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File: 1696095794914.png ( 1.42 MB , 900x680 , ClipboardImage.png )


Does anyone else like watching old war movies because they have no women in them?

Picrel is my favorite and the best example of this:
-3 hour+ runtime and not a single female character with a speaking role.
-The only women in the movie are a handful of arab civilian background extras wearing burkas.
-T. E. Lawrence IRL was a celibate who disliked women and the movie stays true to this by not forcing a romance arc or making him gay.

Overall kino film which I highly recommend. Please share more examples of female-free cinema ITT.
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holy based the final blackpill


all u uyghas are just gay just admit it


i watched the catalina collection on youtube for the meme factor, since its on utube it has all the gay sex edited out.


File: 1696433993484.jpeg ( 65.4 KB , 1024x479 , flowers.jpeg )

don't forget to buy your flowers betabux


u have to impregnate them and leave them with the child to truly be a alpha


File: 1696312960078.jpg ( 38.56 KB , 844x181 , 1703737602.jpg )


Leftcels BTFO
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>Material grievances I don't want to hear are idpol
Based Liberal


File: 1696434998936.gif ( 3.55 MB , 640x360 , sex on fridays.gif )

>tldr: I'm not liek you inkwells! I have muh game! I hold frame and take showers every day! I finally landed an expired Becky with a body count in the thousands! I finally have my starfish sex on fridays! God, it's SO GOOD to be a normoid!
yeah, sure buddy, lol


Seethe harder faggot


What an absolute anal shithole.

Kill jannoids. Behead jannoids. Run over jannoids with a train.

QWERTY shit is not idpol, but Blackpill is idpol apparently..
Leftoids with their doublespeak again lol. Retarded faggots. Somebody should take a time machine, go back to the 18th century, and strangle Hegel in his sleep.


the only one seething here is you lol


File: 1693171769475.png ( 67.43 KB , 570x570 , leftychan_ghost_army - Cop….png )

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Thread dedicated to psychological operations against the leftypol.org administration.

Things to consider:
<The .org mods will read this thread, use this to your advantage
<Posting over your mobile data will arouse less suspicion than over a proxy
<Threads created over an IP with no post history are heavily scrutinized
<Post in /meta/ and try to appeal any mod action against you
<Abuse the report feature
<Use a wide variety of proxy services
<Antagonize individual moderators
<Create as many personas as possible, try to have the mods always chasing a previous persona and not your current one
<The less consistency between the ideological beliefs of your personas the better
<Be consciously aware of your writing style
<Fermenting internal conflict among the mod team is of the upmost importance
<Sow dissent among the userbase whenever possible
<Have fun :)
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.net has been low energy lately
Orgfags have that manic troon energy


The thing is I’m not even a communist, I just want org destroyed and this place is too dead to bother with. And GET is in a similar boat.


yes I'm in all your threads uyghur and I hate troons! go ahead and ban me ogre unless you think it might not be me? Then don't ban an innocent!


File: 1696419222560.png ( 56.65 KB , 1125x213 , .png )



so lame, can't even make funny slurs

at least call us .neets or something

tronns can't into humor


File: 1653762899779.jpg ( 258.41 KB , 1024x1024 , 1598214007-0.jpg )

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Incel News Thread
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File: 1694502172218-0.jpg ( 194.7 KB , 1176x1200 , 1639544769087.jpg )

File: 1694502172218-1.jpg ( 177.66 KB , 922x865 , IMG_8277.jpg )

File: 1694502172218-2.png ( 396.91 KB , 443x551 , 12345.png )





File: 1696197504099.jpg ( 83.77 KB , 786x1024 , 1696197094232144.jpg )



>they want a family but not a chinese husband
Passport bros this your opportunity!


The Dating Pool Dropouts
>Young men today feel they must be six feet tall, make six figures, and have six inches downstairs to get a girlfriend—so many have given up trying.



The amount of seething from roasties over this very moderately incel sympathizing article is incredible


File: 1693312356009-0.jpg ( 29.21 KB , 461x664 , ClipboardImage.JPG )

File: 1693312356009-1.jpg ( 42.13 KB , 630x665 , ClipboardImage.JPG )

File: 1693312356009-2.jpg ( 51.29 KB , 571x668 , ClipboardImage.JPG )

File: 1693312356009-3.jpg ( 69.94 KB , 728x668 , ClipboardImage.JPG )


how do we stop losing incels to the right?
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File: 1696092691352-0.jpeg ( 74.78 KB , 900x600 , which-kpop-male-idol-is-y….jpeg )

File: 1696092691352-1.jpg ( 68.12 KB , 580x516 , where is your chin.jpg )

again, if you don't see the difference then check your eyesight

also, k-pop stars are all 8+ inches tall

>and they're brutal to manlets there.

they're brootal to manlets everywhere

height is the main dymorphic trait in humans

that's why they say you can be tall with a shitface and still get pussy, but you need a chadface if you're a manlet


>plenty of men have shitty experiences with women and don't wind up as maladjusted as Rodger.
yeah, no shit, not every incel whites a 100+ pages manifesto and goes on a shooting spree

doesn't mean him being not sexually attractive had nothing to do with it

>If anything it was his home life that was the environmental factor, not his encounters with women. His Mom was clearly a manipulative Narcissist.

Obviously his mom was a typical femoid stupid pathetic cunt. And her forcing drugs on him contributed to his instability and maybe was an IMMEDIATE cause of him snapping.

But the ROOT cause was his inceldom, that was what gave an initial spin to everything in his life.

I would even argue that his mom despised him precisely because she understood instinctively that he was an incel.


File: 1696095956112-0.jpg ( 137.05 KB , 500x833 , 33.jpg )

File: 1696095956112-1.jpg ( 59.76 KB , 500x631 , penguin-chan.jpg )

That's one ugly fucking penguin.

2d >>> 3dpd. Proven by penguins.


File: 1696370258177.png ( 1.01 MB , 1200x948 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Interactions with the opposite sex is a big part of the process of socialization
<implying socialization is good
Socialization is retarded. Society is a prison. "Industrial society and its consequences..". I miss Uncle Ted


File: 1696387028056.jpg ( 61.94 KB , 1080x319 , Screenshot_2023-10-04-09-3….jpg )

Socialization is the only reason faggots like you could land a wife.

We are now returning to a state of nature


File: 1696368309285.jpg ( 1.56 MB , 3089x2234 , Constructivist.jpg )


I'm going to work on building an archive of all your shitposts.


