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File: 1718313237735-1.jpg ( 203.17 KB , 1080x1965 , 20240228_094923.jpg )

File: 1718313237735-2.jpg ( 268.34 KB , 1080x1613 , 20240228_075537.jpg )

File: 1718313237735-3.jpg ( 143.85 KB , 989x1227 , 20240214_075611.jpg )

File: 1718313237735-4.jpg ( 97.61 KB , 733x954 , 20240209_120536.jpg )



File: 1718382726642-0.jpg ( 114.47 KB , 738x625 , 20240613_172701.jpg )

File: 1718382726642-1.jpg ( 371.52 KB , 800x581 , 20240206_104057.jpg )

File: 1718382726642-2.jpg ( 256.69 KB , 1080x1312 , 20240206_103850.jpg )

File: 1718382726642-3.jpg ( 45.98 KB , 1071x455 , 20240203_212116.jpg )

File: 1718382726642-4.jpg ( 127.31 KB , 1080x1000 , 20240202_154052.jpg )



File: 1718472338720.jpg ( 126.47 KB , 1080x1312 , 4c810e343525016e851e62c5ec….jpg )

Life imitates art


File: 1718472736325.jpg ( 127.09 KB , 1024x1064 , 6.jpg )

A French woman has her head shaved by civilians as a penalty for having consorted with German troops, 1944


the third pic sounds fake. Tbh though this is why men shouldnt be so quick to chase romance and family planning.


File: 1712816269074.jpg ( 126.79 KB , 612x608 , paperboy-with-news.jpg )


First Incel News General archived here:
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File: 1718383401882.jpg ( 65.08 KB , 465x478 , 1718313548532.jpg )



File: 1718484709863.jpg ( 65.59 KB , 1400x468 , woman in the incel communi….jpg )





She's probably enjoying all the Chad examples being posted and talking to the fakecels and general schadenfraude (as typical of roasties)


File: 1718548119432.jpg ( 1.69 MB , 2850x2650 , lookism_skull_measuring.jpg )


lookism's connection to skull measuring

is it real?


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transfer window edition
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Where do I watch your bullshit?


sportsbay dot dk
sporttuna dot com


the reason the irish lost is to show their dedication to anti-angloism and their anti-colonial cause


you mean the scottish? doesnt matter anglos will always be incapable of doing shit in the euros


no i was referring to when ireland lost vs portugal


File: 1663187296476.jpg ( 117.78 KB , 736x987 , Sorayama Female Robot art.jpg )

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Post anything regarding sex robots or dolls here.
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AI app Character.ai is catching up to ChatGPT in the US


>However, Character.ai is attracting a much younger demographic than ChatGPT and other AI apps. On the web, for example, Character.ai draws in nearly 60% of its audience from the 18- to 24-year-old age bracket, a figure that held up over the summer even as website traffic to ChatGPT dropped.


File: 1718307287181-0.jpg ( 253.03 KB , 1058x1015 , 20240601_190158.jpg )

File: 1718307287181-1.jpg ( 59.43 KB , 1125x670 , 20240530_104653.jpg )



that 2nd person is using filters to hide her aging. tick tick tick


File: 1718511856287.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 90.56 KB , 717x925 , Image_20240611_000349.jpg )

What's Inside This China Factory? Eerie Humanoid Robots! [Video]
What's Inside This China Factory? Eerie Humanoid Robots! [Video]



File: 1718512078309.jpg ( 266.31 KB , 1600x1066 , 1710589852193538.jpg )

AI and Robots Are Automating the IVF Process: Here's How It's Already Helped 11 Women Get Pregnant



File: 1718476344866.png ( 26.9 KB , 897x589 , nsaGPT.png )


So OpenClosedAi has appointed a NSA-guy as director.
So it's probably best to avoid that one.


File: 1718476940528.jpg ( 111.89 KB , 900x900 , 1560981406447.jpg )

Oh nooo, they get to read all my conversations about overthrowing western capitalism I had with it… what a shame kek.

It's kinda too bad that llama3 70b is a bit hard to run even with a decent machine, and the 8b version isn't nearly as great at answering coding related questions.


File: 1718477172244.png ( 8.19 KB , 272x186 , rage.png )



It's more like the surveillance extremists are trying to overthrow democratic governance.


There was never any democracy in the states, but yes more surveillance powers should be concerning to everyone.

Also the algorithmic censorship.

I actually have no idea how someone growing up in America is supposed to de-program themselves from the propaganda they're subjected to since birth. All sources of information are controlled and altered. Between a real event and you hearing about it is a man-in-the-middle altering the footage. I suppose you have to face some intense grievances like poverty to even begin to change your mind.


