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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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This will be a dedicated thread for sharing and showcasing and reaching out to other, smaller, communities and chans so that we can all help and boost one another.
Imageboards and imageboard culture is important we like to believe. Anonymous culture on the internet allows for the, more or less, free flow of ideas in the general public and for beliefs and those ideas to be challenged.

We hold these values closely here at leftychan. We also have noticed an uptick in spam, so, to anyone looking to advertise your board this is a space to do so. The only thing we would ask is the same privilege from you in return! Thank you! Enjoy~
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Welcome to the only page on the internet

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Are women with Borderline Personality Disorder aka hysterical thot syndrome a severe mental illness where women become hysterical due to the release of period hormones from the ovaries which then in turn results in women having intense emotional reactions to nonsensical problems and also become intentionally emotionally manipulative towards men the number one thread to leftism because of how prone they are to engaging in woke idpol and sabotaging leftist movements with their drama?


Who knows how many revolutionaries have comrades have been thrown in jail due to the whims of these evil fucking bitches.


Cluster B disorders and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.


Are you old enough to remember the time before they were considered medical disorders and were just referred to as "being a cunt"?


What even is BPD? Some one explain it to me like i'm 9


Extreme and persistent mood swings, where someone alternatives between periods of largely positive emotions and extremely negative emotions, combined with a general lack of impulse control to check the ways in which it might manifest as behavior.


I can. It was around the same time when calling someone a fag became unacceptable

File: 1670224204402.png (376.98 KB, 1122x746, 1670220824408751.png)


Ummmm. Based

File: 1670195046580.jpg (205.76 KB, 2048x1362, 1669269861598.jpg)


Why does .org support woke idpol so much?
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the mods are all anglos/troons so there's that.


The admins first tried to work the redditards in by arguing for turd worldist trash, but they got BTFO on a spectacular scale every time. Eventually, when it was clear that they couldn't make a case for their shit that the users wouldn't beat down with authority they turned to just outright banning the old user base. It was rather reminiscent of Che in the later years.


Honestly if this site ever gets popular enough we should conduct a raid on .org


We got a slight bump from .ogre banning all TOR users.

Spending 3 minutes a day posting a reminder for the TOR friends in .org that we exist is praxis, by the way.


You got me from that, for what that's worth. If they think that making users have histories and profiles is a good idea, then there is nothing there for me.

File: 1670100680494.png (366.3 KB, 474x678, ClipboardImage.png)


ITT we discuss Cope Theory and his latest advancements of marxist theory and practice
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File: 1670178990294.gif (1.25 MB, 400x298, 0d4f8230bed9712990d52a5577….gif)

Always with the turd-worldists it is nations that are wealthy and not individuals.
>“The Wealth of (Some) Nations examines a subject that is virtually taboo on the left, namely, the connection between imperialism and the massive disparity in living standards between workers in the First World and workers in the Third World.”
"Taboo" he says! My sides are in orbit!




It's not taboo at all, though. I am not that anon but it's pretty disingenious to think that some how it's a "Secret" that the third world is much more poor and under developed than the first and that some how it doesn't align with the analysis given by Karl Marx.


cope bitch


The way that meme gets used, you would think that it means "Oh no, I have no argument against what was said! I can only try to meme my way out of my pwnage."

File: 1669899572393.jpg (104.12 KB, 705x888, 1669890034415034.jpg)


Why do atheists get holiday pay or time off for Christmas?
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File: 1670014918217.jpg (358.65 KB, 858x821, 1657286896111.jpg)

aper IOUs backed by nothing, not even the courts, is not capital. Adding personal attacks to your post doesn't change the facts.

All money is backed by nothing retard even gold is speculative as currency you are a pseud. The true value of something is in it's utility.

>Fractional reserve banking and hard money don't mix. That's why FTX had a bank run. That's why commercial banks of the 19th century had bank run. Instead of banning fractional reserve banking the bankers managed to ban hard money. To the detriment of everyone including the workers you supposedly care so much about

Ok so what is your point? You think an ftx situation cant happen in your ancap utopia?
>Bank runs are preferable. When a person who was trusted to manage your money was actually lending it out behind your back they deserve to go broke, if not thrown out of a helicopter. And people should be taught to be more careful where they put their money. But banking and government interests prevailed over the interests of the people and here we are.

