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I've made a quick sum-up of the political notes that I've collected over the last couple of months, for critique and building upon by other comrades. Feedback is highly appreciated, as while I feel I did pretty well at addressing most liberal centrist arguments, there were some I just didn't have great answers for.


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### September 23, 2022

I had a rather enjoyable discussion with an comrade in which we discussed the place
of a strong Communist party in a time when most if not all of the younger generation
hold some anti-capitalist sentiment. Among their most interesting points, I save the following quotes:
(I will refer to this comrade as L)

> Me: Along with that, this also involves austerity on subjugated nations, such as how the US forced Puerto Rico to privatize its utilities recently after they started to suffer from mass debt. 
> Me: I once posted an article discussing this, but that's just a sidenote for now.
> L: that's another very relevant point whenever comparing capitalists to other nations
> L: a lot of the worst actions of the capitalists occurs outside of their own nations, as they exploit other nations to accumulate power
> L: unlike the communists, who solidify power by removing opposition, or the fascists, who gain it by absorbing other groups (countries, companies, etc)

> L: on the one hand, corporations are a bigger threat than the right (at least IMO, they can do much more if we don't answer them), but we can't let an attack on them give the right power

> (In reference to TheEconomist quoting Lenin's former critique of them)...it was smart, as it increases their relevance among capitalist circles, while those who would critique them can't really be swayed any further

Note that these quotes are not in chronological order, so they do not follow the argument exactly.

### September 28, 2022

Something that I find interesting to keep in mind is that the gap between skilled and unskilled labor gets
**smaller** as the countries becomes more economically developed, not greater, and as such Lenin's concept of
the labor aristocracy has flaws. This does not change the fact that the proletariat in these first world 
countries can and will start to become class conscious if their way of life is threatened, as has been seen
after the great recession and quite recently with a surge of union activity that hasn't been seen in decades.

### October 5, 2022
To be a Puerto Rican is one of the most soul-crushing experiences in the US' jurisdiction. A [poverty rate of 40.5%](https://archive.ph/p2n7O)
as of 2021, more than double that of the poorest US states. An economy largely based on a tourism industry not owned
by the locals but by mainlander whites and the diaspora. A government so laden with debt(and a people not politically
conscious enough to notice the government imperialism happening under their noses) that just last year, it was forced
to privatize its own energy board by Washington, a one-of-the-kind tragedy in the United States. The aid provided for
our island's natural disasters is beyond comical. FEMA once contracted an Atlanta-based company(of just one person) 
to deliver over *50 million* meals to sufferers of the Hurricane Maria crisis. How many did they manage to deliver for
this $156M dollar deal? [50,000.](https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/06/us/fema-contract-puerto-rico.html)

And now with the crisis of both Ian and Fiona in a matter of months, the island was reminded just how badly their 
government provided no hope. From a corrupt public utility system to a disappointing austerity.

This is only the tip of Caribbean suffering. The US still holds out McCarthy-era sanctions against Cuba so barbaric that it 
faces universal panning by the United Nations(save its apartheid-loving brother-in-arms Israel); the Dominican Republic had
its first democratically elected leader after the murder of Trujillo(who had US support; fitting that his island sheltered
Batista during the Cuban Revolution) taken down in a US coup—his crime? "...frightening the business and propertied classes."
(Roorda, Derby, González, *The Dominican Republic Reader*, page 339) 

What were the blacked out Puerto Rican flags for? What were the talks of Latino(or if we are to use the corporate-preferred
term, unpopular even among gender-queer latinos, "latinx") pride for in this country if we are to be neglected so openly?
This is proof of the limit of bourgeois identity politics; a culture of acceptance masking an economy of neglect and disdain.

While this is disgusting, it is also motivating. We, the youth, have been given a time and place by our family's struggles to
both be educated on the issues, and connected enough to act on them. We can be the culmination of the suffering that has been
placed upon our families(especially those that were not lucky enough to escape to the mainland in hope of a better life, those
who face the most struggle now with the hurricanes) in a positive way; using it to organize labor, and with that develop a proper
resistance against capitalism. This is not only the job of those of our families still in the islands, but ours as well. 
For all those among you with parents or grandparents who came undocumented, for all of you whose family members got into 
a marriage to escape the poverty at home in their neocolonial countries, even for you, the middle-ish awkward child reading this,
whose parents only made it out the hood because your father got a union job—it is your time to fight. I will not lie to you. This is
an uphill battle, but it is yours to fight. No liberal politician or social media slogan can fight it for you. And while organizing your
workplace or school may seem small now, when the time comes, it is politically conscious workers' that will form the backbone of our
revolutionary movement.
### October 22, 2022

"Kaganovich replied to Stalin 'the attitudes that there is no need to export, formed on the basis of certain difficulties in the past couple
of months.' (obviously a reference to the food shortages). While observing that these attitudes 'must be refuted', he also aded 'I think that
the figure of Vneshtorg [the People's Commissariat of Foreign Trade] must be reduced somewhat. Stalin agreed; he replied to Kaganovich, 'I propose
*substantially* Rozengol'ts' plan (for the third quarter).' Politburo postponed a decision on two occasions. On July 16, with the July-September 
already under way, it approved export of 1 million tons during the quarter, 800,000 tons less than the proposal of the People's Commissariat for
Foriegn Trade."
- Years of Hunger, page 142.

