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File: 1695284523041.png ( 46.47 KB , 300x250 , 876f76fr6.png )


We have lots of newfriends and oldfags who want to discuss topics revolving around .org which is all fine and good there's no issue with that, but, one of the major issues is that posts are begging to flood the overboard and catalogue in general, thus, we have decided to create a general thread for .org discussion. This is not, necessarily, a hard rule that must be followed, but, we do implore you all to attempt to keep discussion about .org in this thread and we will prune what we feel is necessary.

We also have merged some related threads into the general, fyi.


Thread related to split itself for those curious:

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are you sure it was the real leninhat, me or one of the ironic ones

File: 1696381998617.mp4 ( 2.96 MB , 480x852 , VID_20231004_081120_303.mp4 )


London fashion week is lit




what's it cost though? level iv costs like mid 200 more if you want certified. snazzy soft is only like level iii I believe so it won't look as good or it won't be that tough.


leftists don't care about fashion. mods


File: 1696430241664.webm ( 2.08 MB , 640x480 , Fidel's Moral Vest [zwjYi….webm )

File: 1696309402258-0.jpg ( 213.56 KB , 1070x648 , Screenshot_2023-10-03-12-0….jpg )

File: 1696309402258-1.jpg ( 162.59 KB , 1284x1492 , 20231003_120013.jpg )


How it started vs how it's going
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No amount of socialized healthcare can save you if you won't take your tubby ass outside and stop eating fried food.

This is why actual socialist countries focus on preventative healthcare while faggy numale western fauxialists screech about gibs


Are you going after betacuck numales or rednecks?
>This is why actual socialist countries focus on preventative healthcare
Yeah, like checkups and screenings, shit a lot of Americans still can't afford because a full-on public option is too scawwy.


State Owned gyms. State mandated exercise for all.


Socialize the means of (testosterone) production


Part of the problem is a useless strata of administrators and the rentier industry of insurance. Without those two things, healthcare in Burgerland would be significantly more affordable


im thinkin weer back

File: 1695023202831.jpg ( 511.72 KB , 1536x2048 , 20230918_143358.jpg )

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>Leftypol.org welcome thread

Since orgfags (pic related) are coming over in droves, let's welcome them.

<Hey guys. Leave your baggage, cat ears, and dilators at the door!
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File: 1696266044935.jpg ( 53.19 KB , 535x508 , 1695120121110.jpg )

LMAO is this the same guy as pic rel?




File: 1696295584852-0.jpg ( 78.39 KB , 1080x1440 , 20231003_080430.jpg )

File: 1696295584852-1.jpg ( 172.08 KB , 1740x910 , 20231003_080446.jpg )

>ya, I'm a mentally deranged pedo. But at least I'm chill and not a racist


File: 1696295662196.jpg ( 128.76 KB , 828x1525 , 20231003_080650.jpg )

Grandma misses her grandSON, orgfag


this is really sad

File: 1696287441325.jpg ( 48.61 KB , 1200x900 , gxi3796_IrulGB_1iU4_4390_C….jpg )


>car ownership has gone up since 2006
>Insta-worthy road trips and endless selfies
>meanwhile: the reality of owning a car in America
Never-ending parking scavenger hunts in city jungles to the absurd insurance bills, it's like a bad reality show. Never mind even rental cars!

Anybody got experience in remote rural regions?

Discuss personal transportation vs public transportation.


Your chart kinda sucks, is it supposed to be a percentage of 30k? Or is the vehicle itself 30k and then you pay more for fuel, but then wtf does 28% fuel mean!?

There's also parking which can be expensive. Cars suck, if I had a lot more money I would probably have one for weekends but thankfully I live in a bigger city and i have ways to get around to about 90% of events that I want to and I have to rent a car once every few months or ride-share.


Cars are for fags and women
>Muh, convenience and comfort


cars are for chads and revolutionaries
>sorry I can't start the protracted peoples war, my mum won't give me a lift


You're thinking of tanks. I either want a tank or good public transport.

