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School and prison are the same. In both places you are stripped of your freedom and dignity. You are told exactly what you must do, and you are punished for failing to comply. Actually, in school you must spend more time doing exactly what you are told to do than is true in adult prisons, so in that sense school is worse than prison


in prison there was a serial killer who got breast implants, did drugs and sex with fellow inmates.
Mad Thad the Youtuber turned pedo had lots of gay sex in jail and he said he enjoyed it


School is more similar to wage-slaving.


Wage slaving at least has more autonomy.

Even the worst type of adult still has his autonomy respected.
And yes school is worse than prison because it was designed to be loke them.

But whats worst of all is how adults compare work to prison and romanticise school.

They think schooldays are the Edenic phase on life.


It's mental wage-slavery except you don't even get a wage unless your country has student welfare.


Well with school you don't have to have results, unlike work were you have to produce results otherwise you get fired. If you fail school it's a you problem, so if you don't care you have more freedom than at work.

File: 1713841578221.jpeg ( 35.22 KB , 449x683 , 170913449431012.jpeg )


you're almost all terrible



File: 1712169720178.webm ( 2.76 MB , 720x720 , 1702374223158159.webm )


How would it look? How prevalent would it be in response to a WWIII type of scenario? How about a major attack on the U.S? Invasion?

Some places I came across said we had over 3.5MM military personnel in 1968. Post-9/11 we didn't see a major increase in levels, levels have kept a little above or below 400k since then.

Ukraine does not appear to be as technologically advanced as the U.S. BBC reports say the draft process still uses physical papers instead of a centralized database. 2:50 mark. Would the U.S., having an essentially digital tracking capability on every citizen, be more successful in getting folks to appear for service if drafted? Would there be vans pulling people off the streets, or would people simply be arrested for draft dodging?
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>How would modern draft dodging look in the U.S.
I believe, alongside mass worker direct actions at home, a culture of resistance within the military was critical in stopping the Vietnam invasion. This culture even including normalized fragging to the point where a documented or suspected incident occurred every two days.

Fill the army with the people, and particularly the people who don't want to fight.


Also, to actually address OP:
>Some places I came across said we had over 3.5MM military personnel in 1968. Post-9/11 we didn't see a major increase in levels, levels have kept a little above or below 400k since then.
My understanding is USA fights proxy wars where possible.

How many US soldiers have died in Ukraine? Wikipedia currently lists 'under 50.[1]

You actually don't need to send your own citizens and military to the slaughter if you are an imperial power. And China is the US's biggest threat, so they still want to show an ability to punish dissenting nations using Ukraine (after their failure in Afghanistan, Russia is an important showcase of NATO's enforcement power, which would make it a devastating battle to lose) to chill the Asia-Pacific. But the US can keep their military and citizenry available for fighting China.

But, in a situation where they're fighting China, I don't see their current military being nearly sufficient and militarizing a proxy nation probably wouldn't be enough, so a draft is a real potential outcome if the war doesn't stay cold. In an ideal world, we could just get all the nationalist sinophobic scum to volunteer and get them purged first. But I don't think the facade of freedom in the US could handle regular civilians being blackvanned, that's too blatant and over the line for The Land of the Free until it's in existential crisis.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Americans_killed_during_the_Russian_invasion_of_Ukraine


maybe. republicans definitely arent the most anti-NATO force out there, but they probably think the interventions in eastern europe have been played out, and would rather focus on the browns and yellows in the middle east and china instead.


File: 1713786103236.png ( 792.47 KB , 933x795 , financial antiimperialism ….png )

>Ukraine, as far as I know, for all the CIA meddling and what-have-you, has a genuinely popular nationalist anti-Russian sentiment
Only a r*ϟϟoid chauvinist could say shit like this to justify the neverending terror campaign against the local population which "historically never existed anyway".
Actual fucking Ukrainians in an actual fucking Ukraine despise the fucking whitoid decommuniZing mercenary invaders in a huge part because of it giving their local nazoid bastards the best political reputation they could've ever dreamed of.
Make a fucking ropeflip, faggot.

