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Is this my best option for removing the Google/Apple yoke of servitude? I want to piss off all my proprietary fag coworkers who think applife is the future of computing.


There's also the Librem 5 and ZeroPhone if you hate smartphone horseshit.


Librem is $ but seems to be higher build quality at least


Your best option is a Google Pixel with GrapheneOS. Linux phones are pretty bad.


>remove yoke of servitude
>here, buy some more Google shit


You really showed me with your dumb as fuck greentext, faggot.
Here, educate yourself, since it shows you have no idea what you're talking about.


not person you are replying too, (having a passing interest in iOS exploits) i do understand how hardened android and iphones are but unless you are jeff bezos that point is pretty moot imo. I'm more concerned about wifi and cell tracking from corps/gov than a shadowy cabal of hackers.

While the phones are arguably worse, I just think its a really neat development and therefore worth supporting. Apps are fucking stupid give me emacs on a phone.


Librem garbage is a literal ripoff targeted to people who care about privacy but not enough to actually know about it.
At least Pine64 doesn't sell you shitty hardware that costs as much as Apple shit.


Not disagreeing but the cheap plastic Pine comes in bothers me, at least librem gives you a metal back. Spec wise they are practically the same slightly higher clocked cpu 1 more gig of ram and slightly more powerful gpu with dual band wifi (this downgrade kinda sux admittedly)


Please, read the articles. GrapheneOS gives you both security and privacy, attempts at porting Linux to phones are clumsy at best and custom ROMs usually give you neither.

>While the phones are arguably worse, I just think its a really neat development and therefore worth supporting

Sure, in the case of things like the Pinephone. But I legitimately believe Librem is a scam.


That article is literal autism, I don't want sandboxed apps. I'm aware of every security hardening in iOS and Android and where Linux comes up short, the functionality you gain is still fundamentally worth it.


fun fact: AOSP comes with absolutely no google stuff


>I don't want sandboxed apps
Man of all the things you mention this? The one that's both a privacy and a security concern?
Anyway if you're going to spend money on a new phone that supports a custom ROM might as well go for a cheap used Pixel.

>That article is literal autism

People are always talking about privacy but when you tell them what actually works they always pull this crap.


Like holy shit this article is such a massive hate boner for Linux that is only partially true:

> A very basic exploit technique is simply to find a way to execute the attackers own malicious code either by loading a malicious library on disk or by dynamically modifying executable code in memory.

I'm not aware of any modern kernel that marks executable memory as write, execute. We're talking like &lt Ubuntu 8 releases … maybe. What you can do is call mprotect after ROPing and doing a stack pivot but this same use-case exists in Windows and BSD - mac has code signing so you would have to bypass that.

> The kernel has huge attack surface and is constantly adding new and dangerous features. The Linux kernel is equivalent to running all user space code as root in PID 1.

See Windows, Mac, and BSD. This is a non argument because they all have massive kernel code with drivers all running in the lowest ring of protection. Windows has patch guard for some things and Mac has just recently (as of Big Sur) limited means by which you can get the mach port for pid 0 (the kernel for read write)


Don't take a list of flaws to be fixed like some sort of attack and call to stop using Linux, dude.


Its fundamentally not true you absolute retard. The list is just a deep throat cock suck of M$ and Mac. The most important security mitigations are hardware level what makes android and ios a bitch and a half to exploit on newer devices is ARM protection not their sandboxing or code signing (a few extra steps). If you want security have every fucking pointer in your OS authenticated, that is security the rest is literally taking SV's cock up your ass and claiming its the standard for computing.


This isn't even what the thread is about and you started autistically screeching about an article I didn't even post. Good night.


Second hand or refurbished Samsung flagship model like S5 or S7 installed with LineageOS and properly degoogled is the answer you are looking for.

The online guides are easy and Samsung also provides Odin tool for loading the recovery which is only for windows, but an alternative to heimdall.


i got a pinephone because of the open source bootrom


Seconding. The way to prevent apps from violating your privacy is to refrain from installing garbage on your phone. It's definitely worth to have a non-gimped OS that makes the device a tiny computer, rather than an appliance with more computing power than it can use.


>>6303 (me, after board transplant)
This being said, I do understand people being mad at Purism for their misleading marketing. They're making an expensive toy for nerds who want a combination phone and single-board computer, while marketing it as a privacy-oriented phone for normies. This isn't going to end well.

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