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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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you've lost your "leftypedia" wiki domain twice in 2 years without any good excuses. Literally just put it on a cheap VPS and pay off a few years of the domain


yup leftypedia.org is down again

does anybody know who is managing that ?


I remember asking at the very start of this idea how anon would prevent this wiki from succumbing to the same pitfalls that have plagued every other wiki including Wikipedia. No one could produce an answer.


mediawiki has no dispute resolution, so ultimately it's the extended blog of whoever is currently adminning it

is how almost every wiki works and why fights over adminship are so cutthroat

hopefully stuff like chatgpt will make humans writing "general reference" wikis obsolete


The upside of using dokuwiki is that the pages are all flatfile so in theory, you can do a daily git push (automated) so the site can be instantly replaced if it gets gulaged. I suggested this last time but I was ignored.


The team here doesn't manage that to my knowlege.


why not just start a wiki under this domain? wiki.leftychan.org
am i missing something


How much stuff do we need? Shouldn't we focus on getting users to join? Don't we have enough infrastructure right now?


>focus on getting users to join
we're on an imageboard, not in an org. more users doesn't necissarily improve anything. all that leftychan is is a free speech zone for leftypolacken. simple as.
>Don't we have enough infrastructure
if the userbase here thinks so, then yes. if not, then no.


Weak limp rested response: What is your opinion?

Having more users wont necessarily improve anything but it makes things feel less like a ghost town for sure.


I wouldn't say that going all out on free speech for the sake of free speech is a worthwhile goal. Obviously more diverse opinions and debates is better than an echo chamber which would get boring very quickly (which is why I think lemmygrad.ml doesn't have much discussion for example) but I don't think leftychan is or should be an exercise in free speech.

For one thing western media distorts reality, there is nothing to gain from siding with neolib talking points or propaganda (like constantly shitting on China for example).


What people don't understand is, as was already elaborated on in this thread, it is an all or nothing situation. What is and is not defined as "neo lib talking points" "Nazism" "Reactionism" "etc etc etc" Is totally up to the subjective interpretation of the moderation staff and the mod in question at the time. If you want a place where you never have to deal with things you don't like go to org where the jannies will gladly jerk you off like they have their very own reddit sub.


Recognizing propaganda is a useful skill every leftist should practice. I already said I don't want an echo chamber.


When there is no clear distinction, recognizing propaganda is not a skill. It's just a premonition.


Leftists are typically incompetent losers who somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary, believe they're hyper intellectual savants.


Nighas here are allergic to success

Being 'leftist' is a faggy in-group orientation and has nothing to do with effecting change or building a movement for such.


So do it? Whats the problem?

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