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File: 1608527519433.mp4 (1.61 MB, 1280x720, Nomura and Final Fantasy 7….mp4)


So, what do you think about the FF7 remake?


Like nearly all remakes, it is unnecessary cancerous trash that shits all over the original game. Not that FFVII was ever that good.


Tifa's titties are pretty nice once you finally get to see them in-game.


You guys have the worst comments on media I've ever encountered on any chan. Might as well never use the cultural boards.
Though it inadvertently paints a worrying picture of your takes on communist theory as well, as a consequence.
Oh really you hate the original yet this is cancerous garbage even though they hardly changed a damn thing of significance. Why did you reply again?
Cool did you cum a lot of wait this isn't hentai.com why weren't you able to keep the blood in your brain after reading "So, what do you think about the FF7 remake?"?


I don't hate it, it's just not that good. FF7 is far too easy and like most Final Fantasy games since the SNES has too much unskippable exposition.

>You guys have the worst comments on media I've ever encountered on any chan.

Then you very clearly haven't posted on the video game section of many other image boards.


>Then you very clearly haven't posted on the video game section of many other image boards.
This is true, actually.
I just wish people did some quality control before posting ,sometimes.


> ,sometimes.
the ironing


The game sucks otherwise. That's why people only give a shit about Tifa's titties.


SO nice


I know I say this all the time, but its very hegelian. Haven't played it of course but just from what I hear. The ghosts that can change the timeline of events that are from the future. Basically the idea that the future is set, determined. But we can change the past. And what is a remake but a reinterpretation of a past event?


Not enough tifa armpit shots


File: 1608527520443-0.png (46.83 KB, 320x240, ff7-ballgrip.png)

File: 1608527520443-1.png (44.39 KB, 320x240, ff7-paranoia1.png)

File: 1608527520443-2.png (53.95 KB, 320x240, ff7-hypercapitalism1.png)

I've watched a let's play of it. I don't remember FF7 being this naive and cringe.

The time jannies plot is kinda excusable because remaking the FF7 worldmap in a current AAA game wouldn't be profitable for SquareEnix, so I get it that they needed latitude for the remake, but sadly this is all wrapped up in Nomura's feelgood sugary KH bullshit, and it ruins everything.

I think it's pretty telling that they choose to keep Biggs, Wedge and Jessie alive after Shinra, Inc. destroyed Sector 7.
I remember the original FF7 being much grimier and darker than this. AVALANCHE were real terrorists, and their bombings of Mako reactors killed lots of innocent people in the process. Shinra was depicted as a ruthless corporation who only cares about power and profits. All throughout the game, desolate landscapes are not a rare sighting.

This old review illustrates it better than I can, if you scroll down to the "Unsettling Scenery" part: https://socksmakepeoplesexy.net/index.php?a=ff07

In the remake, these parts of the story have been watered down. We hear more about Wedge wanting to eat pizza and Jessie wanting to fuck Cloud, than NPCs talking about how miserable are their lives in the hypercapitalist polluted dystopia that is Midgar.
The antagonism is overall framed in much simpler terms, and Midgar feels more like a comfy cyberpunk playground for anime twinks than an oppressive city under the aegis of a brutal conglomerate.

I don't think Square Enix can make anything interesting out of the Final Fantasy franchise by now. I was already resigned when I played FFXIII a decade ago, and watching this remake reminded me a lot of FFXIII.
After The Spirits Within failed and left a hole of $98 million in their budget, Square had no choice but to merge with Enix and play it safe. They decided to make "interactive experiences" with lush graphics and regurgitates tropes from their 90s games till the end of time. It all makes sense now.

If I had a current-gen console, I would rather play the Resident Evil remakes or Persona 5.


>I don't think Square Enix can make anything interesting out of the Final Fantasy franchise by now.
FFXIV is pretty good, and Shadowbringers has one of the best stories in the whole series.
I hope the rumors of Yoshida's being in charge of FFXVI are true.


Stop simping anon this is embarrassing.


At first I thought the alternate universes shit was the dumbest thing imaginable, and it still kinda is. But one extremely brief bit of information made me appreciate just a little what squenix is going for, if no less terrified of how badly they could fuck it up even more.

Almost at the end, Red XIII gets a very short premonition of him and his kids running toward the ruins of Midgar. This is the post-credits scene of the original game and the intro to Advent Children. The rest of the party also partakes in Red's flash-forward. He explains to them that what they saw will be the future if they fail.

This is by far the most important thing the remake reveals to us, in relation to how it's different from the OG. It confirms a long-speculated fan theory, that the original ending of FF7 is quite a downer: an apocalypse. Sephiroth basically won. The cost of Holy destroying Meteor was that all human life was wiped off the planet. In Advent Children the scene with Red and his kids was retconned to say "400 years later", implying that there was no apocalypse, but the remake seems to retcon that retcon.

So in the remake-series, the story revolves around the party trying to prevent the OG game's ending from happening at all. Their success will deprive the OG of its bittersweet quality, sure, but at least it gives some functional context to Nomura's metanarrative insanity. No getting off this train now, we'll just have to see where it's headed.


I though they censored her big jigglies for amerifats.


File: 1608527521047-0.png (7.27 MB, 3840x2160, tiff1.png)

File: 1608527521047-1.jpg (152.01 KB, 1920x1080, tiff1b.jpg)

File: 1608527521047-2.jpg (233.63 KB, 2048x1152, tiff2.jpg)

They could always be bigger, but I think she's big enough.


File: 1608527521518.jpg (130.23 KB, 1400x1400, CHADley.jpg)

CHADley is the single greatest addition to FF conceivable.
Can't wait til he rams his Seph-clone, materia-enhanced PENIS right into Cloud's cross-dressing BUSSY.


I see Squeenix still hasn't figured out how to make anything other than creepy hollow doll faces.


>The ghosts that can change the timeline of events that are from the future
What? Was this in the original?


This explains what I was feeling pretty well.

The irony of a large video game corporation remaking a game that critiques large corporations and softening the edge / changing the focus of the criticism is pretty funny. The anti-corporate theme just seems absurd when combined with the white-washing of Avalanche, the deaths of the sub-characters, etc.


Maybe you and anyone in general should check out what the PC version looks like modded with the Because retranslation which restranslates it to more closely follow the original Japanese script.

Nothing more voluntary, communitarian, and syndicalistic than partaking in community fanmodding and media in general.


hes lying


File: 1615395765829.jpg (27.13 KB, 391x500, average tetsuya nomura cha….jpg)

Fuck Nomura. He's the blight of Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts fucking sucks.
XVI will probably be better


>imagine getting angry because people don’t like a “console rpg” for weebs
Get over yourself. The only decent old FF game was VI and only because I love the art and Kefka. The gameplay was unbelievably shallow.


I'm an Eastern Euro who has never seen a console or a controler IRL, so I have to ask, are the FF games actually great, or is it one big circlejerk by and for western Nintendo fanboys who want to nostalgiajerk over their okayish childhood games like ot is with Ocharina of Time or Banzo Kazooey?


Appreciate the concept, iffy on the execution, big respect for actually doing it.


For a big part: yes. Though, the games that are respected are genuinely good, even if not nearly as good as fans make it out to be ( whenever is that not the case?)
Final Fantasy 6, 7 and 9 I can recommend to anyone. 9 being the best of them, despite the hilariously blunt ending. Final Fantasy 1 was a milestone, but unplayable by todays standards in its raw form, don't even bother.

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