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File: 1608528152577-0.png (1.42 MB, 1189x837, Translation Project.png)

File: 1608528152578-1.pdf (40.82 KB, Kautsky Revolution Preface.pdf)

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If you know French or German, please contribute a chapter to /leftypol/'s first crowdsourced translation project! This project started on >>691.

The book is Karl Kautsky's history of the French Revolution, originally published as Die Klassengegensätze im Zeitalter der Französischen Revolution in 1889. Coming from the "Pope of Marxism", as Kautsky was then known, this text likely had an immense influence on Lenin and other revolutionaries of his day. It was approved by Engels himself, and may have been foundational in establishing the Marxist theory of bourgeois revolution, yet it has never been translated into English. The original German is available here: https://www.marxists.org/deutsch/archiv/kautsky/1908/frev/index.html and an old French translation is available here: https://www.marxists.org/francais/kautsky/works/1889/00/antagonismes-table.htm

What makes this work especially good for us to translate is that it's relatively short - just around 60 pages in total, divided into 10 chapters. With each chapter being 5-7 pages each, it is conceivable to translate a chapter in one day's volunteer work. Comrade Akko has already translated the preface, and is working on chapter 1. That leaves 9 chapters to complete:

Preface: Complete!
Chapter 1: Second draft complete (French)
Chapter 2: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading complete (English)
Chapter 3: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading in progress (English) - Proofreader needed
Chapter 4: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading complete (English)
Chapter 5: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading complete (English)
Chapter 6: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading in progress (English) - Proofreader needed
Chapter 7: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading in progress (English) - Proofreader needed
Chapter 8: Complete! (Copyrighted work, permission secured)
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there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself right? everything translated should be uploaded here
I think OP was on a bunkerchan


Are you working on chapter 10? I wanted to start translating it soon and don't want obviously to do it for nothing if you're already on it.


Oh excellent! I was only offering because I thought the project was 100% dead. I haven't started yet and wasn't going to particularly soon so definitely, feel free to go ahead and translate. I can proofread it when you're ready.
In the meantime I'm going to make a post on the bunkerchan version of the thread and see if OP is still there.


I have had some health issues that kept me from working on this, I will start next week. By May, every chapter will be translated and what will be needed is a global proofreading.


I am just an anon with nothing to contribute to the project here, but I'd just like to say that you all are doing amazing work and wish you all the best! This /edu/ board has already surpassed the /edu/ boards on bunkerchan or 8chan with this contribution. Many thanks to your hard work!

File: 1608528163862.jpg (866.36 KB, 1100x1635, Catalyst_v4n1-promo_cover.jpg)


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File: 1608528395530-0.pdf (7.49 MB, Catalyst-009.pdf)

File: 1608528395530-1.pdf (11.02 MB, Catalyst-010.pdf)

File: 1608528395530-2.pdf (6.24 MB, Catalyst-011.pdf)

File: 1608528395530-3.pdf (3.72 MB, Catalyst-012.pdf)



File: 1608528395785-0.pdf (15.75 MB, Catalyst-013.pdf)

File: 1608528395785-1.pdf (7.77 MB, Catalyst-014.pdf)

end of pdf dump


What is "catalyst"?


Jacobin’s theory journal.


Anyone got any more of the more recent ones?

File: 1618122783567.jpg (51.04 KB, 714x430, BRiNUy_web.jpg)


I became interested in understanding the phenomenon of anti-semitism from a materialist perspective, this discussion will proceed from Karl Kautsky's perspective of its origin, laid out in "Are the Jews a Race?".
These two chapters from Karl Kautsky's "Are the Jews a Race?" trace the long journey of the Jewish people from their homeland in Palestine to the European diaspora, at which point they lacked a territory/administration of their own. Kautsky explains how Jews were integrated into the feudal economy in certain roles, primarily those suited to cities and outside of artisanal production (which was regulated by guilds). These roles happened to be non-productive roles of mediation, like trade, financial roles, and intellectual roles. There were exceptions and variations across Europe, but due to religious pressures, social norms, and rules, they were largely prevented from assimilation. The economic role of the Jews was reified by the racialists as innate aspects, and this forms the basis for anti-semitism. Therefore, through a materialist analysis, which discovers that social groups are determined by material circumstances and not innate qualities, it becomes plain that anti-semitism is opposed to materialism.

Please share your thoughts on alternative explanations for anti-semitism, especially in its modern form. At this point, Jewish people are assimilated into production at a high degree, to the point where the average person cannot distinguish them as a group. Could it just be a feudal remnant? There needs to be a new theory to explain phenomenon of anti-semitism under present conditions.

File: 1608528072471.jpg (651.83 KB, 1841x1400, 1567421966410.jpg)


What is morality to you?
Do you think at the end of your life you will be judged by a god for your actions?
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I would pay money for this image to be painted over to have a bunker in it instead of a house.