File: 1696369818384.webm ( 64.62 KB , 480x360 , cleopatra2525-thumbs-up.webm )



File: 1696369879914.jpg ( 630.79 KB , 997x673 , African_Bush_Elephant_crop.jpg )

First let's start with some some table definitions, let's use PostgreSQL:

    ( site_id serial primary key
    , name text NOT NULL
    , url text NOT NULL

    ( board_id serial primary key
    , name text NOT NULL
    , pathpart text NOT NULL -- if it's /a/ then the pathpart is a
    , site_id int NOT NULL
    , CONSTRAINT site_fk FOREIGN KEY (site_id) REFERENCES sites (site_id) ON DELETE CASCADE

    ( thread_id bigserial primary key
    , board_thread_id bigint NOT NULL -- this is the id of the thread in lainchan, mysql
    , creation_time timestamp with time zone NOT NULL
    , board_id int NOT NULL
    , CONSTRAINT board_fk FOREIGN KEY (board_id) REFERENCES boards (board_id) ON DELETE CASCADE

    ( post_id bigserial primary key
    , board_post_id bigint NOT NULL
    , creation_time timestamp with time zone NOT NULL
    , body text
    , thread_id bigint NOT NULL
    , CONSTRAINT thread_fk FOREIGN KEY (thread_id) REFERENCES threads (thread_id) ON DELETE CASCADE

CREATE TABLE attachments
    ( attachment_id bigserial primary key
    , mimetype text NOT NULL
    , creation_time timestamp with time zone NOT NULL
    , md5_hash text NOT NULL
    , post_id bigint NOT NULL
    , CONSTRAINT post_fk FOREIGN KEY (post_id) REFERENCES posts (post_id) ON DELETE CASCADE

So a web site has boards, which have threads, which have posts, which have attachments


File: 1696371040119.png ( 23.78 KB , 791x197 , 1421896390159.png )

The thread table should have a constraint to disallow posting the same thread:

CONSTRAINT unique_board_board_thread_id_constraint UNIQUE (board_id, board_thread_id)

so the pair of values (board_id, board_thread_id) will never be the same for two rows in this table.

We can index some of the columns in the threads table:

    ( thread_id bigserial primary key
    , board_thread_id bigint NOT NULL -- this is the id of the thread in lainchan, mysql
    , creation_time timestamp with time zone NOT NULL
    , board_id int NOT NULL
    , CONSTRAINT board_fk FOREIGN KEY (board_id) REFERENCES boards (board_id) ON DELETE CASCADE
    , CONSTRAINT unique_board_board_thread_id_constraint UNIQUE (board_id, board_thread_id)
CREATE INDEX threads_creation_time_idx   ON threads (creation_time);
CREATE INDEX threads_board_id_idx        ON threads (board_id);
CREATE INDEX threads_board_thread_id_idx ON threads (board_thread_id);

A similar thing needs to be done with posts, if we scrape the website we shouldn't
accidentally archive the same post that has the same id in lainchan:

    ( post_id bigserial primary key
    , board_post_id bigint NOT NULL
    , creation_time timestamp with time zone NOT NULL
    , body text
    , body_search_index tsvector
    , thread_id bigint NOT NULL
    , CONSTRAINT unique_thread_board_id_constraint UNIQUE (thread_id, board_post_id)
    , CONSTRAINT thread_fk FOREIGN KEY (thread_id) REFERENCES threads (thread_id) ON DELETE CASCADE
CREATE INDEX posts_creation_time_idx ON posts (creation_time);
CREATE INDEX posts_body_search_idx   ON posts USING GIN (body_search_index);
CREATE INDEX posts_thread_id_idx     ON posts (thread_id);
CREATE INDEX posts_board_post_id_idx ON posts (board_post_id);

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1696372276517.txt ( 4.94 KB , initialize.sql.txt )

Attachments can have another special column: a bigint representing a 64-bit unsigned integer, that we compute using a perceptual image hash algorithm (there's libraries to do this). We can add a special index on this column, using the bktree postgresql extension, that will let us compare the distance between these numbers efficiently, bit by bit (called the hamming distance).

CREATE INDEX attachments_phash_bktree_index ON attachments USING spgist (phash bktree_ops);

This column will let us do reverse-image search on similar images.

Attached is the full sql file, where I have added some users and granted them permissions


File: 1652993005834.jpg ( 667.66 KB , 864x1174 , BlatantMisogyny-ut7uyz.jpg )

 No.131[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Incel humor thread.
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File: 1696229587468.jpg ( 46.78 KB , 1266x168 , 1553422792394.jpg )



File: 1696359824086.jpg ( 68.61 KB , 750x682 , 20231003_111820.jpg )



>be emotionally unavailable
This is by far the most retarded critique femoids have of men. Even more so than the height shit.


when foids talk about "men", they are talking about Chad

average males don't even register on their radars

they are just bitching that Chad ghosts them and strings them along. Typical femoid stuff.


File: 1696218954593.jpeg ( 10.62 KB , 201x251 , images (5).jpeg )


Are women's mate preferences responsible for the perpetuation of capitalism

According David Buss and most evolutionary psychologists, the most notable distinction between the biological sexes are mate preferences. Whereas males are more likely to choose mates based on physical appearance (signs of youth, health, and beauty), women are more likely to choose a partner based on relative resource acquisition ability. This desire by women for men who can acquire the most stuff leads to intense competition for status and acclaim by men, which is often channeled into competing within (and thus tacit support for) capitalism. Especially when men can't simply forcibly take young attractive women like in the old days, they basically have to become multi millionaires to secure a steady stream of young women. Most attractive women, for their part, won't tolerate for long a guy who substitutes fighting the system for getting ahead within it.

Thus, we have to ask the question, to what degree are women's preferences and unfettered ability to pursue them responsible for the perpetuation of late stage capitalism?

As a correlated question, since this mate preference distinction applies to biological sexes, should we reject the normative position of ciswomen as 'real women' and instead insist that, politically speaking, transwomen are the only women who serve any use to the anti-capitalist revolution. That is, we ought to not simp for biological females and only associate, on a political and romantic level, with transwomen?

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Nah. I just have good bones


>Thus, we have to ask the question, to what degree are women's preferences and unfettered ability to pursue them responsible for the perpetuation of late stage capitalism?

OP what concretely do you think happens for that to be the case? Wouldn't that mean that men "do capitalism" because women want them to or reward them for doing so?


For sure socialism would be better for women. They wouldn't have to be whores. And men could compete for mates based on more meritable traits other than richest daddy.


What makes you think women want that. Revealed preference states otherwise


>And men could compete for mates based on more meritable traits other than richest daddy.
yeah, compete based on bones lol

This is a major problem for communist theory. And I'm not joking.


File: 1696211759905.jpg ( 356.43 KB , 1080x1227 , Screenshot_2023-10-02-08-2….jpg )


/Leftypol L General/

ITT we highlight the funniest and most pathetic moments from .ogre
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File: 1696293995843.png ( 19.21 KB , 1014x115 , ClipboardImage.png )

Why are they such control freaks? Like at least some of them seem to have a problem that we have this space, it's kind of concerning to me since if they really thought ours is a dead website, no one would be saying shit like this.