>They were difficult for a really big chunk of their time in the USSR

<<<faggot literally pulled a fascist nazoid inherent quality/collective punishment talking point about a whole fucking population to denigrate & justify all that is done to them like a good red-painted nutsoy that he is
<<<nevermind the fact that survivors of this regime of total freedom & democracy in Ukraine even now can only lament how good it was while the soviet regime lasted, with its @ least formal repression of national chauvinism & investments into public sphere

>Euromaidan shit had a lot of people involved

<<<~40k of purely rightoid cretines acting on the direct orders of the local pro-western part of elites in the center of Kyiv only is "a lot of people" = all of dirty hohols should be bombed to hell for existing & making poor poor pidorushkan financial capital cry
2nd wall, faggot.

>They have a long history of seeing Russia as their region's oppressor.

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Working hard?

File: 1713069484015.jpg ( 9.6 KB , 410x248 , stare.jpg )




>class reductionist


File: 1713695357817.jpeg ( 54.9 KB , 546x562 , images (3).jpeg )



>another meme made to romanticise maturity as an aesthetic


File: 1713777397641.jpg ( 411.75 KB , 798x1080 , 1a50b67f6a62199c50a17bdd15….jpg )

ew anon why do you even post this con faggotry

File: 1712938337103.png ( 1.58 MB , 1024x1024 , 1712331929224.png )


Honestly? Just quit this place.

I'm serious. Just quit this place. /leftypol/ is basically a board for ideologically incoherent incels and schizos who take pride in how abrasive and alienating they are. Most of the userbase here aren't really communists, socialists or anarchists in any meaningful sense, they're just illiterate losers who wanna LARP on the internet as Tim Curry in Command and Conquer while wondering while they aren't getting sex.

So, give 'em what they want, and leave them with a dead board because nobody wants to talk to them. I went nearly a month without posting here, and when I came back, the quality of posting managed to get even worse.

Rest of you wanna know why this place is dying? Look in them mirror. Nobody wants to put up with abrasive schizoposters when they can have an actual conversation somewhere else.
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ukraine is doing fine without me lol

but you should go to russkia, they seem to be having some problems in belgorod


File: 1713218176075.png ( 6.79 KB , 239x211 , 1576112615454.png )

>trying to sound like I'm not seething and coping
It's gonna be okay anon.


File: 1713273672632.gif ( 788.24 KB , 128x128 , 1713213754489792.gif )

This isn't leftypol tho???


Deranged incels are unironically better @ grasping the actual reality & by length the history of it than any shitty commiesucc leftard who is, of course, completely content with the society as it is & for whom it is all but joking party roleplay with their social brethren, all of which doesn't have any actual intent or meaning.

post pussy.


>Nobody wants to put up with abrasive schizoposters when they can have an actual conversation somewhere else.

The entire rest of the internet aims for this coveted "actual conversation". I'm here for fun silly internet talk

File: 1713673841105.png ( 6.12 MB , 3541x2508 , 170913449431029.png )


Every person who works for any company has to cuck to another human being to make the company profit. These don’t have to be obvious jobs like car salesman or realtor. They also include being a cashier at Walmart with questions such as ‘Would you like our dogshit item nobody wants to buy for half the price?’ Once you’re out in the real world, you realize everyone is cucking everyone and the biggest cuckers are the old motherfuckers! What I would do is offer them a tour of the city for a fee (posing as a tourist guide is exceptionally easy), tell them to meet me at a location 30 minutes from the moment they paid me and simply not show up.

File: 1706667593394.png ( 962.67 KB , 2560x1440 , image.png )


what is the point of doing anything anymore? Why even better yourself as a person if the final destination is getting blown up by a grenade falling on your head from a Russian drone or Muhammad firing a RPG at you.
How fucked are we? What do we do?
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You idiot. You utter buffoon.

