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A list of reading groups and their schedules that have chosen to advertise themselves here. Take a minute to check them out. If you would like to promote your reading group, feel free to leave a comment telling people where they can go.

>>5912 /read/

>>6162 Continental Floppa
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I really like the picture in OP. More like it plz.

File: 1619942123710.png (68.81 KB, 1366x568, East Med 2.PNG)


Post Copy pastas, videos and books which debunk common Fascist, Liberal talking points which are repeated often.
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You fags literally changed the subject to "muh economicssss"
See: >>6686
>That's also not the biggest part or problem of your "groups" because the main issue is the promotion of socio-economics systems that are illogical, inefficient and finally ethically abhorrent.
>Socialist education is one of the only things even its biggest enemies admit is top tier, I don't see why you would choose to nitpick this of all things lmfao. In my country over half the people were illiterate peasants, then when communism came they not only eradicated illiteracy, but they established such an advanced polytechnic education that it didn't even take a generation for a country of unga bunga farmers to turn into a country of engineers, builders and architects.
Idk man, it seems like those people were educated to be just good enough to carry on with their life in service to the state. The measured amounts of inventions in a time of technological innovation that we've discussed previously shows that there wasn't much development there.
>My fucking sides. I knew fascoids had shit for brains but I didn't see this coming LMAO. If they're trying to turn USA socialist, why not do a reverse COINTELPRO instead of fucking declassifying documents nobody cares about from 50 years ago about the USSR's calorie intake? Fuck it, why not coup the country, or help re-establish the USSR? Could it be that it's just the Freedom of Information act– no, that can't be it, it's C(ommunism)IA turning the people gay and socialist!!!
it makes a lot of sense lmao, maybe if you weren't retarded you could understand how i at least have a fucking point you negroid.
>I think I'm starting to see the problem here, this actual child doesn't even know what class means L M F A O
Then define it fucko.(this is not an argument thread.)

File: 1627389219324.jpg (662.67 KB, 2107x1817, read red.jpg)


What do /edu/ comrades think of this proposal?
>Mods should help /edu/ more. Move any thread that can be moved there. Like straight up take that shit on /edu/


File: 1646704939596.jpeg (138.26 KB, 1920x1080, ask.jpeg)


Can anyone recommend me a good book about the 1932-1933 soviet famine? I am honestly not a communist so I am not inclined to defend/condemn Stalin, but I am interested if someone can offer me a neutral book on the subject.
Because from what I've read, many popular books on the subject are complete crap (see link)


There was a book that I forgot called 100 year anniversary of the bolshevik revolution, or, something that talks about why and how the narrative is a bit of bullshit and how the numbers were severely inflated by sources like the black book of communism. People basically just hate communism (wonder why) and so they want to smear it. Sorry I can't actually remember the name of the book anon.


"Years of Hunger: Soviet Agriculture; 1931-1933"


The way its portrayed historically is pretty much bullshit.

File: 1652571385435.png (6.26 KB, 1280x853, esp.png)


Which constructed international language is best?

Esperanto is the most well-known but has many flaws and has no interest in correcting any of them.

Ido is an improved Esperanto but that's like calling it the thinnest kid at fat camp.

Novial is pretty good but it splintered too much towards the end and never recovered.

Occidental isn't bad but it reads like "Novial v0.7".

Interlingua tries hard but it reads like it wants to be all things for all people and winds up being nothing good for anyone.

What's leftchan's take on international languages?


File: 1652572081629.jpg (8.48 KB, 250x209, 1652317151345.jpg)

I'm a looser burger that only knows one language and part of another language (korean) but I have never actively used it so I lost my ability to speak it really sort of fluently at all.


I'm not sure what you are looking for. You haven't mentioned Lojban, that's also a semi famous constructed language. It tries to be syntactically unambiguous.

>What's leftchan's take on international languages?

here is a list of most commonly spoken organic languages (native and non-native combined)

1. English 1,348 b
2. Mandarin Chinese 1.120 b
3. Hindi 600 m
4. Spanish 543 m
5. Standard Arabic 274 m
6. Bengali 268 m
7. French 267 m
8. Russian 258 m
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About not listing other conlangs, your point is valid. I could have listed off another 20 or so but didn't want to overburden the initial post.

File: 1608527960881.pdf (1.12 MB, (Undergraduate texts in ma….pdf)

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All good communists study math.

What are you studying right now? What is your favorite field of mathematics and why?

Personally, I really like the book "Linear Algebra Done Right" by Sheldon Axler. It is on Libgen if you are interested and I attached a pdf.
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File: 1641369349530.jpg (38.67 KB, 843x698, bordigamath.jpg)

Just saying, Bordiga was an engineer. Makes sense, he was autistically literal and uncompromising like a STEMy vs the artsy-fartsy Gramsci who spawned generations of culturally obsessed navel-gazing "Marxists" with his post-hoc "theories" justifying his failed politics.

