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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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in a stunning turn of events lula has returned from his stent in jail and won the election. What's your thoughts chads? I think Bolsanaro is going to go the same route trump did except we could potentially see an actual coup because, you know, it's fucking Brazil


At any rate, cheers to the Brazil fags.


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In terms of political consequences, Bolsonaro is not comparable to Trump.


is that actually bolsonaro and lula?


bolsanario is probably worse than trump. but they very much are similar. Bolsanario framed his whole campaign after the trump campaign. He's even already starting to claim the election was a fraud.


>The WEF won brazil


Great. Now that virtually all of Latin America is under super duper based 'left' wing governments, perhaps immigrants will quit pouring into the US in groups of hundreds.


We have to solve the war on drugs before this can be realized.


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Team Brandon can't stop winning. Sorry chuds, you can't subvert our democracy


File: 1667203568491.jpg (34.78 KB, 600x449, 3adb0535aebf74e897b4bc74f8….jpg)

Jobe Iden is gonna win even harder this time. Just give up. At this rate the GOP in 2024 is gonna rename their party to BAC (Blacks, Arabs, and Cubans)


The multiracial conservative coalition vs pedophile hwites, fatties, and the anxiety disorder crowd


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Trump was a political outsider who was elected against a hardline liberal imperialist. Bolsonaro is a political insider with a career spanning over three decades. They may appear the same on the surface, but in terms of political consequences, they are radically different.
In other words, if I were a vooter I'd choose Lula over Bolsonaro, but I would also choose Trump over Hillary.


>support Ukrainian Nazis cause Russia is against them
>support Bolsonaro cause Biden is against him
>why yes, I am a leftyCHAD, how could you tell?


The GOP can barely win an election with out cheating


File: 1667302035577.jpg (18.68 KB, 600x750, 9k=(45).jpg)

True. Dems would never cheat.

I'm using that fb post screenshot because the original has been scrubbed from Google search results. Any combination of keywords: 2020, election, vote spike, michigan, wisconsin, etc. only yields links to fact checkers and articles in lib media on why it doesn't show fraud.

Google can't even be neutral in this, but is batting for dems.


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Liberal corporatism.


What's it like to echo Hillary Clinton?

Like, when you talk, do you use the same shrill voice?


I know counting is hard but please your mom needs you out of her basement as soon as possible.


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Nice digits, but, just because some one you don't like says something doesn't make it untrue. Try using your head for once.


You're with her. We get it

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