>There was never any democracy in the states
Traditional bourgeois democracy tends to be very plutocratic. But the democracy-meter wasn't zero.
>surveillance powers should be concerning to everyone.
Pretty much everyone opposes it, when they aren't being gaslight by invalid arguments.

>de-program themselves from the propagand

People getting screwed by the system because poverty is inflicted on them, that does tend to break the propaganda hold. But there are other ways. In general the ideological propaganda is incongruent and if somebody thinks about it enough, it falls apart. When the official narrative contradicts lived experience that sets off that type of thinking. As they increase the gap between objective reality and propaganda fiction, these collisions between narrative and experience become more frequent, and hence more people snap out of it.


File: 1695309473998.jpg ( 40.36 KB , 690x325 , candace-owens.jpg )


Who is your rightoid crush?

For me, it's definitely Candace Owens. I often fantasize about how our relationship would progress. In the beginning, she is aggressive and beastly, desperate to get my progressive white seed inside her. After some time, she comes to learn that being soft and supple (like a white belle) is the way to my heart. Eventually, I start letting her sleep inside, and we begin fighting for an anti-racist future together.
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File: 1715353992596-1.jpeg ( 325.34 KB , 2048x1366 , WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-30….jpeg )

File: 1715353992596-2.jpg ( 4.26 MB , 8256x5504 , 73633478007-2151637968.jpg )

File: 1715353992596-3.jpg ( 436.88 KB , 2048x1365 , AP24130738079208.jpg )

File: 1715353992596-4.jpeg ( 323.72 KB , 1440x825 , Eden-Golan-Hurricane-Euro….jpeg )



File: 1715354063938-0.jpg ( 299.59 KB , 1289x2541 , 7900521.jpg )

File: 1715354063938-1.jpg ( 309.53 KB , 1920x960 , 7868398.jpg )

File: 1715354063938-2.jpg ( 212.39 KB , 1440x1799 , 7841552.jpg )

File: 1715354063938-3.jpg ( 67.4 KB , 540x960 , 7741523.jpg )

File: 1715354063938-4.jpg ( 66.91 KB , 540x960 , 7741522.jpg )



File: 1718395505254-0.jpg ( 89.62 KB , 1440x1441 , thekayleighkozak - CmW09b4….jpg )

File: 1718395505254-1.jpg ( 99.8 KB , 1440x1441 , thekayleighkozak - Cl_yhfe….jpg )

File: 1718395505254-2.jpg ( 115.36 KB , 1440x1440 , thekayleighkozak - ClB8YEm….jpg )



File: 1718395672238-0.jpg ( 246.6 KB , 1280x1280 , some_chick_who_shoots - Cm….jpg )

File: 1718395672238-1.jpg ( 227.68 KB , 1200x1200 , some_chick_who_shoots - Cm….jpg )

File: 1718395672239-3.jpg ( 156.06 KB , 1440x1440 , raeleeklein - Cmc4-S8p-qY ….jpg )

File: 1718395672239-4.jpg ( 326.48 KB , 1440x1440 , raeleeklein - Cmc4-S8p-qY ….jpg )



Most moral obsession iver pedophilia is too oten young adults whom are socially deprived.

Actual children in distress are never acknowledged.


File: 1659390981508.png ( 8.72 KB , 645x773 , feels.png )

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Share you feels here.
No bully
also feel free to share your feels in the /leftcel/ thread at https://9chan.tw/leftcel/thread/2696
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File: 1717097763695.png ( 1.05 MB , 1440x1186 , 1698696599193-0.png )

can someone post the full version of this pic?


File: 1717175787769.png ( 909.21 KB , 1353x4545 , 1713694585167.png )

found it


i dont wanna do it but theres nothing to do


tfw slightly horny but no one to do stuff with


tfw low self-worth


File: 1693171769475.png ( 67.43 KB , 570x570 , leftychan_ghost_army - Cop….png )

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Thread dedicated to psychological operations against the leftypol.org administration.

