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Post anything regarding sex robots or dolls here.


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I don't understand, why not just pay for a prostitute?


Because it's illegal?


Yeah but it's hardly enforced by the cops and it's basically impossible to get caught unless you're a retard or extremely unlucky. And if you care so much about the law, there's always sex tourism.


Because a prostitute can't read your emails or run Crysis at max settings. Plus, if you put it in a box and leave it there for a long time, the police won't come after you.


>Yeah but it's hardly enforced by the cops
Yes it is. And they'll destroy your reputation by posting you picture online.
>it's basically impossible to get caught unless you're a retard or extremely unlucky.
You actually have to be pretty smart to know all the ways a cop can get you.
>And if you care so much about the law, there's always sex tourism.
Most people can't afford it and have never left their home country, much less have done something as underground as sex tourism.


>Yeah but it's hardly enforced
Really depends on your area and even then politics change. For example where I live in Mesa, AZ it used to be a haven for Asian Massage Parlors. But recently real estate prices spiked and now they want to gentrify the area.
They just passed a law saying that every massage room has to have a skeleton key that is handed over to the police.


File: 1663191718969.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.81 KB, 1024x768, Chobits-chii_00322621[1].jpg)

I'm going to do it, lads. I'm going to build the ultimate line of sexbots. They'll be great, with loads of programming settings from factory. You like the tsundere type? You got it, kuudere? Yandere? All of it can be done (except that last one because of legal liability). I will do it. Each iteration, becoming more lifelike, closer to the ideal of having a real life gf. They will have all sorts of features, then one day, I will make the ultimate model. It will be exactly like a real woman, and it will do everything a real person can do. It will even be able to cry and all sorts of shit. And I'm going to put the power button right on the pussy, so that you can never, ever, ever, fuck this robot. Fuck you. You wanted a real woman? Now you have her, and she is not going to let you fuck her. She may give you a lazy handjob, but she's not going to let you grab her by the pussy, which is now, by definition, a turnoff. You can't win. She'll also require constant updates and new accessories, which you'll be happy to buy, but your dick will stay dry, and you will never need a new model. This will not be the waifu bot. She will be the wife bot. Get fucked, incels.


I was unaware robots could be so attractive


You okay?


There's an unironic free and open source sex robot movement on this board.


Huh I didn't realise things were that bad in burgerland. You can buy an assault rifle but not a handjob, interesting predicament.


No, but I'll pretend to be.


I want to get out not sure if the grass is greener anywhere.


Like leave the country?


File: 1663535356364.webm (5.89 MB, 360x640, 1660863923100797.webm)



File: 1663537536701.jpg (137.46 KB, 500x750, Terminator_(1984).jpg)

Will these sex robots be able to double up as person security guards? Sorta like terminator (in the first movie) but cute.


The engineers are way cuter than these hunks of junk, and very talented.
No, but those eyes will send all your "precious" moments straight to the parent [corporation] and then the NSA.


File: 1663711314015.jpg (2.07 MB, 3821x2455, sexrobots.jpg)

Sexrobots make roasties seethe.


File: 1663985990595-0.webm (2.53 MB, 1900x1080, 1663897482975488.webm)

File: 1663985990595-1.webm (2.53 MB, 1280x720, 1663897437249261.webm)



File: 1664463770290.webm (804.49 KB, 480x480, 1664415056933969.webm)



ok, now this I can actually fap to

where can I buy one of these? on ali express?


what are they called?


File: 1664514587977.jpeg (26.76 KB, 474x327, th-2199911494.jpeg)

God bless Japan


I don't mean this offensively and a real actually robot with emotions and feelings would be different but don't you guys feel shameful being attracted to dolls? Again I don't mean that to be a dick or anything I just think about it though and I feel like it's wrong or weird and people would definitely think it's weird specially the opposite sex


>don't you guys feel shameful being attracted to dolls?
I'm attached to many things
anime ass pillows is just one of them

>specially the opposite sex

why should I care?

there is no shame in coping with escapism
don't let anyone tell you otherwise


I guess that's true. We all have our escapes. Personally I like drugs and anime. Good for you knowing yourself anon.


File: 1664625355976.jpg (117.55 KB, 1024x976, 1664619892900168m.jpg)

Humiliation rituals are such a large facet of modern society.

If the plebs grow comfortable and begin to enjoy being humiliated, they try to do away with that.

They hate you


Girls are finally not being ashamed of their sexuality, I don't think men should be either. If you enjoy fucking a doll, robot, or tentacle monster, that should be your business. Personally, I like pussy instead, but if I got old and didn't want to fuck saggy-tittied bitches, why not fuck a robot?


even modern Luddites are idpolpilled
it's over

gotta hand it to the porks, they played leftoids like a fiddle


Anime mouse pads? I don't think you can fuck them though.


that must be for one big ass mouse lol
also no, I can fuck it




Sex robots are for bottom of the barrel men who've somehow managed to scrape together enough cash.


open source 3d-printable IOT masturbator. 3 axis movement, lube dispensing, VR integration, desk mount, the whole 10 yards.
The future of robo gfs will be open source.


any news on this?

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