God I love how psychopathic hyiakians are. "lol bro it's totally fine if you and your family starve to death as long as we reach market equilibrium."

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>Paper money is not capital. It is fraud.
That is 100% correct, although I doubt that it is for the reason you think.
>It is men with guns who force us to use federal reserve notes, not "the interests of capital".
That has absolutely nothing to do with the point that you were responding to.
Lel, uyghur please. Lolberts never include capital in their definition of capitalism, and they are never shy about sharing that definition.
>Paper IOUs backed by nothing, not even the courts, is not capital
Hmm, maybe you do actually know the reason why paper money is not capital. Let's find out! Why do you think paper money is not capital?
>Bank runs are preferable
Stopping the flow of capital is preferable to you? Despite the fact that it undeniably was fraud, it did have the effect of turbocharging the flow of capital. The interests of capital must prevail in capitalism.
>Everytime a central bank monetizes debt
What is debt but the monitization of future labor-power?
>the cronies in government and wall street get the new money first and buy up assets at pre-inflation prices. The money then ripples out into the economy and prices rise because more money is chasing the same number of actual goods. At the very end of the cycle the workers get a "cost of living" pay raise after they've already been paying higher prices for a year and all their fiat savings have lost a chunk of their purchasing power. And they do this every fucking year. This is why house prices are so high.
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Why do prots celebrate Halloween?


Because it's a good excuse to dress up and party. It's the same reason that they celebrate Christmas despite the fact that they have no mass.


because we don't (and shouldn't) live in a theocracy. sage


Will this be allowed under socialism?
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This is so poorly written I can't even get offended by it. It's like listening to someone song in the shower.


Sing in the shower.


the thing that does it for me is the 'daddy' schtick. some pedo incest shit.


Please crawl back to your libertarian hole, and say hi to your Filipina girlfriend for me.

The state are the instruments of class rule. This includes the media, churches, ngos, etc. The government includes the organs that rest on compulsion, i.e., courts, police, official bureacracy, legislative offices, etc.


It's like a female version of Tekshi69 but with none of the talent.

File: 1669930821778.jpg (547.8 KB, 1080x1207, IMG_20221202_043930.jpg)


Possible white pill….


>one seeing a decline
it's over


Sweet! Now I will have time to work a part-time job on my days off. Can't pay the bills with just one job.



This is honestly an interesting development. I wonder what factors are at play in this. These articles all mention pay, but would reduced hours come at the expense of benefits packages and worker protections that are afforded to full-time employees? Could we be seeing the beginning of a trend toward greater worker control of their own employment, or will this just prove to be smoke and mirrors?

File: 1665751107117.jpg (50.66 KB, 760x517, still-from-a-target-_new-h….jpg)


I get that right wingers are big fans of antisemitism and propping up their own affirmative action talking heads, but this seems like a new low. I guess someone like Thomas Sowell is a bit too unsexy and semi coherent for the average Tucker audience member?

Do they actually believe this is going to end well though? I can't help feeling like this, along with the abortion fixation, is self sabotage on their end. Or just desperation? Also, are wns happy or upset that Ye is wearing the 'white lives matter' slogan. Seems like a weird position to be in for them.
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He's doing a speed run.


That isn't even Kanye lmao. Imagine being this much of an NPC.


In any big city the blacks are the tenants and the jews are the landlords. You are living in a deluded Liberal bubble if you think there has never been class tensions between blacks and jews.



uygha trollin.


File: 1669087280836.mp4 (5.07 MB, 480x850, aamgoUavud5ds68a.mp4)


Russian culture thread
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File: 1669349661942.mp4 (1.78 MB, 480x360, Dongcopter.mp4)

Russian politics


File: 1669350513196.mp4 (22.79 MB, 960x720, DJ Blyatman & Russian Vill….mp4)

Blyat get






It's black powder. I wonder if that means that it is technically legal to own without registration. Come to think of it, would the old Civil War era Springfields with their paper-wrapped cartridges be legally considered "black powder?" It would be fun to shoot a fifty-eight cal minee ball.

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