This is the point. This is the reason to cut out all the fucking bullshit and look your fellow human beings in the eye and agree to slay the dragon. If you cannot do it, if you fear that you will be at the mercy of the state military, I've got good news! You can work with us instead. Your alternative to dying to destroy the Beast is dying for nothing.

Let me get you started with a first assignment. Figure out where you are in relation to all the closest military bases. Where would the national guard come from when they come through? What roads do you think they would be likely to take, from what direction? Write it down and tell me, itt, when you've got it written down.


>tell me itt
good one fed. OP, you should know this stuff but don't write it down


I'm not a fed, but if OP doesn't want to write it down here that's fine. Folks should at least write shit down on paper so they can reference it, none of this is illegal, and this attitude of paranoia towards simply doing completely legal stuff in the interest of educating yaself is stupid.


I think laying any kind of tactical plans is putting the cart before the horse. You aren't going to be fighting by yourself - so you have to organize as a first priority.

How do we organize? I think this is the real question and a very difficult one. Like if there is a meeting of like minded people that explicitly want a revolution, I don't know where they meet in my city.


File: 1713672157190.webm ( 5.32 MB , 656x400 , nothing is eternal.webm )

>How fucked are we?
Completely. We are @ an infinitely WORSE condition as a political power than any left movement since 1917, & it just getting worse. & no you fucking morons, the fact that every single retard is bashing cuckitalism doesn't tell anything @ all, the elites would just throw 0.00001% of their profits into social budget & all these "critics" will instantly join the 2nd Freikorps in defence of socialist nation states against insane idealistic utopian commie radicals with their kike fairytales about one humankind with public ownership of the present universe.
>What do we do?
Actually realise your existential interests, for a start.
There's nobody who will do this for you & they know it & they made everything from the ground up to be this way worldwide. You're living in 1848-2 basically, maybe even earlier.

File: 1713555602434.png ( 712.57 KB , 1280x1365 , 170913449431024.png )


still can't pay the bills…
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File: 1713557873584.jpg ( 117.68 KB , 779x739 , neet_expel_soviet.jpg )

oh shit wrong picture, i meant to attach this


File: 1713561655479.jpeg ( 15.03 KB , 474x472 , th-1413487286.jpeg )

they are based parasites

and if you don't have rich parents that can give you that safety cushion then why even live lol?

no wonder every normoid I ever meet is a fucking alcoholic hollow husk of man

I asked one "how are you still alive bitch?" and he started waffling something about his kids lmao, can you believe this shit? What a pitiful faggot. Literally a fucking dumb animal.


people who have kids while being in relative poverty dont deserve much pity.

They use their kids as charity cases to get sympathy from society.




>[commies] start building capitalist society
>everybody who isn't being exploited or doesn't want to be exploited for the surplus value gets thrown out
Le whorréur!

What the fuck happened to Komi?

File: 1713622735996.jpg ( 3.49 MB , 3800x2954 , 17091344943109.jpg )


Only managed to breakthrough the $32k line. At this point I’m just working on working for myself if I’m only ever make that amount of money.

File: 1712892545300.webm ( 5.72 MB , 640x426 , Lain PBS.webm )


sex is procreation, not degeneracy or sodomy. The concept of "born this way" at least in its modern form was always more of a identity politics stance than anything else. Many of the people pushing it didn’t actually beleive it themselfs, but it was beleived that by presenting degenerate, lumpen behaviour as an inherent characteristic, rather than as a freely made choice, people would be more likely to soften up towards it.
A reflection of this is sometimes seen today with the category of "BDSM" or "queer" in which sexual fluidity (the idea that sexuality isn’t set in stone) is taken for granted most of the time, and its only when people criticise the parts of this ideology that haven’t been fully normalised yet that they retreat to "born this way" as a safer position which it is harder to attack.
BDSM and other forms of degeneracy in relationships aren’t reproductive and aren’t typically accepted by the masses due to this reason, outside of the parasitic west
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fed post


this is a copypasta from a LeftyPol post.


I'll shove the new Apple usb-c down your urethra and we'll both enjoy it namefag


someone is suffering from withdrawal


Now this is just dumb.

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