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In my estimation, western imperialism in an advanced stage of internal decay. It will soon collapse entirely. However, without an actual liberatory alternative, this won't be a good thing.


I would much rather see the imperial nations collapse than ever bear witness to a failed revolution. Where one event brings with it chaos, the other is well known to end in fascism. I wonder how many potential revolutionaries will be reluctant to seize any opportunity as a result.


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Total and complete civilization ruin, a collapse to a state of daily interpersonal warfare, in which billions die, and with it a material dark age characterized by warlordism, is better that fascism.

Either highly cringe or extremely based


Fascism evolves into the former anyways. The only difference is that the pure chaos of collapse harbors the opportunity to fill in the power vacuum with something new.


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Singapore did aight


>Everything I don't like is fascism


>emphasizing problem solving over rote memory
That explains it, those students were totally unprepared to actually think for themselves. No wonder they chimped out lol.


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>communism is when you demand that critics of 'gender affirming care' for children get gulaged


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The imperial bourgeoisie gains super-profits from the periphery.
They use that to pay for political control mechanisms in the core.
You can't actually have a liberatory struggle within the core of the empire until the imperial bourgeoisie looses enough super-profits that they can't afford their tight grip on power.

>collapse to stave off fascism,
i'm not sure that's how it will play out.
>Total and complete civilization ruin, a collapse to a state of daily interpersonal warfare, in which billions die, and with it a material dark age characterized by warlordism, is better that fascism.
don't kid your self fascism is civilization ruin too.


If Third Worldism was true, a) there would be much larger and more prolific revolutionary movements in the periphery, and b) there would be much more clear cut pro imperialist policies advanced by the west.

I'd propose Anti-Maoism - First Worldism:

Here's a few thesis:

A) Third World movements won't gain any ground unless the First World classes are massively divided. This was effectively the case with every revolution in the periphery.

B) Even in the case of the revolution in the Third World, it won't amount to much, except in cases where large cohesion territories are liberated, owing to the under developed means of production.

C) Communism is a dopey utopian fantasy that even communists in power aren't seriously pursuing. Right wing, nationalist, uniparty quasi-fascist social democracy (basically what you have in today's 'actually existing socialist countries) is pretty based and a worthy goal.

D) Maoism is incredibly cringe. 'Muh we're just going to keep have civil wars every few decades until our utopia somehow comes to fruition.'


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Cut back on the mtn dew. All those Doritos.


Kek this has to be a troll post because healthy food doesn't get you half as far. I should know


If money is that tight and health doesn't matter just eat noodles every day or some shit. If you're buying a bunch of soda you shouldn't complain much. Just eat ramen noodles or some shit all day.


Fatass Americans will go bankrupt and starve because they want a bunch of soda and chips. I know your education is shit but do some basic budgeting, no soda drink water.


Life is about more than just eating fucking roman noodles though, frien, lol. I shouldn't have to eat noodles every day to survive, I should be able to enjoy life. If it wasn't for the fact I am so skilled with technology i'd probably be staring at my ceiling for majority of the day.


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File: 1665470700865-1.jpg (244.68 KB, 1080x713, IMG_20221011_132323.jpg)

File: 1665470700865-2.jpg (92.68 KB, 1080x435, IMG_20221011_132345.jpg)

The results of a generation of social justice grifting in local politics.

It should be noted that a high level of general education is a leading indicator of societal success. Those societies which have a highly educated general population tend to out perform and out compete those societies which don't over the long term. Meanwhile, Chinese 3rd graders are playing with robots.

This can only lead us to the inevitable conclusion that Amerikwa is a failed society


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File: 1666090740512.png (253.55 KB, 611x686, 1666068120348281.png)

Oh, your won't buy your 12 year old daughter a dildo. What are you, a bigot!?


Don't you have to be 18 to purchase sex toys?


File: 1666092571945.png (54.16 KB, 200x202, 1633891084873.png)



That's why the article says parents should buy them.


Yeah but morally I know it's not equivalent but legally I mean could they get in trouble for that?


Legally it's kind of like buy smokes for minors.*


The point is not "we must allow collapse in order to stave off fascism". The point is that revolutionaries must not allow failure to be an option, in lieu of the consequences.


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'ok, you've had your fun. Now get back to the Nike factory.'


File: 1666259839009.jpg (39.96 KB, 510x540, IMG_20221020_164853_551.jpg)



Why let transhumanists live in your head rent free anon? Who gives a shit?


Why is the state department funding it though.

Let me guess, it doesn't matter…


It really doesn't. Why does it matter is the real question? You're presupposing your conclusion which is why you flipped the burden of proof on me. I'm not trying to be a cunt, i'm legitimately curious.


You're right. It's just funny and kinda absurd


I'll give you that. It is pretty absurd, lol.


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Loosing weight is now 'fat erasure.'

Is there any hope for Burgers?


This is the churn of the attention economy.


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Imperialism collapsed in 1945. Too bad it wasn't really the last stage.


Based and managerial pilled


The U.S. Army has fallen below its recruiting goals every year for decades. A big reason for that is that the Air Force and Navy recruiters are right across the hall from the Army and Marines recruiters. It turns out that not getting shot at is a huge selling point for prespective servicemen. Who would have thought? Seriously, if kids wanted to get shot at, have their bodies broken, and suffer from PTSD for the rest of their lives, they could just stay in the hood.

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