This is why I love Bordiga, he does math so I don't have to.


I think everyone who is interested in math should study linear algebra algebraically so that they can know duality (by studying dual space), Erlangen program and the foundation of non-Euclidean geometry (by studying bilinear forms), Lie groups (by studying classical groups), representation theory (by noting that S_n is isomorphic to the group of permutation matrices so that every finite group is isomorphic to a matrix group.), etc. Of course it could be challenging but it would give them more mathematical maturity than randomly studying tons of other fields.


I would just use Rudin's PMA but if I have to choose one of them, I would choose Tao. It reminds me Spivak's calculus.


>Is Elements good?
It is really good for your free time. For a degree, it is useless.
Some parts of Elements are really mind blowing. For example, he understands number theory by geometry. For him, the number '1' is the same as a segment of which the length is 1, "a divides b" means one can measure a segment 'b' by a segment 'a' so that the greatest common divisor means the greatest common measure by which one can measure both 'a' and 'b', etc.


Category theory is a must if you are into some fields like algebraic geometry, number theory, topology, etc. In those fields, people use it more than set theory.
The power of category theory comes from its relativism, generality, intertwining many fields into one. Unlike set theory, you can map topological spaces to groups, their homeomorphisms to homomorphisms in category theory. Of course you can do like that with any other mathematical objects. And you can build a category theory without objects (in fact, the identity morphisms are sufficient to replace all the objects) so you can get all the property of objects not from the objects themselves but only from their relations. Thus you can get result by only drawing some diagrams. This is called "Abstract nonsense" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abstract_nonsense).

File: 1608528409650.jpg (3.56 MB, 2056x2736, 099588b567ebc705708b79a12f….jpg)


Let's debunk muh holocaust revishunism with FACTS & LOGIC.

Articles, books, infographs everythings is welcomed.
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Why does the holocaust matter? Fascism is inferior on an ideological plane prior to any 'sins' of deed.


>Why does the most horrific and large scale genocide matter lol?
<Why does history matter!?
<Why do real life issues of fascism matter!?
Imagine being this much of a retard


Dont care didnt read didnt happen


At least you're sincere when it comes to admitting your immunity to reason


David Cole is now selling his old revisionist shit in auction. Who's gonna bid, m8s?

File: 1645189092180.webm (757.77 KB, 640x360, train.webm)


Any places or youtube channels where audiobooks are available? I found a few audiobooks on youtube but those aren't enough.


Librevox has a whole ass youtube channel. It's where I first read the communist manifesto, actually.


Thank you. I'm open to book recommendations as well, particularly written by Lenin.




state and revolution


Thank you. I started listening to it. So far quite good.
Not going bothered with those. Knowledge must be free for everyone.

File: 1626780285154.png (137.45 KB, 261x400, ClipboardImage.png)


Post Military, Insurgency, General warfare and Military history and Insurgency history books and miscellaneous guides, preferably in pdf format, ZIP Files or torrents of these would also be apricated
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>He was willing to acknowledge his own (and his fellow Bolsheviks) lack of qualification (and also noting that elected officers were not a great idea) and hence left field command to the 'experts' essentially.

This lack of idealism fill my heart with joy;


very cool
interesting, and yes >>6813 I've often believed even i my own life, if the goal needs a certain objective achieved, get the best person to use their skills to achieve it and put one's personal ego aside

probably how while I've not recieved many promotions in my life, I've always been able to get a better job or more compensation for less work via "this dude is chill and helps be do the thing I like doing, let's hire him/give him more days off"



File: 1635256284770-0.pdf (14.97 MB, 67x118, Handbook of the Chinese Pe….pdf)

File: 1635256284770-1.pdf (388.5 KB, 228x300, Abd-el-Krim al-Khattabi: T….pdf)



File: 1635256567806-0.pdf (321.61 KB, 67x118, Industrial Workers of the ….pdf)

File: 1635256567806-1.pdf (1.06 MB, 232x300, Bodyhammer: Tactics and Se….pdf)

File: 1635256567806-2.pdf (11.72 MB, 232x300, Warrior Crowd Control & Ri….pdf)



File: 1640016005141.pdf (3.77 MB, 237x300, The Freedom Fighter's Manu….pdf)

Are there any current year protesting guides? Arab Spring, Ukraine, Chile, Hong Kong x2 happened in past 10 years. Btw, posting the best one :^)

File: 1627223538185.png (1.97 MB, 2550x6000, cambodia.png)


Did the Cambodian Genocide happen? Is picrel true or full of shit? If it happened, was it justified? Was Chomsky right to deny it at the time? Will this OP reach 200 chars? So many questions, so few answers.


I can't speak of Pol Pot's "achievements" and whether he's worth defending or not, but Michael Vickery is legit and anticommunists have certainly inflated the death toll while trying to whitewash the damage they themselves caused in Indochina.




vickery is an anticommunist too

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