Things to consider:
<The .org mods will read this thread, use this to your advantage
<Posting over your mobile data will arouse less suspicion than over a proxy
<Threads created over an IP with no post history are heavily scrutinized
<Post in /meta/ and try to appeal any mod action against you
<Abuse the report feature
<Use a wide variety of proxy services
<Antagonize individual moderators
<Create as many personas as possible, try to have the mods always chasing a previous persona and not your current one
<The less consistency between the ideological beliefs of your personas the better
<Be consciously aware of your writing style
<Fermenting internal conflict among the mod team is of the upmost importance
<Sow dissent among the userbase whenever possible
<Have fun :)
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What specifically did they corrupt and why and how


File: 1716935205246.png ( 1.42 MB , 750x1000 , rat janitor.png )

NTA but most of the current mods are extremely partisan and petty, openly banning from trumped up reasons and when challenged on it, either ignore the users or make condescending posts mocking them. Misato is still okay, they actually listen to feedback and aren't trigger-happy, but that's an outlier of the general behavior Wvobbly will disappear to the ass-end of nowhere for weeks, letting Cheese Pizza and other shit accumulate and leave it up for hours, then come back out of the blue (usually in the late spring-early fall) and start mass-deleting and banning people for week-long periods or more over bullshit reasons or outright because they're illiterate.

I did >>1956 and the funny part is that I wasn't even intending on getting someone else banned, Wvobbly literally couldn't read properly and banned the person calling out my bait.


>NTA but most of the current mods are extremely partisan and petty
Use names. Most of the mods barely do anything which is literally the appropriate behavior for their role, some are just still there after losing interest but many others simply don't think there's much that needs to be done.
As far as actual deletions and bans go, it's overwhelmingly just wvobbly, caballo and misato trying to curate the place, with some other brash ones like comet every so often.


>Use Names
I did mention, I don't want to bother listing each and every one of them.
>Most of the mods barely do anything
They do, just sporadically. Periods of utterly laxity even in the face of illegal content, and then sudden hard action. Zankaria mostly stays away from the moderator side of it, which is appropriate for a Dev.
>As far as actual deletions and bans go, it's overwhelmingly just wvobbly, caballo and misato trying to curate the place, with some other brash ones like comet every so often.
Caballo isn't as active as they used to be and isn't as ban-happy as before. Misato, like I said, is pretty good at moderating correctly, stepping in where necessary and mostly responding to reports. Wvobbly however is like a loose cannon. Sure, they might actually swat bad faith actors, but usually they'll smash the hammer down onto others, such as the example given. It's funny as fuck, because more than 1 thread has been made complaining about them and Pasq who are the worst offenders. Subject can be a petty twit too, but has mostly stopped being an idiot and actually moderates properly nowdays and has even argued with bad faith liberals trying to concern troll about how "the ogre members all hates minorities" and proceeded to call subject a transphobe or someshit like that.


File: 1718460702139.png ( 224.56 KB , 1080x1340 , mentalillness.png )

>don't visit leftypol for months
>check /meta/
>pasquale talking to himself again
At this point I just visit the site to remind myself that no matter how bad things get, I'm never gonna be such a loser to spend my life on some irrelevant shithole of a website. Like, imagine your whole personality being "leftypol mod". It was sad for a while, but now it's funny again.



Only post bops.
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File: 1693876945299.jpg ( 267.1 KB , 1280x1016 , Clipboard.jpg )


>Sharing space with others to watch porn, giving ourselves entirely into something beyond ourselves, a crowd as one entity made only possible through the shared passion of individuals coming together. Are goon group sessions not innately communist?
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Gooning communities are for porn addicts on adderall or speed. It's a very niche thing that only a few thousand participate in. Just drop the speed.

Also, yea gooning communities are cool in the sense that they have orgies. But would be better to simply just have online orgies and other forms of group sex and not… so focused on porn.

The obsession with porn keeps females out and is cringe


Gooning places are almost exclusively bisexual men and mtf trans. And if they are "straight" they aren't acting like it.

If they just dropped their porn obsession they'd maybe actually have more than a handful of females in their groups


Yea so it's like bisexual men on speed with porn addictions getting off on shared porn obsession

If they just dropped the porn and the speed and made even an ounce of effort to include females it'd be something other than gross


Who аre yo­u quοting??


>Just add girls and it will be fine

Not even once.


File: 1718298706140.webm ( 952.13 KB , 960x540 , 6ckfjLN87Ek.webm )


why is Chadpreet so much more buff and manly than me?


not only is this uygha gonna steal my job but also the hoes


Because he is buff and does manly things?


superstructure affect on foids minds makes them invisible in the west.


File: 1652917513254.jpg ( 223.59 KB , 1200x890 , 1652155039518.jpg )


Circumcision is a Fraud is Hosting a Web Page with FOIA Documents on Circumcision
Also, circumcision general thread. I think it's male genital mutilation.
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You know that circumcision in America was the result of Stephen Kellogg, the founder of Kellogg's Cereal promoting it to stop childhood masturbation.

