

>where are the fascists? They are on both sides
<middle ground fallacy
I'm beginning to suspect you are trying to police the range of discourse, to prevent critical support for anti-imperialism.


File: 1658445491274.png ( 1.35 MB , 1200x900 , ClipboardImage.png )

Is a fool and has fallen into a trap who thinks that one could reach an understanding with Israel regarding border lines or sea border lines or who thinks that we have to deal with a regular country or neighbor or that Israel will respect any right and recognize our shares in the embedded oil and gas . When they have not respected the rights of Palestinians and have not honored any agreement with Palestinians why would they honor any agreement with Lebanon? The companies that are on contract to extract the gas from the sea are being reluctant and refusing to carry on the terms of their contracts with Lebanon .
Is a fool who thinks that negotiations with the usurping state will lead, or that Lebanon will be allowed to extract its share of gas after the border lines have been drawn and the blocks determined if such a thing ever happens. We say this because the intention of the enemy is to encircle Lebanon and impoverish Lebanon and kill its economy and tighten the siege on the Lebanese by confiscating their bank assets. And this policy has been followed towards Syria as well . Blowing up the Beirut port was for this purpose, and now targeting the Damascus airport that is out of function after the Israeli raid targeted it and harmed its infrastructure . This is a strike to the economy of both countries that are to be replaced by the usurping state as economic centers.
This is all according to a defined plan that seeks to force normalization with the enemy on Lebanon and Syria . Observers speak about an operating room that groups US , Russia , KSA, the Emirates and the usurping state whose goal is to push for normalization and undermine the countries that resist it . This encirclement of Arab countries including Iraq and the encirclement of Iran is not the work of USA or of Israel . It is the goal of the whole world powers not of Israel and US alone . The usurping state is a world endeavor that involves all the countries that recognize Israel with no exception, at their head the UN. When we say the world powers, we mean China as well and Russia, and all support Israel . What should be done in this case is what the Resistance expresses in saying that there is no digging for gas for the enemy before Lebanon defines its sea borders, and this is final says the Resistance.
All what is happening regionally is related to this endeavor whether the war on Ukraine or the normalization with Gulf countries or the Israeli and Turkish escalation in Syria to which Russia is turning a blind eye . Why Russia has been pushed to wage this war on Ukraine is because the world powers want to create markets for the Israeli gas that is Palestinian gas which the Israelis have stolen, and this because -observers say-the US has difficulties in continuing to support the usurping state that has to grow somehow independent and that is still relying on the billions of dollars sent to it by its US sponsor and without which it cannot survive .
The Israeli gas will replace the Russian gas, and this is the deal with the US according to which Russia will annex parts of Ukraine after annexing Crimea against allowing Israel to replace it in the gas markets . The Russians have accepted the deal and invaded Ukraine, and Israel is starting to extract the gas by stealing the gas from the Lebanese gas fields and infringing on the Lebanese rights hoping to supply Europe with stolen gas and get the needed money . The ways of the predator world order are many and since Israel has been created the whole concern of its creators is to keep it alive and to cater to it no matter what and the latest is to have it confiscate Palestinian and Lebanese gas and sell it to Europe .
Previously , in the 16th century when Northern America was colonized by the Anglo Saxon settlers , the usurpers asked the Natives to sell them the land, and the Natives answered that they did not own the land to be able to sell it to them . The colonizers then decided to sell them the land and to give them property rights and then to buy the land from them , and this is how the colonizers were able to appropriate large portions of land and to expel the Natives and chase them out of their environment . The Natives who belong to a totally different culture that is positive and peaceful did not know what was happening to them and did not understand how they were evicted from their land . They were cheated by the predator colonizer. Certainly, we are in a better condition than the Natives, and we know with whom we are dealing, and this is because the predators ways are familiar to us and the predator is not across the oceans totally unknown and alien but is within reach and accessible , and his ways are familiar and known to a certain extent . What happened to the Natives in the New World who were almost totally exterminated will not be repeated by God’s grace .


File: 1658447269740.jpg ( 47.06 KB , 997x622 , Beirut exploding ammonium ….jpg )

You take a part that sounds like it could potentially be true. Like the fertilizer depot in Beirut that blew up, that could have been an Israeli plot to weaken Lebanon. The way all the fertilizer somehow got stuck in trade-limbo always was very suspicious. But then you somehow make this all a general conspiracy of unified world powers.

Russia and the US are at odds with each other, they are not coordinating conspiracies together.
The US is the imperial hegemon and Russia a power that goes against US dictates.

make sure to look at the picture


This is some schizo shit.