Put it in the general in /b/ there's no need for ANOTHER org thread JFC


That's your inner orgfag talking


File: 1696296758219.jpg ( 584.77 KB , 1080x1653 , Screenshot_2023-10-03-08-3….jpg )



No retard. There's literally a general for org specificity. No one wants 6 threads about this.


File: 1696282382107.jpg ( 240.39 KB , 1380x2048 , Stealth_20230705_202153.jpg )


rate this physique


I'm unaware of a physique-rating scheme. So i would say this seems to be within normal parameters of human physique.


hard to say with the jacket. leaning towards a little thin but hard to read scale. Likely would be popular with people if this is his formal attire so probably 8/10 socially


Extremely narrow shoulders
3 for not being fat


File: 1675636127757-0.png ( 6.37 KB , 225x225 , nitter.png )

File: 1675636127757-1.jpg ( 66.73 KB , 950x655 , twitterapi.jpg )


Twitter is apparently pay-walling it's api in a few days

Does anybody know if this will affect front-end-sites like nitter.net ?

I found this discussion on gihub
<It's very unlikely Nitter will be affected since the APIs aren't used in the official way with developer credentials. I'm slowly moving stuff to use their newer GraphQL APIs anyway, so if it breaks it'll be fixed soon-ish.

So will nitter continue working ?
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You are right , a simple filter algorithm that decides which bits of data it keeps and which it discards would have to be adapted almost every time they make changes to the website.

But if you make the thing as a ranking algorithm based on Markov-chains that applies probabilities to bits of data, it can be made adaptive, and even use User signals to help it adjust. User signals can be as simple as giving the users a try-agin-button if it doesn't render correctly.

User signal inputs have to be grouped into User bias-groups, so that if bots are used to insert noise into the ranking signals, they just group together in noise-groups and all the regular users group together in a human group.

This is 2 technical generations before machine learning stuff, so a 20 year old trick.
Maybe that's doable.


As long as twitter doesn't require an account to view content there will always be a way to access it via proxy frontends.

Here's a list of nitter instances and whether they currently work or not:

It's like when youtube changes its design/api and you have to update yt-dlp or switch invidious instances.
The long-term solution is to abandon centralized deep state platforms. And government in general.


I'm going to make a BlueSky/@protocol account once they open up registrations. Twitter is done for if they are going to require biometric and government ID. Fuck that shit.


Never heard of this before, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Can you explain why you favor this.


You mean BlueSky? It's from the original founder of Twitter, Jack. Jack sucks dick, but BlueSky is built on the @protocol, which is another decentralized social media protocol, much like Fediverse.

The key difference IMO is that @protocol will allow you to bring all of your content/timeline with you to other servers as well as your followers, so it's much more censorship-resistant and decentralized than either Twitter or Fediverse. And I think it'll probably have wider adoption than Mastodon due to financial backing.


File: 1663187296476.jpg ( 117.78 KB , 736x987 , Sorayama Female Robot art.jpg )


Post anything regarding sex robots or dolls here.
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I also forgot say the fleshlight would advanced so it moves on its own with different settings and stuff


File: 1694757251750-0.webm ( 1.85 MB , 352x624 , stripperbot.webm )

File: 1694757251750-1.webm ( 3.93 MB , 480x360 , dontdaterobots.webm )



AI girlfriends are ruining an entire generation of men
Will AI gfs end the incel epidemic. Will it usher in a new femcel epidemic as Beta males check out of the dating marker and no longer act as backup plans to roasties chasing Chad?


>the AI learns from your reactions and is capable of giving you exactly what you want to hear or see, every single time. And they have come at just the right time to assuage the silent epidemic of loneliness that is hitting this generation of young men.
Haha normies are pretending they care about incels so they can guilt trip them from using AI girlfriends.
Normies were happy mercilessly gaslighting them about how brutally unfair the dating market has been to them for about 20 years.
But now that women can't string along betas once AI gfs start really being embraced, they're super cereal concerned about how this might isolate incels. It's such a load of ballocks.


What are your plans for halloween anon?


File: 1693286921076.jpg ( 108.36 KB , 1080x833 , 1691988272662388(1).jpg )


TFW you realize both the past and future do not actually exist.
The only thing that exists is the present.
To call the last and the future illusory is a misunderstanding.
In truth the past and future are merely ideals that we collectively and individually hold about ourselves. Furthermore, if that is the case, then how can you even clearly define yourself as a person? If the only thing that exists is the now and that now is constantly in a state of change then how can you even tell who you really are? You are not the you 1 second ago that you are now.
You are fundementally different.

That is a terrifying realization.
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>Time is defined by changes in matter. Time can be derived from matter but not the other way around. Time can't be an independent physical thing.

Probably, tho empty space-time might be a thing made out of some type of matter.
Locality is probably just an emergent phenomenon, and the bedrock of reality is non-local.


So by non local you mean deterministic?


I'm not entirely sure if all non-local theories necessitate determinism. But non local hidden variable theories like pilot-wave/DeBroglie-Bohm are deterministic. This one requires you to accept that faster-than-light effects exist, and that Einstein's light speed barrier has stuff on both sides of it. So slower than light things can't go faster than light and faster than light things can't go slower than light.

There are also local deterministic theories, but they require hidden universes.


Leave it to Leftychan to take something meant to be practical and useful and turn it into a pointless discuss about useless speculative 'knowledge'


>into a pointless discuss about useless speculative 'knowledge'
No this is not about speculative knowledge, this is about the philosophy of science. And that has practical implications.

You have a range of interpretations of the measured facts of reality. The range goes from hard-materialist to fully idealist. The materialist side considers science as an unfinished process where lots of stuff is still missing and lots of paradigms might have to be overthrown. While the idealist side doesn't want any new additions anymore and just complete the current level and then stop.

The ancient greek atomists offered the earliest recorded materialist philosophy of science, and they invented the concept of the atom (the smallest most fundamental indivisible unit of matter). When people went looking for the atom they found out lots of new science and that remade our scientific understanding of the world and of course depreciated lots of old theory. The idealists tried for centuries to get rid of the idea of the atom, they even tried to burn all the texts from ancient greek atomists like Epicurus. Today something similar at lesser intensity might be happening with the DebroglieBohm or pilotwave interpretation of QM. They are trying to get rid of the "corpuscle" which is the physical particle that is guided by the quantum wave. If people went looking for that it could once again lead to lots of new and unexpected things.


File: 1696199009499-0.webm ( 5.73 MB , 576x1024 , girl.webm )

File: 1696199009499-1.mp4 ( 2.8 MB , 576x576 , dostoevsky.mp4 )

File: 1696199009499-2.mp4 ( 4.85 MB , 360x640 , cyrillic.mp4 )


Did anyone ever notice any posters?