Well, it was a flop.
So many millions of male children for a century and counting still date their hands.
And it will become more frequemt due to neo-puritanism.


Actually Kellogg's cereal was a venture started by his brother.


He also promoted eating plant-based(got slop) over meat because eating meat would give people sexual desires.


File: 1717780394447.jpg ( 113.36 KB , 936x746 , 20240607_101225.jpg )



File: 1718307072370.jpg ( 97.64 KB , 960x960 , 20240604_112052.jpg )


File: 1717523474363.jpg ( 125.06 KB , 1285x1003 , 20240604_105018.jpg )


Post the wildest shit you see feminists saying here.


File: 1717525070578.jpg ( 150.97 KB , 1133x1200 , 20240604_111727.jpg )



File: 1717541651123.webm ( 586.74 KB , 426x426 , 1705361733467887.webm )



File: 1717780625812.jpg ( 24.88 KB , 1080x267 , 20240607_101644.jpg )



File: 1718297804072.jpg ( 55.48 KB , 640x642 , 20240214_120625.jpg )

Woman's Hating
>The misdirected passion of Andrea Dworkin

>To put it plainly: Dworkin was a preacher of hate. Her books are full of such declarations as, "Under patriarchy, every woman's son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman." ("Patriarchy," of course, covers contemporary Western societies.) "Male sexuality, drunk on its intrinsic contempt for all life, but especially for women's lives, can run wild." "Hatred of women is a source of sexual pleasure for men in its own right."



File: 1717214730928.jpg ( 14.54 KB , 374x266 , Mega Man 7.jpg )


Why did this game suck so bad? Capcom had just finished making Mega Man X2, arguably one of the best platformers in the entire Mega Man franchise.

And then came this turd… Sure it looks and sounds great, but mechanically it's full of problems. It inexplicably gives Mega Man a giant sprite (like 50% larger than Mega Man X or Mega Man's size in the NES games), and consequently is full of shallow platforming and somewhat frustrating, claustrophobic action. It also only lets you play four levels at a time (reducing replayability), and for some reason they chose to completely ignore the finely tuned weapon charge mechanics from the Mega Man X games and gave you a gun that takes so long to charge up that you mostly don't want to bother ever charging it at all. I've always had a hard time understanding why this game turned out the way it is.
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I suspect it was a carry over of game design for arcades were you had to put coins into to play so making it insanely hard was a profit motive to keep people putting coins in the machine.


From the perspective of making a free open source arcade game. I wouldn't even conceive of levels. But rather a treadmill. Game-play elements are placed onto the treadmill in the front. As the player moves forward the game-play elements are interacted with and when they reach the back of the treadmill they disappear. From that perspective it's natural to consider procedural generation with a element of randomness. Instead of perfecting level design, it's about tweaking the procedural generation. The treadmill principle also works with multiple dimensions of movement, just like canned levels.

>I suspect it was a carry over of game design for arcades were you had to put coins into to play so making it insanely hard was a profit motive to keep people putting coins in the machine.
Seems about right. But there probably are players who see this as a feature, you know something to chew on.


If you're describing a game that plays infinitely until the player concedes from exhaustion, there's a reason arcade games largely dropped endless play after the early '80s. Part of it surely had to do with players hogging machines for hours after paying only a quarter, but it's also grounded in a good design principle. Most arcade games after the early '80s targeted about 30-40 minutes, it's too much to stay focused on a tense self-contained action experience for much longer than that.


>If you're describing a game that plays infinitely until the player concedes from exhaustion, there's a reason arcade games largely dropped endless play.
I had not considered that, since people don't run on a treadmill until they collapse from exhaustion either. But i can see your point.
>players hogging machines for hours after paying only a quarter
Ok but that doesn't apply to a Foss game you play on your computer.

>it's also grounded in a good design principle. Most arcade games after the early '80s targeted about 30-40 minutes

So how do you achieve that ? People replay levels over and over too, so that's not really sending a natural halting impulse. Treadmills have timers that beep. There has to be something better than making annoying sounds ?


>So how do you achieve that ?
Just don't make your game too long, it's not that complicated.

Maybe I'm still not clear on what I meant though. It's not about total time played in a session, it's about restricting the overall time of a complete playthrough of the game. What happens in for example a single-credit clear, especially in an arcade game which can't be paused, is that you're challenging yourself to focus at a high level for the entirety of the game experience. As you get closer to the end, with more time passed, few mistakes made, and the challenge ever increasing, an experience of thrill and reward is created that doesn't happen in any other game genre. But it's also stressful. When your hardcore action challenge is too long, it starts to feel like a chore near the end because it's too hard to stay focused for that long.

