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Friendly reminder that flash is gonna be dead in less than a month and alongside it a large chunk of the old internet in the form of flash animations and games,Because the software is old and full of so many security flaws that Adobe just can't be arsed to fix it anymore at this point so they're just ending support altogether.

What does /tech/ think of this? Is it a good riddance?



shit what does this mean in terms of old stuff on the web that runs on adobe flash? Alot of old internet history may get erased forever.


Inevitably some stuff will be lost, but huge archival projects do exist


is it worth open sourcing it ?
you can wrap old unsafe buggy software into security blanket and still use it


why are they doing it anyways?


There has been a push to kill Flash since at least 2010 when Steve Jobs said it wouldn't be included with iOS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thoughts_on_Flash
It's not really a bad thing. Flash is closed source, insecure and consumes a lot of power. HTML5/CSS3 and WASM are open standards and can do the same kind of stuff more efficiently.

A Flash emulator is being actively developed in Rust: https://ruffle.rs/
It's far from finished but I've heard it can already execute a lot of stuff. Try it and open bug reports on their Github if you are interested.


flash has been de-facto dead for a while and that's great. next up javascript never going to happen lol


One can only hope


As much as I love flash, it's full of security holes because it's a 25 year old standard that was directly what allowed a ton of web-based malware in the late 00's to early 10's. They don't want to be stuck doing what Java does and be stuck releasing a security patch every month for a setup that nobody really uses anymore.
That said, there are attempts at re-building it.


>HTML5/CSS3 and WASM are open standards and can do the same kind of stuff more efficiently.
Complete bullshit. Have you ever used an electron app on a an older laptop? It runs like shit while the same in flash works just fine.
>open standards
What a joke, Google dictates it all.


Google Chrome has security holes every month too.


>Is it a good riddance?
yes. It hasnt been phased out without reason.
Just keep old binaries to be able to run it. Old shit being hard to run on modern system is a general IT tech problem, not specific to flash or web.


It should be abandoned too.


I think Flash died because Apple refused to have it on the iPhone.


Does anyone have a copy of this book ?


Flash was shit, even when I was a kid, and don't get me started on the programming language it used that was completely reworked with every new edition.

Fuck Macromedia, fuck Adobe and fuck nostalgiafags. We can emulate this shit now anyway.


Adobe is full of greedy fucks who rely on this garbage trend of having "software as a service" be their business model, anybody who pirates Photoshop should knows this.
The real question is why don't let they let anybody else take Flash off their hands?


mfw i got a flash certificate in like 2006

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