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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Fair warning to all the comrades. His posting pattern is the following:
>shill NATO narratives in the /ukro/ thread
>shill nazbol shit
>[get banned]
>posts a cp bait thread and post cp in other threads linking to a website that records your IP address
I haven't seen this behavior since the 8ch times, to be honest. And they don't do it on .ogre either (which makes me think the mods there are already compromised). In any case, it's on the record that 8ch had CIA posters. I think the feds are getting clever with their nazbol shilling – it's one of the ways communism can be defanged, idpol being the other, obv.


The whole split was manufactured by the CIA


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this site is banned in russia
while ogre isnt

.net only opens with proxy
while .ogre is completely legal, no problem


for the record: 4chan archive is banned in russia as well (desuarchive), but 4chan not

i will let you decide


and major russian image board simply owned by government (this isn't even secret, but boomers who post there don't care, as posting there requires even lower autism score than on pol)


id say half of flags on .ogre are cia agents


>everyone i disagree with is a fed


File: 1674143424311.png (109.05 KB, 804x644, k.png)

I believe you


Russian-CIA cooperation: confirmed.

on a lighter note: isn't this most likely due to country-based IP addresses? If I'm not mistaken, .ogre is hosted on an UK server while .net is hosted in Canada? (please correct me, if I'm wronk).


OP here…

Yes, I get the point of your post. I honestly do. The whole "if you do X you are CIA" angle is bordering on schizo shit, and so on.

But this is coming from experience. How else would you explain the pattern observed in OP?

Let's entertain the idea that we are dealing with a random /pol/yp, instead of actual CIA. Why post child porn after getting banned? It just seems so organized, like a CIA office employee working from a script:
>do A
>do B
<IF error [banned]


I would explain them as being posts from different people. There is one guy in the Ukranian thread who is an avowed liberal. Maybe he is a spook, but more likely he is just one of the innumerable snowflakes who got brought into socialism by the DSA. Besides, honestly, the NATO narrative is more believable than the Russian one, which appears to be based on nothing but straight cope. The nazbols are on the other side of the argument, aren't they? They seem like the type that would eat up all the flagrant bullshit that is being spewed by the Kremlin. The fake CP links are part of a broad campaign. I have seen them on other sites as well.


Take your meds, schizo
>Nazbol is one of the ways for communism to be defanged
Lol, have you actually seen what the average 'communist' in the west looks like. Not exactly the picture of fighting strength not paragon of subversive opinions.
Found the person who's brain isn't swiss cheese


>Besides, honestly, the NATO narrative is more believable than the Russian one
>Found the person who's brain isn't swiss cheese



>Erytangz cia
Kek why are leftists such paranoid cucks?


do you admit that you regularly/cyclically post child porn?


Man shut yo cuck ass up.


Is this site actually banned in russia?


OP, link to one of their posts please




Unique IPs: 10

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