It is a bit tangential that we're having this conversation in a Mega Man thread though. I include "arcade-like" in the discussion because Mega Man games don't really have the arcade endurance structure I'm describing. They have a lot of hard stops (Mega Man 7 has quite a few intermissions for dialogue), and the player themselves can take a break and come back at any time thanks to password or save systems.


File: 1677760968615.png ( 663.44 KB , 1001x823 , 1613288672507.png )

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its the fist time ive made a friend who's a girl (female) in my 19 years of age, turns out it wasnt that hard. Im still afraid of women though

am i winning?
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pathetic you've set yourself up for failure and for what? to vindicate your own misguided self hatred and to continue your own self sabotage?


File: 1718204724474.png ( 327.15 KB , 1280x1280 , ClipboardImage.png )

Said she just wanna be classmates


>leave the site for awhile
>come back to this
no… this isn't how this was supposed to go
you were supposed to win and it'd mean there's hope for me too


I wouldn't even be mad at least you got to get pissed on.


>true autists should be put in collective farms
State farms. Our production is not so underdeveloped anymore to rely on enforced collective private property relations.

Stupid ass uyghur. Things are done PRESENTLY, not in the future, not in the past but right fucking now. Either you do shit rn or shit never even xisted in the 1st place you stupid fucking fuck.

kek. Stupid fucking cunt, wh@ did I tell ya back then you fucking retard? kys already & take that seething sex offender any% retard along with you will ya?
How much fucking time did you even waste on this shit holy fuck.


File: 1717940138981.png ( 991.97 KB , 720x900 , ClipboardImage.png )


Since Hunter Biden’s dad took office, $3.4 trillion have been printed. The excess money in the market generates inflation and currency devaluation. As the USD is the international trading currency, the BRICS is opting to launch their crypto currency to protect themselves from the effects coming from US sanctions and the impending US Dollar crash. When -not if- this major shift in international currency happens, all industries will suffer, and Onlyfans is going to be massively affected by it.

Adopting a new currency for international and also ditching the SWIFT system will have major repercussions on transactions on adult websites. Since February 2022 we have seen Russian girls being “eradicated” from Onlyfans. Russian-based customers got their accounts deleted, having their credit cards of no use for purchasing content. This was one platform. Now imagine if all adult platforms were give the “choice” to either align with the current system or join BRICS, instead of using both.

1. Less international trade in USD would mean that there are going to be more dollars floating around that less people would care about, increasing the supply of dollars, devaluating the currency

2. Currency Exchange Risks and Costs would force creator to increase their subscription prices and PPV prices

3. Multi-currency payment options could cause issues for platforms, which would be affected by different foreign exchange fluctuations, which might end up forcing them to increase their % or charges passed to the customer.

4. Economies relying on USD or US-exports would see major economic downturns.

5. Content would be devalued as creators would be forced to increase prices. At the same time, currency devaluation in the US may force more women to look for online revenue. Again, more supply than demand (as customers would be affected by the economic crash, too).

6. Inflation or hyperinflation would take place in USA and Canada. Americans and Canadians may be required to get VISAs to enter other countries as many of them are fleeing already to Mexico and other Latin American countries to avoid the rising inflation.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


we got whoreconomics before gta 6


This makes no sense, why wouldn't only fans just accept a BRICS currency too.


OnlyFans is UK-based no nato meber would allow that currency


Okay, then why wouldn't customers just use USD, BRICS citizens banned from using that too?


File: 1718021746761.jpg ( 60.36 KB , 750x1000 , flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x10….jpg )


>Is consuming bourgeois poison with others communist


Jim Jones would agree


Who are you quoting?


File: 1711053513319-0.jpg ( 80.63 KB , 409x640 , THE_FASCIST_CLUB.jpg )

File: 1711053513320-1.jpg ( 134.8 KB , 1028x605 , JUST_FRIENDS.jpg )

File: 1711053513320-2.jpg ( 140.58 KB , 1029x611 , The_Proposal.jpg )


Post Leftcel takes on blackpill movies or otherwise. Here's mine:

The Breakfast Club, or more accurately The Fascist Club. The bully/deliquent/criminal bad-boy, the sport playing jock, the alternate/goth girl and the popular/prep girl all get romantic experiences with each other, yet the only one who does not get romance? The nerd, who is also exploited and gets his labor value stolen by being burdened with single-handedly writing the 'group' essay! The essay that everyone was supposed to work on, instead they do not contribute and just make out with each other like the sexual bourgeois they are. What is this, if not an psychotic open mask-off dictatorship of the sexual bourgeois? The nerd peasant/proletarian is forced to toil and do all the work, single-handedly being the reason they don't get further punishment for not finishing their essay. The nerd also was punished with detention, yet he does not get the same benefits as his sexually-bourgeois classmates. What was his character journey? Was there any self-actualization? Is he supposed to be content with being a single nerd with no romantic life? Is he not a three-dimensional character who breathes and lives and has thoughts and opinions like any other human? Instead, we could assume, is that the hand that wrote that essay will be what keeps him company until his hoe-less death.
One of the actors from the movie, Molly Ringwald, calls 'The Breakfast Club' 'troubling' after rewatching with her daughter. Because certain scenes/scenarios in the film are actually on some MeToo shit. This famous movie watched and known by millions has MeToo tropes. Yet incels have the bad reputation?

Whoever wrote this film is a bourgeois faggot!

The second film, Just Friends, is about a guy being fat in high school and rejected and friendzoned or some shit, but later he loses weight and becomes a womanizer.

The third film is named The Proposal. It is about a female boss coercing her male employee to marry her so she won't be deported. When you look at it, it is a non-consensual situation, because she is his boss, she has power over him (power-imbalance), he cannot easilyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Pedo lingo

Meds newfag


File: 1711390665810.jpg ( 1.01 MB , 1971x2940 , MV5BY2VkMDg4ZTYtN2M3Yy00NW….jpg )

Anyone seen this movie?
It's on the 'flix and I'm tempted to give it a watch.


I remember it being pretty funny when I was in high school, I don't know how well it aged.


Tbh most western romantic entertainment relies too much on slapstick.
The characters are always snarky and/or awkward to make them "relatable".
And they always make them ugly-looking. Not in disgusting ugly, but plain-looking ugly.
Any calm cool collected character is portrayed as an asshole or an NPC.


What is the point of this OP? That you found 3 movies offensive and want validation?

That the 'blackpill' is something you don't like but you think was normalized in media through 90s movies?

That movies are a reflection of the 'real world' and so looking at 90s moving can help us evaluate what's wrong with society?

That you sound edgy using incel jargon in movie reviews?

Define your terms first and come up with a thesis or something


File: 1688537424106.jpg ( 103.8 KB , 1239x293 , DJ Akademiks details his c….jpg )


>normalize dating sex workers
39 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


It is myth because you know, it's not true. And yes it depends but a modern woman with a triple digit body count with men that that have quadurupal digit counts is common now. Didn't say it was safe, just no riskier than sleeping with an garden variety roastie.


File: 1717948547757.jpg ( 52.99 KB , 1024x560 , FfAQtDBVQAAjUec.jpg )

>modern woman with a triple digit body count with men that that have quadurupal digit counts is common now.


When's the last time you talked to a young woman?


BTA but I think youre exaggerating the body count of female sexuality.

Most young people nowadays dont have as much sex as you think.
Any young woman with a triple digit body count is rare.
Most sluttiness is webcam sessions.


at what point would you count cybersex as 'body count'

the future of casual sex is not in person unless better birth control is invented


File: 1714914777431.jpg ( 72.82 KB , 842x632 , IMG_3318.jpg )


There is no good reason to oppose incest.
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If you're siblings yes. But if.your cousins no. At least one generation of cousins can procreate with no issues. Siblings eh…not so much.


File: 1715523858756.jpg ( 148.25 KB , 1080x1080 , marx sister was the wife.jpg )



I would take any amount of allowed incest between siblings rather than have them hating each other. Westoid family unit was a mistake.


most moms force their kids to bond with each other and kids arent allowed any free range play.


Marx is saying using the ancient past as an authority on morality is foolish, not that fucking your sister is a spook.


File: 1715257153196.png ( 468.86 KB , 421x656 , 167530993304153549.png )


Although daughters and their parents rated ambition and intelligence as the most important qualities of a husband for daughters, in the concrete case, both parties chose the more attractive man.
Even fathers will choose Chad for their daughters.
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They only got bitches due to attsined power.

Hitler was looked down upon by his generals.


>Most young women aret really mature for their age but thats due to coddling of parents and teachers.


>barely 22
>this is unironically something that shitlennials and zoomercucks say
This society cannot collapse fast enough. We need a fucking purge of cucks. I am going to have a 16-year-old wife and anybody who doesn't like that will be made to face the wall. So fucking tired of westerners and their fucking phony moralistic faggotry. Death to agecucks.