There is something paradoxical about the oft repeated view from philosophers that the universe is meaningless while humans want to find meaning in life. It's more like the universe is full of meaning for us and we are helpless to escape it even in the case we want to. We fundamentally can't escape the fact that some things make us happy and some things make us suffer, which itself brings a kind of meaning to life. Also there seems to be a surplus of meaning where things take on more meaning than just their apparent consequences for our simple pleasure or pain. People find more happiness in cooking than simply the pleasure of the food they eventually eat. This is true generally of labour; you get a flow and joy from building a desk that can't be reduced to the utility of using the desk. Heroic actions take on more meaning than the benefits they actually provide, and so on. This surplus meaning might be considered the sublime. This is why utilitarianism is flawed, or at least would involve much more complicated 'computations' than might first appear.

Morality is a natural consequence of this surplus of meaning. Children have a strong sense of fairness and want to share candy that are unequally distributed for example. The point is not that there will be some practical problem from the unequal distribution (no child will starve because of not having a few sweets) but the justice of the situation. Humans naturally have concepts of justice and so on which are the foundation of morality. There can be different conceptions of morality depending on the society that one lives in, and it is illuminating to challenge a certain morality sometimes, but the existence of morality is pretty much inherent in humans. Trying to get people to 'awaken from the illusion of morality' altogether is autistic and not helpful.

To be honest, the impossibility of the universe existing, being coherent, and strange beings like us existing and leading lives full of the peculiar meanings of human life, suggest to me the existence of God or some kind of judgement, but of course no one truly knows this.


What do you mean with impossibbility in the last paragraph? Is it poetic language or do you mean highly improbable?


>What is morality to you?
first and foremost, a mental program, much like language or facial recognition, that evolved to allow us to recognize the best people to cooperate with, and to make us behave in a way that also allow others to recognize us as good cooperation partners. That mental program goal seem to be to optimize opportunity cost decisions.

But that's only the biological basis of the concept. Humans are capable of complex and deliberate thought process, that can either be used to justify moral intuitions, or to change them (or simply ignore them in the decision). Society at large also codify moral rules, that can overlap with our intuitions, but also go contradictory to them.

If you're interested in that "evolutionary psychology" angle, I recommend this youtube serie which made me discover the theory, it has english subtitle available :

>Do you think at the end of your life you will be judged by a god for your actions?

lol no

>Problems like the trolley question where you choose to save either 3 people and kill 5 or save 5 people and kill 3. Morality is worthless in your decision making.
that's absolutely false, unless you claim to always make the utilitarianism choice in these problems (and then you'd be a monster)


God will be put on trial, not me.

File: 1616859847760.jpg (29.01 KB, 753x707, 1615145569020.jpg)


What's a good introduction to philosophy from a marxist perspective?
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capital isn't about philosophy


I've often heard Lukacs' History and Class Consciousness is basically what Marx would've wrote had he stuck with philosophy.


Not the German ideology. Its bullshit


Unrelated, but I watched a Video about the German Ideology some time ago and there was this one Guy in the Comments who just insisted that it was the Jewish Ideology instead. I found pretty pathetic, but also funny

File: 1616535732678-0.png (122.69 KB, 160x466, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616535732678-1.png (191.18 KB, 458x370, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616535732678-2.png (280.94 KB, 618x304, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616535732678-3.png (1.04 MB, 858x1130, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616535732678-4.pdf (464.98 KB, 67x118, FreudS-CIVILIZATION-AND-IT….pdf)



Civilization and Its Discontents is a book by Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. It was written in 1929 and first published in German in 1930 as "The Uneasiness in Civilization". Exploring what Freud sees as the important clash between the desire for individuality and the expectations of society, the book is considered one of Freud's most important and widely read works, and was described in 1989 by historian Peter Gay as one of the most influential and studied books in the field of modern psychology.

Feel free to post your thoughts, lectures, secondary reading material.

A reading group gets together Saturdays around 22 UTC and this is the next text to be discussed.
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Falun Gong is an arm of the imperialists and funded by the CIA, I do understand why they say what they say.
Freud, and psychoanalysis in general, on the other hand, is being repressed in imperialist society by faithful shock troopers such as you, except where they can use it to control us and sell us products.


the difference is that PsychoAnalysis isn’t an ethical doctrine. Cults are.


>There's nothing yet with which I particularly strongly disagree.
You agree that people have perfect memory within them? You agree that telepathy is a real thing?


Show me where in this text Freud implies either of those.


About to go live reading the last chapters.

File: 1617144474367.png (42.66 KB, 124x189, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey guys I know this might seem a bit annoying but has anyone here read Rudolph Rummel's work or Benjamin Valentino? Their death rates are so astronomically high and if someone already knows the fault with their methodology I don't wanna slog through their nonsense.


Im so dumb, it literally says Rudolph was part of the victims of communism foundation


Why did you even want to read those books in the first place?