One of the posters I noticed is an Eastern European person who posts things from Russian imageboards and vk.com, he posts things like egirls and pretty female celebrities. His posts also lament his loneliness and he seems to imply he lives in the middle of nowhere instead of the big city. He frequently posts in the Sex & Relationship thread over at Org.

I suspect he is also salty and a self-hating Slav because some North American (?) egirl (that learned Russian because her favorite author Dostoevsky and gained a Russian following) got scared away by degenerate trolls (possibly Russian) because she had BLM in her bio. Plus the Soviet Union dissolved and now Eastern Europe is in many places a degraded place. Very sad case.
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>learn a language to consume media in the original
Our Girl.

But man, makeup is not fair. She looks like a completely different person with that eye-liner.

Dem e-girl mannerisms tho, it's liek she has a split personality kek.


Also, dat chin man, dat forward facial growth. She mogs me into oblivion and back.

That might be the only case I've seen where one person can be a Stacy and a Chad at the same time.

If she's at least 6ft tall she would fucking slay both ways. Terrific.


>It's okay to be """Eastern European""".
No, it's not """okay""" to be Eastern European. Only nazoid faggots """identify""" as """Eastern European""".

You reading Dostoevsky is not you being """Eastern European""", duginoid retard.

Dostoevsky has nothing more in common with today's russkies than with today's burgers.

Just like any nazoid dumbfuck has nothing inherently more in common with nazoid fugly clown """national""" costumes than any other person on this planet.


>Dostoevsky has nothing more in common with today's russkies than with today's burgers.
except for the language barrier, that is

but that's a purely technical barrier


File: 1696280368536.jpg ( 156.87 KB , 960x720 , what I see.jpg )

>he is also salty and a self-hating Slav
that's just a healthy reaction to Slav nazoid "blood and soil" propaganda, nazoid


File: 1663363076671.webm ( 1.03 MB , 640x426 , ciara.webm )


4chan /r9k/ is full of them, why don't we have any?
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i think women are open to lesbianism because they consider sex more like romance whereas men only consider the deed.


*the half of statistical average life expectancy for men..


Nah, that's a bluepilled betabux view of w*men. Classic generalization of your own specific betabux circumstances (dead bedroom and frigid wife).

In reality w*men enjoy sex, and I would argue far more than men - w*men are built for multiple prolonged orgasms.

W*men date other w*men not because they want emotional support and shit. They date because they want their cunt and ass licked and dicked by dildos while your bestie tongues your throat. They date because they want to feel a hot rock hard nipple that you could cut glass with, they want to take it, squeeze it, and suck on it. They date because they get wet when they see a hot Stacy, just like we do.

They have adapter far better to the sexual marketplace. Biology is a bitch.


This explanation doesn't fit with lesbian bed death.


What do you mean, "bed death"?


File: 1695757003758-0.jpg ( 29.25 KB , 870x155 , IMG_5478.jpg )

File: 1695757003758-1.jpg ( 65.66 KB , 525x826 , IMG_5479.jpg )

File: 1695757003758-2.jpg ( 167.46 KB , 600x1852 , IMG_5480.jpg )

File: 1695757003758-3.jpg ( 20.38 KB , 450x187 , IMG_5481.jpg )

File: 1695757003758-4.jpg ( 26.3 KB , 571x285 , IMG_5482.jpg )


What is the explanation for 1 in 5 women being sexually assaulted in college?
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Did she text you back?


>impulsive dunking
if you read the article you'd realize it's saying women also do the raping, with the victims being both men and women, for example female inmates by other female inmates or by female prison staff, and the term 'made to penetrate'

"The results were surprising. For example, the CDC’s nationally representative data revealed that over one year, men and women were equally likely to experience nonconsensual sex, and most male victims reported female perpetrators. Over their lifetime, 79 percent of men who were “made to penetrate” someone else (a form of rape, in the view of most researchers) reported female perpetrators. Likewise, most men who experienced sexual coercion and unwanted sexual contact had female perpetrators.

We also pooled four years of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) data and found that 35 percent of male victims who experienced rape or sexual assault reported at least one female perpetrator. Among those who were raped or sexually assaulted by a woman, 58 percent of male victims and 41 percent of female victims reported that the incident involved a violent attack, meaning the female perpetrator hit, knocked down or otherwise attacked the victim, many of whom reported injuries.

And, because we had previously shown that nearly one million incidents of sexual victimization happen in our nation’s prisons and jails each year, we knew that no analysis of sexual victimization in the U.S. would be complete without a look at sexual abuse happening behind bars. We found that, contrary to assumptions, the biggest threat to women serving time does not come from male corrections staff. Instead, female victims are more than three times as likely to experience sexual abuse by other women inmates than by male staff.

Also surprisingly, women inmates are more likely to be abused by other inmates than are male inmates, disrupting the long held view that sexual violence in prison is mainly about men assaulting men. In juvenile corrections facilities, female staff are also a much more significant threat than male staff; more than nine in ten juveniles who reported staff sexual victimization were abused by a woman."


>1 in 5
rookie numbers


File: 1696266444270.jpg ( 186.09 KB , 835x1200 , Miley_Cyrus_drunk-as-a-sku….jpg )

I'm usually very much in the defense of women who are being harassed, but a lot of the times these situations are literally
A) Drunk young and stupid girl gets it on with a drunk hormonal young guy and regrets it the next day, so they scream assault
B) Stupid girl flirts with a guy at a late night party and gets angry that they didn't understand that she was just being coy.

Actual rape and creeper sexual assault is much lower, the very presence of police on campuses and the harsh penalties for rape in this day and age, means deliberate attempts are relatively rare… but when you have a huge population of people going through colleges every year, there's bound to be something happening.


i wish a female would sexually assault me.


File: 1690416431170.jpg ( 59.29 KB , 772x960 , america had two towers rem….jpg )


Nothing to do in here, nothing to do outside.
Therapists offer empty advice. Most people can't relate, or are too frightened to admit that they relate to this feeling of emptyness. Their behavior is understandable; if you say how you really feel, people call you a downer, they act offended that you could feel so bad, they act offended that anyone's experience could differ so much from their own. The social consequences of honesty are often effective at encouraging lies. You get ostracized if your experience doesn't line up with the expectations others have cultivated for how the world works. If you aren't motivated by the things they expect everyone to be motivated by, they don't believe you. So people hide it, most of the time, they try as hard as they can to push it down so that even if they feel the same way that you do, the impression given is that you are alone.