>lower life expectancy
This barely actually happened btw. People misrepresent the facts about life expectancy in the ancient world (and brain development, and a shitload of other things) to provide bullshit excuses for high age of consent so roasties can compete in a rigged dating market. High infant mortality led to a low average lifespan, but if you survived your first few years you'd live almost as long as people do today. Look at the median lifespan and not the average.


Jailbaits don't want you bro


The worst part is that ethnic minorities in the west have adapted the white Anglo suburban pedagogy.


File: 1689569208975.jpg ( 7.79 KB , 225x225 , 1634973077395.jpg )


I was set up for failure in life. My mom and dad conceived me in their 40s and i was the product of a poorly made sperm colliding with a rotten egg. It should be illegal to reproduce before the age of 25 and after the age of 36
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Proof for brain development theory being a myth?


Alot of medical articls even say that brain development isnt "completion" at 25.
What happens is your bain starts dying.

But ok, if brain develooment really affects behvior directly, explain how then that young people were competent members of society up until the nineteenth century.

People worked 14 and were grandparents by early forties.
Alot of our historical figures were teenagers when they started their careers.


OP is a fag but it's worth pointing out that the "age limits" on having healthy offspring are arbitrarily based on populations that have serious nutritional deficiencies.

A man and a woman who eat well, exercise, get sunlight, have healthy hormone balances etc can reproduce and have healthy children much later in life than the average burger.

OP your mom and dad fucked you up because they were living off proleslop, not because they were old.


Ypure forgetting that eggs run out and that the genetic potency of sperm amd eggs run out after the thirties.

But yea you may have a point.


>It should be illegal to reproduce before the age of 25 and after the age of 36

forty should be theupper limit amd 16 shpuld be the lower limit.

Or even betteryet, procreation should be screened


File: 1694760083013.webm ( 4.3 MB , 480x360 , neverforget.webm )


What do you think of 9/11?
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File: 1711836615417-0.png ( 139.45 KB , 413x735 , FRnP705UYAAtC6o.png )

File: 1711836615417-1.png ( 165.77 KB , 219x476 , FRnQmqiVIAAb5Sj.png )



File: 1717776379076.mp4 ( 11.56 MB , 640x360 , never 4get 2 check 4 bette….mp4 )



Also, wasn't there a separate "attack" on the wh*te house which gone unnoticed?

decades of cooperation between bin ladens & bushes shouldn't be 4gotten too.


> wasn't there a separate
I never heard anything specific about this. But it's unlikely that any of this shit went unnoticed. The 9/11 attackers were hardly subtle, many of them were under investigation before shit went down.

The thing with anti-terror organizations is that they don't have a strong incentive to prevent this stuff. If attacks occur they get an excuse to get more funding. If you combine that with neo-cons needing a pretext to start wars in the middle east, you get a recipe for letting the 9/11 attacks happen.

The hole concept of creating an organization to solve a problem is absurd, no organization will do something that would jeopardize its reason to exist, because this stuff represent lucrative careers, and hence it will do everything to preserve the problem it's supposed to solve.

If you wanted to make sure airplanes can't be abused like in 9/11 you'd design planes that make it impossible for anybody in the passenger cabin to get access to the cockpit. Like make it holey separate compartments without any go-in-between.

If you wanted to stop other types of attacks like when happened in the London tube, you need chemical detectors that can sniff out explosives.

This is physical hardening of civilization, but there also is psychological hardening. Acts of terror are about exploiting fear to make civilization behave foolishly. You need to have a media culture that doesn't relay the message of fear. And you need a political culture that would consider anybody trying to exploit fear as terrorist collaborators.

>decades of cooperation between bin ladens & bushes shouldn't be 4gotten

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Also, wasn't there a separate "attack" on the wh*te house which gone unnoticed?
There was a 4th hijacked plane believed to be heading towards the whitehouse but crashed in the middle of nowhere. The official story was that the passengers rebelled against the hijackers but an alternative theory is that it was shot down by fighter jets.


File: 1714234589437.jpg ( 71.39 KB , 425x500 , plsbuymybook.jpg )


Leftcels, do you ever think on how leftist spaces are filled with males apologizing for being male and for male crimes and pretending to be sexually non-threatening and progressive (like supporting open relationships/polyamory in a sexpest way)

Meanwhile the Manosphere (spaces or comment sections that these leftists would consider rightwing) talk about how their exes did them wrong and that they had relationships/sex before.