According to Seymour Hersh , USA took in charge Russia’s nuclear arsenal and renewed Russia’s nuclear heads and Russia’ in return supplied USA in Afghanistan

>“One​ of the constants in US affairs since the fall of the Soviet Union has been a military-to-military relationship with Russia. After 1991 the US spent billions of dollars to help Russia secure its nuclear weapons complex, including a highly secret joint operation to remove weapons-grade uranium from unsecured storage depots in Kazakhstan. Joint programmes to monitor the security of weapons-grade materials continued for the next two decades. During the American war on Afghanistan, Russia provided overflight rights for US cargo carriers and tankers, as well as access for the flow of weapons, ammunition, food and water the US war machine needed daily. Russia’s military provided intelligence on Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts and helped the US negotiate rights to use an airbase in Kyrgyzstan. The Joint Chiefs have been in communication with their Russian counterparts throughout the Syrian war, and the ties between the two militaries start at the top.”


For those who think Putin to be a free lancer and came to Syria on his own, read what Seymour Hersh writes :
>” It was this history of co-operation that made it seem possible in 2013 that Damascus would agree to the new indirect intelligence-sharing arrangement with the US. The Joint Chiefs let it be known that in return the US would require four things: Assad must restrain Hizbullah from attacking Israel; he must renew the stalled negotiations with Israel to reach a settlement on the Golan Heights; he must agree to accept Russian and other outside military advisers; and he must commit to holding open elections after the war with a wide range of factions included”

The least to say that neither in Syria nor in Ukraine Putin has a say . The US has the say and Putin executes


File: 1658459207561.png ( 866.56 KB , 1024x595 , ClipboardImage.png )

This article from al Akhbar said that the israelis informed the Russians about targeting the airport of Damascus with the intention to drive the airport out of function . In 2018 -the article says -the Russians had guaranteed the safety of the airport provided the Syrians ask the Iranian high officers to leave the place and relocate to the T4 airport in Homs which the Iranians did. But few months later the israelis targeted the airport of Damascus under the pretext that it is being used to deliver Iranian weapons to Syria and Lebanon and they justified their attacks without delivering any proof which made the Syrian officers upset about it . Since then the Russians have grown more tolerant about the israeli raids and have not kept their word to protect the airport and the capital and have allowed israel to exceed its limits without sanctioning it saying that it will not interfere in favor against israel as it will not interfere against Iran as if Iran was attacking Syria . The article adds that Syrian ground defenses have been damaged and the Russians did not respond when asked to supply the air defenses that were damaged due to the israeli raids .
>Syria and its allies: the decision to confront each other is closer
<Russian complacency in the interests of Damascus


File: 1659554546101.png ( 99.87 KB , 297x169 , ClipboardImage.png )

We are victims of a certain false narrative and this narrative is the one prevailing and is enforced on us and has for purpose to lead us astray . The world powers are ruling through this narrative that is also a total aberrance . Thus we are expected to take sides in the war on Ukraine and to worry about the changes happening in the world thinking that they are in our favor and thus we wonder where to invest whether in China or Russia or in both. This while we are being encircled and ripped off and threatened in our livelihood and unable to exploit our resources and deprived of everything one can think of and ruled by the world order vassals . This while the world power circus is going on and the latest but not the last is the show about Nancy Pelosi going to Taiwan . Such a dramatic development that will change the face of the world . Pelosi who is one of the biggest shareholders in the weapon industry is visiting Taiwan, and China feels threatened and we should also feel thus and all are holding their breath as if war is going to start and Palestine is on the verge of being liberated . Before that we had to attend the phony phone call between Biden and Xi Jin Ping and where both were putting a show playing roles that were assigned to them so that we get thrilled and start panicking and seeking shelter from nuclear bombs . The whole thing looked like a cheap series, and the only figurant missing was Chinese puppet Kim Jong- Un and his nuclear devices to add some pep to the story. Together with this circus show we were informed about the liquidation of Ayman al Zawahiri by Mister Biden and who was already dead on the international scene and rendered inactive .It is like a dead man killing another dead man . A cheap victim like all victims nurtured by the predator among them Saddam and Kaddafi and then slaughtered when his time was up and when his death became more rewarding than his life . This happened with Bin Laden before, and now the US citizens are expected to give up the JASTA law and to consider that they have been compensated by the death of the already mummified terrorist. After that bin Salman can rule freely . Who orders or kills is not Biden nor bin Salman . They are all figurants in play where people might die for real, and Putin has been assigned the role of pole to the evil world order and it is the evil world order that has assigned him this role. This is the joke, and no one intends to look into his dubious past and how he starved his own people but they will demonize him so that we say he is being demonized but they will never tell the truth about him, the naked truth, and his demonization is another promotion. We have fallen in the hands of people for whom there is no God and no truth and no good, and they are running their circus in the four quarters, and they want to draw the whole attention and want to be the masters of the scene . We should not accept to be treated as fools . Let them run their show and continue to plot and conspire . Let us not be part to it or cater to it .Let us hold on to our own reality and shut them off completely or almost completely . They are the masters of cheat and deceit