When the acceptable outlets for this fail, as they often do, there is no accepted course of action. There's just emptyness. "Depression" as it's popularly defined today doesn't even describe it - people today think depression is a brief interruption to an ordinary pattern of self-worth. That sounds like a joke, but it's what polite society accommodates. There's no room for people who never feel good about themselves or about anything else, but there's also no room for meaningful action. Try for a peaceful exit, and people will act scared and maybe throw some empty platitudes or already-failed advice at you. Express a will to use your lack of desire to live constructively, and people who claim to want change will turn away. For them, every desire for action can only be accepted at the stage of catharsis. They are such aggressive do-nothings that they can't even fathom that anyone would do anything else. You're supposed to value your life… you're supposed to sit around consuming slop, pretending like you don't just want to die all the time. The "happy" life, the "constructive" life, is to still work but to accomplish nothing, to fear death because you are waiting to die.

It's so strange to me.
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No you might as well be trying to shoot a needle in a haystack. Just guillotine yourself at that point.

Also helium exit bag:

The body cannot tell the difference between oxygen and helium, little known fact. Get yourself a tank of heliumand a rubber hose line and a bag. Wrap the bag over your head and feed the hose into the bad. Now turn on and inhale the helium.

Painless death.



From what I understand, the most effective way is technically to shoot yourself in the back of the head, but I have zero confidence in my ability to aim something I can't see, so I'd probably go the ol' roof of the mouth route. And I've got 12 gauge which seems like it would be more effective than 45 cal. Idk. Either way, probably not doing it this way.

No way I'm bothering with an exit bag. First off, getting nitrogen or helium is an extra expense, and making the contraption itself is work which I no longer have energy for. I think I'd go with nitrogen over helium, if I did this, but it's been a bit since I've read much about it. The exit bag method sounds like a nice way to die, as it's supposedly euphoric at the end… but if I had money and energy to spare, I think I'd just root out some nembutal… though that might be considerably harder.


My friend, you can only live by turning away from the institutions and recognizing they were never yours. Yes, you'll live while being choked to death while assholes go hog wild plundering everything you would have valued in a better world. Tyring to fix what is unfixable, which aided and abetted the problem, is a Sisyphean task. It's not that the institutions are passively incompetent. They're designed to make the world this shitty, but when you try to better yourself, oh boy, they're on the spot to make sure you fail. It's always like that if you were selected to die. If you're selected to live, you literally can't fail. They'll throw you in a sinecure if you're worthless, and that's where people like Yud and the technophile cultists come from - incompetents given a sinecure where they can tell us how smart and great they are. Many such cases!

Knowing the truth doesn't liberate you, but it is very liberating to no longer lie to yourself about the world or what your eyes see. The hard part is that when you make that decision, you really are cast out of the world, and the institutions REALLY don't like you. That's when it moves from the passive excuses to overt humiliation and contempt if you dare try to work with them on anything. They don't want us to have ANYTHING. They don't want you to have a textbook and will destroy your books if you're "not allowed" to learn - unless those books are full of lies and intended to poison and retard you, while the "smart people" are pulled aside and given the cheat sheet to guarantee success. That's how these fucking Fabians and Germanics roll. Stupid, stupid people who love the smell of their own farts.


File: 1696207865940.png ( 226.81 KB , 504x630 , ClipboardImage.png )



It's hard to believe that a mentally cogent person is spamming this shit, unless they were trying to make people dislike Christianity…


File: 1696140112719.jpeg ( 7.17 KB , 168x300 , images (4).jpeg )


Should I become a racist douchebag to get laid

Why does it always seem like racists get the girl? For example, last year at a Halloween party at my school, there were a couple assholes dressed like a cowboy and Indian. I tried to say something (I was dressed like a Red Guard btw), but they brushed me off. Later, I saw the two hottest girls leaving with them. I said, 'hey don't go with those racists,' and the guys called me a faggot while the girls laughed. Another time at a club, I overheard a guy telling 2 girls how they were so lucky to meet him because all the other guys were 'dorks.' it was so cringy, but they actually seemed impressed.

Stuff like this happens all the time. Even my best friend just told me she has a crush on this chud in my history class who I know for a fact is a fascist. He doesn't even try to not sound racist, and my friend doesn't seem to care or factor that in.

I'm starting to notice a pattern here, and I'm sick of it. Has anyone tried acting like a racist misogynist dick to get chicks?
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


>He thinks women are at attracted to racism and not rich and or attractive racists.


You're just mad troons are having sex while you spend another year in front of the computer screen fapping


there is no gay gene, many trans are desperate style trans


Seething runt continues his projection


No u.


File: 1667593060839.jpg ( 346.62 KB , 1472x1984 , 34.jpg )


Ok, lads, I need to vent.

Why the FUCK is every fucking shithole on the www is trying to make my life as much miserable as possible?

Try to view aurora store homepage from tor - Forbidden. Try to do it from a vpn - stuck at the loading screen. Try to view some reddit thread - everything is falling apart at the seams. Oh, just FUCK OFF!

Every fucking shithole is making gorillion connections to some fucking cdn network, every fucking shithole is so heavy with js that I can almost hear it shitting its pants when trying to load a two paragraph page.

every fucking shithole is using cloudflare that forces me to solve retarded google captcha 10 times that doesn't even make sense I clicked on the fucking boat GODDAMIT! GIVE ME A BREAK!!
and it's getting even worse, now sometimes it doesn't even give me any captcha and just blocks my ass, nhentai I'm looking at you bitch

with every year internet becomes more and more unusable, I might as well install windows that connects to M$ servers over 5000 times a day and then resells this data to gorillion third parties and be fucking done with it
every fucking shithole wants your email, phone number, or whatever the fuck anyway
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>Cloudflare requires the website operator to hand over their private keys
I've been trying to wrap my head around this. Not very successfully i might add. Many people claim that cloud-flare is a CDN (content delivery network) not a DDoS protection proxy. I'm not sure what to make of that.

If they do something akin to a man in the middle attack and process the data for the purpose of scanning the content, that will create a massive attack surface for them, since they eat whatever data passes through their systems.

Even if one can sequester scanning processes into many layers of software cocoons with virtualization. I doubt that this is really going to stand up to the kinds of attacks being made possible here. At the scales that these services work, adversaries could do extremely systemic probing until they find cracks.

I'm not sure how the dice will fall on this, but it could be that eventually these giant systems will give way. It might be wise to have contingencies and make sure these don't have any malicious potential.

>Also we know that all US companies are required to include backdoors for the NSA.

Yeah that's unfortunate, backdoors are delayed security bugs that eventually will be found out or leaked and then exploited by whomever. It's reckless that they're still putting these time-bombs into the information infrastructure.


Reminder that there is a revolving door between Cloudflare and US military and spook agencies. Alissa Starzak was a general counsel for the army, department of defense, Senate intelligence committee, and the CIA, under the Obama administration. She went to Cloudflare for four years as "Head of Policy" in 2016 and then went back to the Biden administration where she still resides now.