This passage. This fucking passage right here. This passage shows that **not only** did Stalin actively take measures to lessen the impact of the 
Ukrainian famines once he was informed of them happening, but that the measures were **stopped against his wishes by the fucking Politburo**
(so much for 'total control, huh?'). My AP Euro teacher actively fucking lied to our faces and told us that the Holodomor was not only intentional,
but a *genocide*, something that even liberal historians would tell you are *both bullshit*. That was the point I was settled in that almost all
of the US education system's standard history courses are pure propoganda. This very book goes into further detail on why he's wrong(Actual flaws 
of collectivization being poor management of livestock, insufficient inventory systems(due to a still largely illiterate peasantry) and poor 
communications due to lack of infrastructure, etc.), easily showing the disorder of my high school education, and the Western narrative on Soviet
times in general.

'The Politburo resolution of July 7 stipulated that in July-September 1932,
consumer goods valued at 690 million rubles should be supplied to the countryside, compared
with 335 million rubles in the same months of 1931.'
- ibid. Page 144

### October 24, 2022
Unfortunately I'm sick today, so no detailed thoughts, but I came up a propoganda idea on the bus.

How about a poster of a liberal politician using fascism as a rifle(that's the most difficult part to visualize)
aiming at a communist's head, meanwhile a woman, queer person(to be drawn with *extreme sensitivity*: I don't want to
be mistaken for a right winger), and black and brown people are in the trajectory of the shot. The tagline?

Or better idea, a liberal paying a fascist to snipe them.
### October 26, 2022

Analysis of the current Wi-Fi situation:

	* Reactionary: Student Wi-Fi is unnecessary; we can just use the student laptops for all our in-class needs
	* Intermediate: The Student Wi-Fi was taken away as a result of overzealous teacher struggle; our best hope(and a slim one) is the media.
	* Advanced: The Student Wi-Fi was taken by a clique of teachers, able to thrive in a weak teacher's union that could only get slim demands. 

What mass work can be done from these three positions?
### November 12, 2022

To claim to care about "Freedom and Democracy" as an ideal, to claim to be "anti-authoritarian," to wax about "self-determination" while supporting an
ideology and way of life that always has and only can be supported through the explicit and implicit murder, disinformation campaigns, and military coups
of the CIA's forces shows that you actually believe in nothing. Private property has stopped being the means to an end for you and only the end in itself,
and you'll say whatever you need to to justify it. If socialist countries vastly improve quality of life for their citizens, innovate endlessly for their
people, you'll decry "authoritarian" ways of government and wax whatever nitpick you can about the country's economy; scale of the country and sanctions 
be damned. If you need to defend a right-wing dictator, you'll say that their rule was necessary to fight "Communist subversion." Private property can be
defended by any means, even the evils that you claim the disappearance of it would incur. The media will be bribed(and failing that, again assassinated) as
much as needed to make the people believe that this is true. You are Capital's NPC, and that's why you want me to believe that I am one. 

Military juntas and human rights can only co-exist in societies that are friendly to Capital in your view, and you pay this connection no mind. The Friedman
tenet of "economic freedom" to measure states is like saying an aristocratic state is free because of the freedom it offers the nobility. 
In fact, this is exactly what we face. 

"What do you mean that the state is stacked? If the lords were truly as incompetent as you say, some other royal would have destroyed them and taken their place.
Do you understand economics?"

If you wish to understand why I talk about you, NBC News liberal, and you, Meal Team Six Conservative, with such disdain, than all you need to do is re-read the above.
### November 14, 2022
On the revisionist and liberal side of politics, the call for community defense has been criticized on three fronts. We will tackle the easiest ones first, and leave the more
difficult one for last. 

The first critique that you can hear among the liberals is the fear of death. They like to spread the idea that we could "surely never win in an armed rebellion." Firstly, I
find it hard to take this seriously considering how much hysteria you through almost two years ago shortly after the January 6th insurrection. You surely seemed to believe
they could win. You saw with your own eyes whose side the police took when letting them in with no struggle into the Capitol building. The constant fear of anti-democratic
tendencies has graced mainstream news ever since that day. And yet once the common black and brown person strikes up the idea of taking arms, you claim that we are helpless?
Secondly, black and brown people are already at war. We are at war with a police force that can confiscate our property without warrant and violate us without consequence,
rarely getting penalized for their actions moreso than a short suspension and resume to duty a couple years later. We are at war with the right-wing militias such as the
Proud Boys and Patriot Front that have continued to infiltrate said police force along with [training their special forces.](https://archive.ph/PjCVD) If you think that the war is
unwinnable now, you're really not going to like it when they have full or even substantial control of the law enforcement and military.

The second point is the question of whether we are past the point of revolution. We no longer live in the world where 90% of the police force can't be trusted, they
jest. What makes you think you must fend for your life? Well, let us address the idea of the "good cop." If these cops where so "good", they would bring their fellow officers
to justice to the best of their ability. Their whole job is to bring people to justice, so why not snitch? However, any cop that does this is miraculously soon fired or placed
on more restrictive duty. Strange. You think the force would like to bring their best on the field. So, the "good cop"(i.e the relatively passive cop) is not good, but compli-
cit in the system controlled by the rapists, racists, thieves and murderers. If they truly were a good cop, they would not be allowed to be a cop anymore. Their intentions do
not matter when they are all too willing to submit to the boss that wants the behavior to continue. Even wearing the boot does not save you from being a bootlicker.

The last argument is what I believe to be the best one, and one that I do not have an answer for. The person that greatly inspired this entry asked me what would prevent
the community defense team from degenerating over time, from following the destiny of the black street gangs. I am far too ignorant to answer this problem on my own, and to
do so is better suited for future comrades.


Literally anything that sparks an actual discussion is better content than an OP that amounts to "here, download my file, bye".

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