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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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European countries attacked by the Soviet Union. This is why NATO is expanding tsnkies. You think your former wards forgot?


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I don't really see how you could call yourself a socialist and support the expansion of NATO. Regardless of what you think of the Soviet Union.
Also, the history of these conflicts should be judged individually on their own merit to come to a clear conclusion not all lumped together to support your propaganda.




Looks like a skill issue to me.


>The imperialists and domestic reactionaries will certainly not take their defeat lying down and they will struggle to the last ditch. After there is peace and order throughout the country, they will still engage in sabotage and create disturbances in various ways and will try every day and every minute to stage a comeback. This is inevitable and beyond all doubt, and under no circumstances must we relax our vigilance.
Now, can you explain how this quote is wrong, OP? Because if you agree with it, then these are the times where the US and its imperialist forces tried to infiltrate and destabilize the Soviet Union and its allies, right?
On a similar note, what do you think of what happened in Tiananmen square?
>Donations to the Pro-Democracy Movement came from several sources: Peking University was the first to start fund raising, students collected money on the streets. Other donors included the private sector, trade unions and overseas Chinese, particularly in Hong Kong.
>On May 27 supporters in Hong Kong staged an all day concert featuring Hong Kong singers, actors and actresses that raised around thirteen million HK Yuan.
>In Hong Kong, then still a British territory, support for the movement was massive, with thousands of citizens rallying to support the pro-democracy protests.
Do you think China attacked England!? How bold of them, isn't it?

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