File: 1677992533041.jpg ( 215.75 KB , 535x554 , gogola1966.jpg )


Post monsters.
Das it.
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File: 1695127251641.jpg ( 323.25 KB , 1162x1600 , John Kettelwell The Ghoul ….jpg )

I'm a ghouler


File: 1695323791465.mp4 ( 5.19 MB , 480x360 , purpleskies10 count chocul….mp4 )

Frankenberry aint got nothin on me


File: 1695645501553-0.jpg ( 64.17 KB , 500x584 , nezura.jpg )

File: 1695645501553-1.jpg ( 48.88 KB , 366x328 , nezura2.jpg )



File: 1695679730880-0.jpg ( 36.33 KB , 500x358 , KingKongFaySacrifice.jpg )

File: 1695679730880-1.png ( 349.77 KB , 574x485 , mechanikong.png )

File: 1695679730880-2.jpg ( 63.14 KB , 720x540 , mighty joe young 2.jpg )

File: 1695679730880-3.jpg ( 167.04 KB , 600x814 , mighty peking man.jpg )



File: 1696297807753.mp4 ( 946.97 KB , 176x144 , purpleskies10 count chocul….mp4 )

Drac at it again with another graveyard smash

File: 1696227013021.jpg ( 144.14 KB , 945x600 , 1651014716920.jpg )


Reminder that if you are dating/fucking someone significantly younger than you, you are a pedophile. You should be following the notion of half your age + 7. Meaning that if you are 34, If you date anyone under the age of 24 you are a pedophile, yes even if the person is 18 or older.
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More like a whale swallowing a tictac


It's a race, and I'm winning every time. Later, virgins.


>I'll date whoever the fuck I want
kek maybe in your dating sims




I know this is bait, but it legitimately bugs me that there are people who actually think this. Pedophilia isn't wrong because of an age gap, it's not decided based on arbitrary regional age of majority - even age of consent is not the determiner for what is or isn't pedophilia. These are legal conventions which have ethical significance, but are unrelated to the clinical mental condition of pedophilia. The average AoC in the US in parts of the 1800s was like 10; it has literally nothing to do with determining what is or isn't pedophilia.

Pedophilia is the attraction to prepubescent children. It is wrong not because of an age gap, not even because of a power gap, but because prepubescent children are physically incapable of understanding sex the way adults (people who've completed puberty) can. The exceptions are usually children who've been seriously abused - most children, most prepubescent children, do not process sexual stimuli in the same way as adults, they do not have adult libidos. A child who has been raped at a very young age might not even fully understand what happened to them until they reach puberty. This is why pedophilia is pedophilia; this is what makes it fundamentally wrong. It is not a crime which any sane adult can commit by accident. You don't go "oopsie, I fucked a 6-year-old," nobody ever forgets to check ID and accidentally fucks a 9-year-old. That's what pedophilia is; it's a real thing, it's really bad, and I wish moralfags would stop throwing the fucking word around when they clearly don't understand it.

File: 1696208844709.mp4 ( 1.76 MB , 320x576 , sURNyMGgoZLR429D.mp4 )


>Question for the Christcuck spammer

Why is that Christian countries are filled with homos and have mentally deranged roasties trooning out kids in preschools, whilst Muslim countries won't even tolerate gay pride demonstrations. Wouldn't this seem to suggest that Islam is superior and Christianity is for spineless wimps?


I also have a question for True Christian:

Luke 23:34 - Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

What do you think of this quote and should it apply to people who are sinners?


>Wouldn't this seem to suggest that Islam is superior and Christianity is for spineless wimps?
No, it would suggest that religion is fundamentally conformist to the socio-economic order.

Russkie Orthodoxy has the same position as the branches of Islam. The common element? Periphery of capitalism.

File: 1696211592607.jpeg ( 714.39 KB , 2500x1708 , 200428-kim-jong-un-mc-100….jpeg )


What were they planning


The North Korean and US flags side-by-side looks cool as fuck ngl


Trump and Kim. Name a more iconic duo. You can't




Biden's election was a counter revolution by the managerial class

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