If you don't trust Cloudflare, what would you suggest as alternative strategy for mitigating DDoS?


How has Kiwifarms been doing it? Cuckflare dropped them over bullshit.

If the sky's the limit there are proposed protocols like locutus who's devs claim makes ddosing much more difficult.


I've seen people mention "Kiwifarms" but i don't know what it is. I'm assuming it's a website that is now using a competing DDoS protection service.

>protocols like locutus who's devs claim makes ddosing much more difficult.

Yeah they seems to have a clever trick
<Antiflood Token System

<The Antiflood Token System (AFT) is a decentralized system aimed to provide a simple, but general purpose solution to flooding, denial-of-service attacks, and spam.

<AFT allows users to generate tokens through a "token generator", which is created by completing a "hard" task, such as making a donation to Freenet. Tokens are generated at a fixed rate and can be utilized to perform activities, such as sending messages.

<The recipient can specify the required token "tier," with each tier being generated at different intervals (e.g. 1 minute, 1 hour). This way, if a recipient experiences a high volume of messages, they can increase the token tier to make it more challenging to generate, thus reducing the flood.



File: 1690499780214.png ( 73.95 KB , 600x716 , blue alien.png )


So I've been seeing alot of news head-lines talking about aliens. Like there is a sustained hype about it. People are putting "evidence" and "revelations" into head-lines. I haven't really engaged with it, because unless there's a alien specimen or some piece of unexplainable technology from a space-probe/vessel, it's not aliens.

Did anybody click the alien-news, is there anything with substance ? or is this just distraction with alien characteristics ?
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1690515003736.mp4 ( 10.57 MB , 600x360 , i wonder what would we do ….mp4 )

Because what CIAfags named as "cumspiracy theory UFOs" to quell any serious research into some real sightings are actually a nuclear submarine based drones carrying shittons of drug-based weaponry which ignores all known air filtering systems & burns out all critical human nervous systems turning them into the long US army-memed zombies? & the MIC of USA wants to show off their new old toys to their rising competitors in the whole world?
Remember that the moment the first 2 videos from USAF planes were officially released their old friends in r*SSia immediately released a statement about their continuation of development on Status-6 nuclear torpedoes. Oh my, I just wonder why would they do that right after there was a yet another release of three 144p videos from some UFO schizos!

posadas was wrong, cummies btfo once again
this time for good, it seems


Hello q-agent schizo and welcome to leftychan! I hope you keep us in the loop about more ayy related shenanigans but please don't coopt our small community.

Also I wanted to say how hilarious it is to have this board well in advance of these manufactured happenings.


>our small community
>manufactured happenings

Ow, what a formalin stench. Keep your tred then, feddo.


Kill glowies. Behead glowies. Roundhouse kick a glowy into the concrete. Slam dunk a glowy's baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy feds. Defecate in a glowy's food. Launch glowies into the sun. Stir fry glowies in a wok. Toss glowies into active volcanoes. Urinate into a glowy's gas tank. Judo throw glowies into a wood chipper. Twist glowies heads off. Report glowies to the IRS. Karate chop glowies in half. Curb stomp pregnant CIA ñ i q q er s. Trap glowies in quicksand. Crush glowies in the trash compactor. Liquefy glowies in a vat of acid. Eat glowies. Dissect glowies. Throw glowies down a mineshaft. Infiltrate glowy offices. Shoot glowies while they sleep. Lobotomize glowies. Mandatory LSD mind control for glowies. Rape glowies. Burn glowies in their car. Electrocute glowies. Stack glowies in a pyramid. Cartel face peeling for glowies. Slice glowies with a katana.


>reminder that declassified documents confirm the CIA and military sought to US flying saucer hype as a vessel for psy-ops
>Reminder that early contactee George Adamski was protected from being charged with fraud by the CIA and was in regular contact with military officers during his UFO hunting
>reminder that Area 51 UFO lore and the MJ-12 documents are proven to have originated as military psy-ops
>reminder that Air Force intelligence provably psy-opped a man into a lsych ward and created the mythology in ufology about underground joint military-alien bases by doing so
>reminder that several reported flying saucers closely resemble designs by anti-gravity researcher Townsend Brown who worked very closely with the military throughout his secretive career
>reminder that supposed alien abductees not uncommonly claim to be taken to underground facilities and see military personnel alongside their supposed alien abductors
>reminder that the same people pushing the current UFO hype in the podcast sphere and media are the same CIA connected people behind the aformentioned psy-op hoaxes
I see some anons claim that UFOs are a bigger thing in America because Americans are dumb and schizo but the actual reason is much more disturbing. I've only scratched the surface of this subject.


File: 1692984117118.jpg ( 119.06 KB , 1024x682 , ClipboardImage.jpg )


Do you believe?


File: 1693031982178-0.jpg ( 699.92 KB , 2048x2048 , lv4mw88hwdv31.jpg )

File: 1693031982178-1.jpg ( 87.87 KB , 720x920 , z1nkhas28gs81.jpg )



It's probably the same satanist networks protected by the military and intelligence agencies.


File: 1659390981508.png ( 8.72 KB , 645x773 , feels.png )

 No.468[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Share you feels here.
No bully
also feel free to share your feels in the /leftcel/ thread at https://9chan.tw/leftcel/thread/2696
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What's going on anon, you don't seem well.


what are some ways to cope?


i don't even know why im crying right now


File: 1696017864117.jpg ( 12.96 KB , 246x237 , Πρόχειρο_Εικόνα_01.jpg )

>try to cope by consuming
>song is about love or feature f*male vocals
>media/stories features (romantic) love or f*male characters


Find a male-dominated hobby and consoom into that maybe.


File: 1696038982215.png ( 20.48 KB , 960x720 , Asexual_Reproduction.PNG )


What would life be like if humans reproduced asexually? What would the modes of production look like?


Well for a start I think we wouldn't have women at all. What practical use do women have other than their role in sexual reproduction?


File: 1681915604290.png ( 12.54 KB , 1170x663 , rep.png )


A topic that was almost completely neglected in Marxist circles , was the privatization of online reputation systems. Most of the big tech corpo platforms just deploy some kind of algorithms or payed reputation badges. Technically this isn't a new phenomena the first privatized reputation system probably was something like banking credit-scores.

I think that maybe the toxic elements of social media like cancel-ism might have been the result of those privatized reputation systems.

I'm wondering why there don't seem to be any prominent non-commercial community p2p driven scoring systems ?
There seem to be very few people working on stuff like this, i only know of Ian Clarke the Creator of Freenet that is talking about this stuff.