To discredit them? I was talking to someone and they mentioned these people.

File: 1616626715900.jpg (61.02 KB, 468x550, 2352562662.jpg)


>Be once in a millennia genius
>Writes big book detailing and explaining all his ideas and findings
>Explains something via a concept that he hasn't laid out yet and without which nobody can fully understand the explanation
>"Oh, don't worry anon! This concept I use here will be explained in chapter 7 of Volume 3 of this work"
>Goes on eating drinking and smoking like a pig
>Dies before he even finishes Vol 2
>Leaves Engels to guesstimate and extrapolate what he meant

Thanks, Karl, not like we needed all the knowledge we can get to fight the most powerful oppressive force in human history or nothing
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ah the early 2010s good times


>>Be once in a millennia genius
This is correct


objectively a shit take. Communism is the cult of the idea man




There's no "take", it's a shitpost bro

File: 1608528002980.png (940.85 KB, 1600x992, 64e9fce0b607ef66c1f532045d….png)


What is your favorite book?

What book influenced you the most?

What do you like about books?

what are you planning to read?

What are you reading now?

Saw this in /hobby/ but thought it fit more here
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>What is your favorite book?
El reino de este mundo by Alejo Carpentier, its beautifully written. Don Quijote is a great novel too.
>What book influenced you the most?
Capital. It was incredibly clarifying.
>What do you like about books?
Books can be an escape, I started out reading fantasy, "graduated" to science-fiction, and came back to fantasy with LOTR and ASOIAF. Books can educate you, they can help you become a master of any field. Books can make you think in new ways, exploring reality in ways you could have never imagined. Books are the congealed form of human imagination and experience.
>What are you planning to read?
The Visible and the Invisible by Maurice Merleau-Ponty
>What are you reading now?
In Defense of Lost Causes by Zizek. I'm in part 2 and despite its deficiency of organization I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.



>What is your favorite book?

An Alchemy Of The Mind by Dianne Ackerman

>What book influenced you the most?

Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs. It's a conspiracy theory book that I picked up in middle school.
It kind of wasted my time and mental energy, because I was constantly looking for confirmations and contradictions to what he said everywhere, but it turns out that that's kind of a never-ending pursuit, and it's unfruitful, and there probably aren't aliens using humans to fight proxy wars or whatever the fuck that book was trying to get me to believe.
It was an influential book because it ruined my intellect and wasted my time and ruined my life, drugs are probably safer.

>What do you like about books?

They change your mental state and are rewarding to read. I can go back to sleep if I drank too much the night before, or I can let the sunrise of being entranced yet awake dissipate the mental fog obstructing my perception of my imagination.
And if they're paperbacks, they're soft. unf

>what are you planning to read?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>What is your favorite book?
Don't really have one so much, although Brothers Karazamov, Death of Ivan Ilyich, Checkov's short stories, Pessoa and Saramago I enjoyed it a lot.
>What book influenced you the most?
I'm poortuguese, so "Levantado do Chão" (roughly translates to "Risen from the ground") by José Saramago. Unironically was a novel that turned me into a convicted socialist and later Marxist and believing in a revolutionary methodology.
>What do you like about books?
It's a very uniquely useful way for an autist like me to understand other humans if it's fiction. They have a lot of information to help me understand things in non-fiction.
>what are you planning to read?
Currently reading Capital and other Marxist. Will continue to do that as well as some philosophy and psychoanalysis, and more canon Portuguese language authors like Eça de Qeuirós atm.
>what are you planning to read?
Other than what I've already said above, Cidade e as Serras, by Eça de Queirós.


*>>what are you reading now?
Other than what I've already said above, Cidade e as Serras, by Eça de Queirós, Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, and Casa-Grande & Senzala by Gilberto Freyre.


>What is your favorite book?
Not sure, maybe Dune for fiction, Blackshirts & Reds for nonfiction. Gaza: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom is quite good as well.
>What book influenced you the most?
Communist Manifesto most likely.
>What do you like about books?
Learning, and feels better than watching YouTube or TV.
>What are you planning to read.
Finishing up the Dune series, and taking up Capital.
>What are you reading now?
God Emperor of Dune and Capital Volume 1.

File: 1616991725568-0.pdf (211.89 KB, 67x118, anonymous-to-the-customers.pdf)

File: 1616991725568-1.pdf (303.57 KB, 67x118, serafinski-blessed-is-the-….pdf)

File: 1616991725568-2.pdf (1.1 MB, 208x300, Tom Nomad - The Master's T….pdf)


Hi. Is there anyone interested in doing an Anarcho-Nihilist reading group? The purpose would be to help get a better understanding of the individualist/nihilist/'post-left' currents in anarchy.
I have a few text suggestions but i'd like to reach concensus if not do a poll on what to read.

Also, let this be a general PDF repo for non-leftist anarchist thought.


try /dead/ maybe


It's more useful to ask here.


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