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After headlines poured in about the 'far right' victory in Italy, I decided to do some digging.

Given that the media lies so much, I decided I shouldn't trust the 'far right' label thrown around by the walking SSRI addicted biomass globs known as journalists. Instead, I decided to try and figure what the Brothers of Italy's policies are. Here's where they stand on various issues according to:


I've judged each stance as based or cringe based on my own subjective opinion. Feel free to do the same yourself.

(These are all described by the aforementioned website as being the positions of the party's support base. It's very hard to find any media outlet to cite the party's platform on many issue. they're more concerned with repeating buzzwords like 'far right' ad nauseam while patting themselves on the backs for being 'serious journalists.')

Require employers to pay men and women the same for the same job - support (based)

Increasing environmental regulations to cut CO2 emissions - support (based)

State endorsed euthanasia - oppose (based)

Same sex marriage - oppose (don't care)

Adoption for gay couples - oppose (based)

Should Italy quit the EU - oppose (cringe but no real other option)

Death penalty - support (based)

Govt allowed to monitor electronic communication - oppose (based)

Tax incentives to keep businesses afloat - support (based, what do you think a SEZ in China is)

Require businesses to have female board members - oppose (based/who cares)

Raise minimum wage - support (based)

Gender reassignment surgeries for minors - opposed (based)

Quotas to limit the number of foreign migrants in the EU - support (based)

More privatization of healthcare - oppose (based)

Compulsory military service - support (kinda based tbh)

United States of Europe - oppose (based)

Term limits for MPs - support (based)

Ban disposable non biodegradable materials - support (based)

Instigate a war with Russia over Ukraine - oppose (literally don't care/lean based)

Vaccine passports - support (mega cringe)

While hardly ideal, this party seems leagues ahead of cadaver-looking eurofag bureaucrats who represent global oligarchal interests while waving a rainbow flag.

There you have it - the super scary 'neo facsists' that mediafags keep warning you about.

>Inb4: seething from people who equate 'left' with having a hormone imbalance

A strong, united working class is a prerequisite for further drives toward socialism. None of the policies
of Brothers of Italy are to the right of the Chinese Communist Party.


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>>458035 (OP)
>None of the policies of Brothers of Italy are to the right of the Chinese Communist Party.
Nooooo but muh heckin' gayerinos duuuude!

Seriously though, how the fuck are liberals even slightly surprised by this result. Flood an already economically struggling nation with unskilled migrants from fucking Africa of all places and the natives vote for a fashy party? Shocking!
Good for Italy though, hopefully this was will make Italexit a real possibility in the near future.


File: 1664198326873.jpg (97.71 KB, 1024x650, 1664175930190403m.jpg)

Is she /ourgirl/


Besides the fact that she's an adult woman, something tells me Vaush isn't a fan


I don't really understand why people are comparing her to Mussolini on the BBC lol


Yeah, I feel like these journos skipped the whole march on Rome part of Mussolini's rise to power…


>Omg, i heard a thing


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Um, based department is calling


File: 1664255718030.jpg (88.81 KB, 1024x865, 1664229848415809m.jpg)

>Oh no, eurobros. She's naming the [checks notes] financial speculators.


Because according to liberals, social democracy + social conservatism = fascism.
There's a kernel of truth there of course.

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