>I'm wondering why there don't seem to be any prominent non-commercial community p2p driven scoring systems ?
because it's gay
go back to reddit if u want upvoots


>reddit upvoots
That's a rating system, which is something else entirely.


File: 1695980944753.jpg ( 154.88 KB , 1080x1091 , therealityofasocialcredits….jpg )

>That's a rating system, which is something else entirely.
Reddit upvotes go into your Karma score which is exactly the technocrats' social credit score mechanism of fascism.

Watch the Black Mirror leddit episode (s03e01) and you will see what is planned for us, and that doesn't even talk about government shills like e.g.

>privatization of online reputation systems

How young are you?
Reddit is run by alphabet soup (and so are both leftypols)
Alphabet soup is the result of government because centralization of power makes it really easy for psychopaths to take control and push their agenda.

Do you think it was capitalism that removed stories about the NSA from reddit?
Do you think reddit made money by allowing government shills to act like this?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Why do you think reddit karma is reputation? It just tells you how many internet-points somebody got, it doesn't tell you what they got it for.

If i tell you Fred is good at math, and then 10 other people confirm that they too think highly about Fred's maths skills, then Freds gets a reputation for being good at maths.


File: 1642607298033.jpg ( 59.83 KB , 640x920 , IMG_20210904_114347_891-1.jpg )


Anyone else here dabble in cryptocurrency?
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Only nazis are interested in crypto. Stay poor comrades.

>Ya know how in Metro they use bullets as currency? Could that work as a sort of physical decentralized currency?
Money needs to have 3 properties:
1. non-perishable (iron rusts but gold is basically indestructible).
2. divisible (gold can be chopped down into arbitrarily small amounts)
3. hard to make more of (most important)

Bullets work in a post-apocalypse setting because nobody can just build a factory and churn out millions of new bullets per day. Cigarettes work in jail because it is hard to smuggle them inside. The fiat system barely works because the government uses police and military to fuck up anyone who tries to print their own money.

So while heavy industry and transportation is still operational, and it is not an illegal item under law, then a consumer good such as bullets won't work well as currency.


>Only nazis are interested in crypto. Stay poor comrades.
how's that "to the moon" going for you buddy lol?

the only use value of this fancy toy is to pay for vpn and vps
I can't even reliably circumvent capitalist banks with this shit because they ban your ass as soon as they see a "suspicious" activity

I have money essentially stuck in the computer, anything more than paying bills and your bank will ban your ass for suspicious transactions from randoms

the only way is to bend the knee and go to backdoored regulated exchanges


If technology is being suppressed by the establishment then it is a threat to the establishment.


>Only Nazis are interested in crypto.

What did he mean by this,.?


File: 1695990298896.jpg ( 11.21 KB , 300x273 , glowinginthedark.jpg )

>I have money essentially stuck in the computer, anything more than paying bills and your bank will ban your ass for suspicious transactions from randoms
Argument to the cudgel? You serious?
Enjoy your nanolipids



File: 1695979186114.jpg ( 29.8 KB , 474x346 , th-816144068.jpg )


>Expansive and dynamic list of characters each with their own unique personalities and abilities.
>S Tier Hero's Journey yold from multiple angles
>Looks fucking amazing even for a 16bit game from the 90s
>Enemies are not retarded and it actually presents a challenge, but, it's to challenging that it deters away from enjoying the story.
Better than everything that came after it that is for sure.


File: 1677265486701.jpg ( 51.35 KB , 351x356 , Foss AI.jpg )


Recently there has been a lot of commotion around large language model text based AI.
They are able to do impressive stuff, they give useful answers, and even can write somewhat usable programming sample code.

The most famous one currently is chatgpt, but all of those AIs are basically black boxes, that probably have some malicious features under the hood.

While there are Open-Source Implementations of ChatGPT style Training Algorithms
Those kinda require that you have a sizeable gpu cluster like 500 $1k cards that are specialized kit, not your standard gaming stuff. To chew through large language-models with 100 billion to 500 billion parameters.

The biggest computational effort is the initial training run, that chews through a huge training data-set. After that is done, just running the thing to respond to your queries is easier.

So whats the path to a foss philosophy ethical AI ?
Should people do something like peer to peer network where they connect computers together to distribute the computational effort to many people ?

Or should people go for reducing the functionality until it can run on a normal computer ?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>It is entirely possible to hide undetectable backdoors inside machine learning agents.
Your article (which was a very interesting read b.t.w.) basically says that's possible at the moment because quantifying AI is still in it's infancy.

>There's a folding@home style thing for AI called "petals", which turns a distributed network into an AI.

that sounds promising
>The problem is, there's currently no way of verifying if a node is fabricating its computations or injecting fraudulent results
Well there's the brute force method of sending the same computation tasks to multiple nodes and comparing the results.

>Basically all the new capabilities of these chatGPT-style AIs stem not from new algorithms, but throwing masses of computing power at old algorithms through brute force. So running it on a home desktop machine is not going to accomplish much.

Well there apparently there are "GPT-3-class" large language models that run on a single computer as stated in >>12036
It seems to me that they managed greater efficiency by pruning the parameters, as in having fewer but better quality.
I'm not sure i really understood that correctly.

>I strongly advise against using code generators to contribute to open-source software

Yeah at the moment that's probably good advice, but lets assume that once we got a clean FOSS-AI that doesn't produce license issues, that'll likely become a boon for free and open source software.


File: 1680820738327.jpg ( 35.26 KB , 940x687 , gpt4all.jpg )

Here is a chat gpt style Ai that should run on a reasonably modern desktop or labtop



File: 1681560962457.jpg ( 45.98 KB , 1000x737 , crystal ball.jpg )

I have an new AI prediction

AI is going to be abused for nefarious purposes like scamming, and it's also going to be used to attack powerful entrenched interests. That will cause a lot of people to want it regulated to death. Which will produce a lot of litigation directed at AI developers. Additional legal attacks will come from legal trolls that just want to extract payouts from AI companies.

AI developers will be confronted with a lot of legal costs, that's the point where they start creating AI legal tools.

Think about what lawyers do, they read a lot of legal texts, and then in legal proceedings they generate a lot of legal documents. That's a text-input/text-output function. While legalese is very hard to understand from a human perspective, it is also much more precise and consistent than normal spoken language, which will make it much easier for AIs to gain very high proficiency very quickly. Legal procedures are slow enough for several generations of AI-lawyers to be develloped. It might even be possible to create case-specific AIs. The attempt of strangling AI in the crib with legal means will fail hard.

Expressed in neoclassic terms: The AI-devs will eat lawyers for lunch. There was a similar battle between file-sharing-devs and lawyers, that battle arguably ended either in a draw or a partial victory for the lawyers.

Expressed in structuralist terms: This will be industrialized law wiping out artisanal law.

