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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Mr. Castro, how come you are boarding a Soviet airplane?
>Simply bekoss sovietic are our friends. And hear, you tok away our plants. Hear united states you the authority rob our plants. And the sovietic plan our the plan. That is…
Mr. Castro, are you saying that the American people are not your friends?
>The American people I think is good people. Yes. They are they have not a charge with the guilty of all the lies of publiçity uuuhm… hell to them.
Mr. Castro, can I ask if…
>The people of United State is good people!
Yes, thanks for clarifying, Mr. Castro.
>Havula people is wonderful people.
How do you like the…
>United state people is very good people.
How do you like the American press?
How do you like the American press?
>Ha ha ha. You will report it. Are wonderful. You're the writers. Are wonderful. But you are not the owners. Any newspaper belongs to the monopoly here.
[Sweating hands cut the film here.]
>Say us tyu know, two our puh quiggly our planes are… catch… our airplane delegation were a cupid too, and right now we don't know if we gan take airplane to Cuba. We don't know at this time. We were not sure. And so Khrushchev offer his airplane.
Is Khrushchev going to Cuba?
>Kush Kruchov is good friend good Cubans friend. Wanderful person. Sympathetic… Sympatetico. What do you want that we do? You leaf us with South petrolium. Kruchov give petrolium. You leaf us with South sugar. Khrushchev buy sugar. Here you are leaders speak about aggression to Cuba. Kruchov has speak about impending Cuba. You toad to take our plan Kruschov plan is our plan. Kruschov is friend.
Are you a communist, Fidel?
>Well… Wait for the history! The history will take what we are! You don't know anything about you know.
Castro climbs a ramp and off to Cuba.


Absolute legends


Why is this translated so horribly? Spanish is not a very complicated language.


File: 1673464272420.png (2.15 KB, 400x400, 1_xlEI5bWMSj6sZ06aPQsiJg.png)



Is the point to be incomprehensible?

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