How do your take on this?


that's because "leftist" orgs are populated by men who want to get laid by actibitches so they have to adopt that sort of ideology. Manosphere panders to autists like you to sell courses. Both are scum who are worthless to the revolution except as cannon fodder if not people who will be open and conscious counter-revolutionaries


what is your take on adventurist anarchists/maoists who are secretly suicidal and wish to die heroically in a sacrificial blaze of glory?


we should kill them first to prevent bad optics. at least half of them are troons so hopefully they kill themselves soon


Grift one:

>apologize for not being some badass Herculean specimen

Grift two:
>Apologize for not being a simp.

Yea no thanks.


File: 1688872769514.png ( 22.2 KB , 500x500 , 1644784076207.png )


This site, and especially this fucking board, is dead as fuck. And yet 4chan and every other imageboard talks about how it's raiding them and think bunkerchan still exists.
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This is all true. The mods are literally putting in that overtime on the board. SPOOKED AF


>>1767 me
Like i post spam and it gets instantly deleted. no fun allowed


you have already admitted "spam" means any opinion you don't like.


File: 1703020309129.png ( 222.33 KB , 1333x1009 , Bunker trannies.png )

This is not the only bunker.


i want link sed satan


File: 1715545547265-0.png ( 13.45 KB , 300x309 , rage.png )

File: 1715545547265-1.jpg ( 21.81 KB , 2320x192 , fuck_you_for_this_mozilla.jpg )







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You'd probably have better luck going to Mozilla's github page and open an issue in the issue tab.

I can't seem to post a direct link, just go to github.com and search for mozilla


File: 1715564135712.jpg ( 100.37 KB , 1024x1024 , rage_filled_face.jpg )



If you're not using Palemoon at this point you must be oblivious. Google has been the largest donor to Mozilla for over a decade and their directors get paid giant salaries to destroy their own browser. And when they're not doing that, they've basically functioning as a money laundering operation–a non-profit donating to a ton of other orgs instead of using their fucking money to pay programmers.


p*lefag is the same fucktardation led by furryshits who are openly hostile to privacy. They even publicly mock people for being pissed about it. Fuck these faggots too.
Btw didn't these fags also sell out on basically all their browser philosophy points already?


No, take your meds.


File: 1716310493489.jpg ( 20.69 KB , 761x833 , EwDPRPAXEAswb8q.jpg )


Do women like sex? What if it's only to get something from men in exchange and that male sexuality is inherently predatory?
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Isnt that how men are too?


for men its ego affirmation and increases self-worth but for women its objectification. so for each gender its a matter of emphasis, for men sex is primary whereas for women its the relationship, although both like sex and relationship.


>Do women like sex?
yeah just not with you


>t. Western Woman


Regardless,cishet relations are exhausting


File: 1716313217952.jpg ( 98.04 KB , 1080x911 , 04cecdd3423ce79f3b9e6be20a….jpg )


Neurotypical Peers are Less Willing to Interact with Those with Autism based on Thin Slice Judgments | Scientific Reports

Tell me how autism isn't a curse…


File: 1716313283099.jpg ( 45.24 KB , 720x471 , 92e7b4e3be63a2bb1f2e3ed146….jpg )



It is possible 4 an autist to become obsessed with sex?


that girl with autism has a very diluted case of it.
Also shes young and pretty so of course shes gonna get sympathy


yes that's the entire modern mtf transbian transgender movement. They get tricked online to obsess inward on their own preferences unaware that this action itself affects their preferences and they end up scrambling their own mind with self obsessed troon lore.
>wtf I can see myself with a man too sometimes but I don't always think like a man and sometimes I feel effeminate so I guess I'm fae/faer, demisexual, hufflepuff, dark jedi, INTP…


File: 1710009191777.jpg ( 43.3 KB , 512x347 , AP5002211133.jpg )


This experimental new thread is intended to stimulate the growth of female posters posting on this site.


No bullying (unless they are right wing, then an exception may possibly be made)

This themed thread could be similar to the Grace-chan poster's Royal Colony threads.
Perhaps one could also see it as a containment thread, but only for now, with possibility of expanding with other kind of threads in the future.

<In small type at top of this dual poster is the caption: "Women have the right to vote and be elected equally with men section 137 of the Constitution of the USSR."

<Below is the slogan: "Hail the equality of Soviet women."
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>i just typed a random word into fbi.gov invite bar because i was trying to get someone to buy something for me
That strategy only works if you're a woman.


just type the word "beg" into the fbi.gov invite bar and you'll find the server


all fagcord troons must hang
all fagcord troons will hang


File: 1717094743930.gif ( 650.57 KB , 283x315 , wumpus-wave.gif )



one of the mods said this site has a fbi.gov to stimulate growth, so..

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