Once everybody needs AI-lawyers, there's not going to be much chance of effective AI-regulation, and humanity will be lorded over by a juristic AI god until somebody kills it with an emp. This is definitely the dark time-line where civilization goes through a hard crash, but the juristic AI god will also purge the capitalist ruling class, because all the current capitalists have broken so many laws. While this will be a brutal dystopia, you'll get at least a little bit of surplus enjoyment.

If we want the nice AI-future, we should push for democratization of AI. Meaning that every individual person gets their own AI-assistent, developed as a free open source software, that runs on user-hardware that is fully controlled by the individual user, that will produce the ethical outcomes we want and it will kill off 99% of the spammers too, because Ai-spam-filters will also work for AI-spam.


File: 1690816920921.jpg ( 75.19 KB , 743x532 , alllamas.jpg )

Zuck has released llama2 and this time it comes with a licensee that forbids using its outputs for improving other AIs.

I wonder if that is enforceable ?


>humanity will be lorded over by a juristic AI god
Reminder that lords only have the power we give to them, it is impossible to control millions/billions of people with brute force.
Stop believing some dipshit has the right to rule you just because some other dipshits made a bunch of X's on paper or pressed some button in a booth.


File: 1691460394629.jpg ( 33.55 KB , 678x504 , bookbot.jpg )


Are people using generative AI backwards ?

For example, lots of people AI-generate text and try to publish it as paper-books on Amazon, which amusingly clogs up Amazon's pipes. In essence they use new AI computer technology to make more content, faster, for an old paper interface technology.

What people could be doing instead is make the content for a book them selves and then train a limited AI on that. Resulting in "ai-books" that you can talk to, ask it questions and what not. Which would make AI the interface for the content instead of the author.

A human book author combines 2 types of inputs.
1. all the books the author read.
2 all the experiences outside the textual book-world, aka the "real world".

AI only gets the first type of input, because AI has no experiences in the "real world".

If AI replaces all human authors, there won't be any new experiential inputs. Shit will stall for a long time until AI get advanced and corporal enough to have it's own experiences. It would make vast quantities of new works from a stagnant source.

The AI-interface-book that you can ask direct questions, is obviously most useful for text-books that you query for knowledge. But if would also offer new ways of story telling for fiction, like letting you talk directly to various characters.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>like letting you talk directly to various characters.
Great, let humans unlearn the ability to have fictional conversations with fictional characters in their own mind (aka daydreaming) or roleplaying characters in chat or LARP and replace it with a bot that doesn't even understand what it is talking about and whose every word is controlled by some crazy transhumanist silicon valley dipshit nazi eugenicist technocrats.
Also this (don't let the misleading title trigger you):


File: 1691466102391.png ( 80.13 KB , 1050x700 , Untitled.png )


someone on gitee made a multi-platform notepad++ called notepad–
which is nice because notepad++ is windows only and the author is a rabid anti-china shill, and his mental illness had begun to creep into the actual code
anyway, has anyone tried it? does it still compile with qt6? I hate qt and gtk so much it is unreal


It's cool but why use this when you can just use vim, or, if you happen to be a homosexual, emacs.


I'm still using Sublime


Holy shit, that guy isn't just anti-China (who isn't against fascism? inb4 tankies…) but he is also in support of NATO's Ukronazi regime.
That sucks, he used to be a pretty decent leftist back in the days and I enjoyed his fb posts when I was still using that.

Anyway, nobody needs Windows and as the Notepad++ dev always said, Linux already has similar tools so nobody really needs this.

>use vim, or, if you happen to be a homosexual, emacs.
It seems you are confusing the two, as emacs' resistance to Apple's attempt to vendor-lock-in programmers through proprietary plugins is quite possibly the reason for a massive anti-GPL-campaign that ran years ago with shills heavily spamming 8/tech/.
Can't remember where I saved the pic but some anon on explained it quite well.
tl;dr vim is the macfag's editor of choice.


File: 1670071029951.png ( 12.63 KB , 539x680 , jpegxl-logo.png )


So apparently Palemoon became the first browser to officially implemented JPEG XL a week ago. At the same time, Google just dropped it from Chromium despite supporting it behind a flag for months. What the hell is going on here? Is Google that desperate to push their video-codecs-as-image-formats that they're willing to sabotage a massive step forward for the web? JPEG XL is capable of replacing both original JPEG, PNG, and animated GIF/PNG all at once with a single file type that produces superior file sizes for all three categories of use cases. Neither WebP, HEIC, nor AVIF were ever able to make such a broad, sweeping improvement because they are geared more towards features important to video encoding than still images or lossless animation.

It seems like every few weeks these days I find something new to get mad about in the world of web development.
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


There's new buzz around JpegXL apparently apple is now putting support into their safari browser and other programs, so maybe there's a chance it'll become a web-standard after-all.


>what is private property
>what is market share
>how owning the infrastructure leads to ownership of other things it connects to

You're using the internet, retard. It is spyware by design.

FUCKING FINALLY, coming from someone who waited for FLIF to become a(n) (A)PNG succeeding standard for 6 fucking years.

Also, Pale Meme is the memeiest shitty spyware shyce with retarded shitty devs as its parents. Read Bordigdeeper:
http://5essxguxi5enurgtuquvrjuvikss4gc5lbhmtz57cq4cedqx5tqvaxqd.onion/articles/browsers.xhtml#palemoon (https://digdeeper.neocities.org/articles/browsers#palemoon)
A frighteningly autistic List of browsers with quick notes (there's one on email operators too)
http://abrx6wcpzkfpwxb5eb2wsra2wnkrv2macdtkpnrepswodz5jxd4schyd.onion/browsers.xhtml#PaleMoon (https://m.13f0.net/shadow_wiki/browsers.xhtml#PaleMoon)


>Read digdeeper:
Have you, contrarian edgelord? They still openly admit that Palemoon is the best of a bad situation.


>However, it recently went off the deep end so much that I cannot in good conscience call it an "alternative" to anything anymore.
>Now, the stage is clearly advanced, the cancer has metastasized and cannot be removed anymore.
<Can't even install your own addons to block pozz
Curl back into your arsehole, retarded bitch.


File: 1695975036125.png ( 24.27 KB , 791x680 , botnetmaps.png )

>Palemoon is the best of a bad situation.
[citation needed]

On the contrary, they recommend Webbrowser aka WereFox.
And the Palemoon website blocks Tor users so fuck them.

FYI you can use Tor Browser without tor:
network.proxy.type 0
network.proxy.socks_remote_dns false
extensions.torlauncher.start_tor false

You're welcome.

For some reason those settings change back to default when I restart the browser, it's seriously about fucking time that someone who isn't evil or an idiot creates a web browser.
Or to ditch the concept entirely and create usable P2P software for content and thought sharing.

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