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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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French pigs beat old people as govt prepares to steal pensions

What are the political implications of Macron being a faggot sub who married a granny that groomed him?


>imagine giving a shit about froinche politique in 2025


Ikr, let's sperg out to anime girls like fags instead


It should be pretty obvious that that is all people do here. I mean the MAGA communism thread is the biggest thread here. And other than that it's people arguing for months about who has the right take over the Ukraine war.


I would much rather have "pointless" threads like about the brilliant reign of IVPITER than "relevant" threads like republicans vs democra…oops, I meant MAGAcommunism and the Russo-Ukrainian war, my bad!
Apparently relevance just refers how much the left has cucked itself to American politics.

Anyways, fuck Macron the narcissistic neoliberal bootlicker. French leftists seem nowhere near as cucked as anglos but the public apparently still does not trust them to deliver the goods. IMO that's precisely what Le Pen's popularity means. But I don't know much about French politics so I could be dead wrong.


>look, mom! I posted a false dichotomy!


Idk mate, it seems like most the posts here fall into 3 categories

1)spergy posts about esoteric IT that no one uses
2)fawning over anime girls or ugly real life girls
3)political things that cause fags to screech about fashism or holler that doesn't matter.

Not my fault no one can muster up the motivation (despite the supposedly endless self proclaimed creativity and intelligence of ppl here) to post political things that are acceptable to the oversocialized western left(tm)..


Protests are fine but the french need to organize themselves further and start accomplishing things. What do years of yellow vest protests have to show for it?

Organizing a sustained general strike would be an enormous effort but probably effective. You need to actually have a plan to keep people at minimum fed while they aren't working so any kind of feel-good liberal attempts won't work here. I wonder what organizing an extensive mutual aid network looks like in 2023…


frog pigs are based. fuck old people


french and belgian are cunts

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