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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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>Trump's Home has been raided by the Fed's and the Right is on suicide watch.
Where were you when Civil War II Electric Boogaloo was canceled?


Never the right are a bunch of pussies.


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Based. The measure of progress in America is how much the fascistic right seethes about something


This dark Biden meme make some crack up


Nothing will happen.


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Trump is a white collar crime boss. It's going to be as big as Watergate.


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Trump is going full victim and grifter mode, retarded Americans eat this shit up. The Trump brand is bi-polar switching from being the victim to being an agressive asshole bully.


I'm sure Trump could announce his candidacy and all the investigations will go nowhere until after the election, the FBI raid will help him. I'm indifferent to this US political shit anyway, whoever wins will just be another figurehead for a totalitarian system.


What if Trump made this a honeypot for the feds to raid and find nothing of value, just to get sympathy points kek


I'm so fucking upset I didn't grow up with amogas


Apparently he's been holding on the the fil s for a whil nowm according to the main stream fags the documents are highly classified to the point of not even being actually documented they are basically in a hidden partition in the Treasury.


No way, they raided his home. There's too many people involved now for him to control the outcome.
Even if only 1% of his dirt is leaked it'll be a huge scandal.


FBI delivers subpoenas to several Pa. Republican lawmakers: sources say


File: 1660182555463.jpg ( 289.13 KB , 1080x846 , MarchAgainstNazis-gdf.jpg )



I just hope he blabs about what's in the documents when he goes to jail


It's amazing how Trump has been able to fuck with the bourgeois dictatorship of America.


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LOL "If you're mad as hell give us money already little piggies!!!!" It's so sad people actually fall for this shit.


>A man armed with an AR-15 style weapon and nail gun fired nails in the FBI building in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Thursday before fleeing on an interstate. The suspect was apprehended after exchanging gunfire with law enforcement.


if trump is jailed the republican party will just replace him with 3 more fascist strongmen


I think personally we'll enter into a new "neo-con" esk era. Trump was just a tool of evangelical christians to get their legislation passed and further their own agenda. The real people you need to worry about are people like Mike Pence.


Cope, there's no one even close to Trump in terms of popularity. Which is why the GOP cowers to him.
Mike Pence couldn't get elected Prez if his life depended on it. If Trump is jailed, 80% of the GOP's base melts away.


I dunno man evangelicals love him more than Trump and Trump's support base is the minority at this point.


Trumps support base is 60 year old boomers who like him because he uses rhetoric that is more openly xenophobic than mainstream social conservatives. The fact that he barely lost in 2020 despite the pandemic shows how valuable that market efficiency is for him. White collar crime is easy to get away with if you have enough good lawyers. I think, barring a literal skeleton in his closet, he will not only get off these investigations scot-free, but also win the 2024 Elephant party nomination and quite possibly win the general.


Why did the GOP go full schizo on Trump back in 2016? Why don't they support Mitt Romney the good Christian small-government conservative family values country boy anymore?


The republicans were already going that route Trump just unleashed it a decade before hand.


Unironically, it's because he's not racist enough. Also Mitt Romney is viewed as an orthodox elite, and that does him no favors in a political climate where people are generally dissatisfied with the establishment


Police: Man killed himself after ramming US Capitol barrier
>WASHINGTON (AP) — A man drove his car into a barricade near the U.S. Capitol early Sunday and then began firing gunshots in the air before fatally shooting himself, police said.


Didn't this happen under the Floyd riots too.

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