The world powers are maneuvering and not sincere . China has become a tiger made of paper no one is taking seriously the Chinese military maneuvers while 3 unarmed drones overflying Karish have made israel stand on one foot and the world powers have mobilized


File: 1659988882068.png ( 2.92 MB , 2300x1443 , ClipboardImage.png )

It is a one world order that we have to deal with, or rather say disorder, and this order is set against the peoples themselves, any peoples, and has for purpose to submit peoples and defeat them. This is in short the conglomeration of world powers and their strategy . Their strategy is not against this or that state or this or that country, their strategy is against the people themselves and including their own people whom they subdue in various ways by confiscating their will and by manipulating them and granting them a fake freedom in which they have no say and through which they do the world powers bidding while thinking that they are acting freely .
Why we say this is because of the weapons that these countries are developing stealthily. and the kind of arms they keep in their arsenals which are weapons that target peoples and do harm to people, and all the world powers develop these weapons that cause great damage to peoples whether Europe or US or China or Russia, and they are all part of the world powers . Remember Hiroshima and Nagazaki . Who was targeted in these atomic bombs ? it is the people themselves and they are the ones who suffered and are still suffering . And beside the Japanese we have the Palestinians and the Vietnamese and the Iraqis and the Syrians and the Libyans and the Yemenis and the Lebanese and the Iranians and the Ukrainians and others, not to forget the Native Nations in the New world and the Irish people that were among the first victims . The kind of weapons these countries harbor explains the nature of the target which is none other than the people whom they seek to exterminate. .
Take a country like China- for example- that develops biological weapons and does biological researches that are funded by the USA after the USA has closed its biological labs at home due to the Anthrax threat and scandal , and has assigned China and other countries the continuation of the researches concerning biological weapons. This is how China resumed these researches in its labs in Wuhan from where Covid 19 originated, and we never learned how this pandemic spread , and we had to be satisfied with the bat and rat version, and all the scientists who raised specific questions were silenced . All this while the biological labs in Ukraine are being denounced nowadays by Russia after decades of complacency, and no one speaks about the Wuhan biological researches funded by US to develop biological weapons . This shows that China is a real partner in the world order scheme with the same strategic purposes despite the claims that it is a pole and independent, a misinformation that is occupying all the headlines . Not to forget israel , the world order off-spring and how it is being nurtured by its European colonialist sponsors and by its US surrogate mother, and was provided with nuclear weapons that count around 200 nuclear heads and more. This usurping state is the real strategic purpose of the world powers that consists in the genocide of the Natives and their replacement by hordes of settlers . It is an experimentation that the world powers want to pursue and generalize , and they are doing everything in order to make it last and survive but without really succeeding in this . And for this purpose they have created terror and its affiliates. And all are sharing in this endeavor including Russia whose affinities with the usurping state cannot remain hidden but that poses as the world savior . These countries like China, Russia and others are not set against one another, They are all set against the peoples , and have developed the proper weapons that serve this purpose . Never will there be polarity between US and Russia or US and China, but the polarity is always between these world powers who form one front and the peoples whom they want to exterminate and who form another front .
It is Iran among states that forms an exception in its refusal to develop nuclear weapons even though it has the capacity . But for Iran these weapons are harmful and evil and illicit and they should be banned and forbidden . This moral stand puts Iran on the side of the peoples and allows it to develop nuclear power only for peaceful purposes . This is the stand of the pole of the people


Who defends the people are the Resistances in Lebanon, in Palestine, in Iraq and in Yemen, and they have acquired the right weapons and have taken to arms pressured by the situation and the immanent threat on their very existence . Their war is a defensive war and their weapons are defensive weapons .


israel's issue nowadays is the fuel issue >>455681 >>455676 and the extraction of the natural gas from Karish and the Lebanese Resistance threats that there is no fuel for anyone unless Lebanon starts extracting. And israel has its hands tied . Neither could it answer the Resistance conditions nor could it ignore them . One way out of this dilemma is to open a new front which israel did by declaring war on the closest faction to Iran and the Resistance which is al Jihad al Islami . A Palestinian failure here would have been in favor of israel . But al Jihad held the ground and the israelis failed .


The world powers produce harmful weapons and then sell them to indigenous countries. Iran is the only strong country that does not sell arms.

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