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File: 1683105999283.jpg ( 12.41 KB , 940x550 , onlyfans-ventes-2020-une.jpg )


What is the political economy of onlyfans?

How does onlyfans utilize the m-c-m and c-m-c cycle to render the human subject (labor power) into an object (commodity)?
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also a note on dogpill: I don't think it was a thing in agrarian societies, or at least it was not as widespread.

my grandmother lived all her life in countryside and she never allowed not only dogs in the house, but even cats

she treated all farm animals in general as animated objects, and it was savagery to her that a person could hug and kiss, let alone fuck, an animal

so I'm kinda split on dogpill, it doesn't seem to be as universal as chadsexuality
we need more research into this topic


>she treated all farm animals in general as animated objects
tho that is to be expected from a person who raised countless animals with the sole aim to then kill them

another peculiar detail: she didn't even touch animals directly - for example she used a stick to beat a cow to follow a particular path, or used a chain to yank the dog in a particular direction

oh right, our two dogs were also chained for life - their only purpose in life was to alert to any strangers and preferably scare them

there was no shred of even repressed sexuality at all in how she dealt with animals


File: 1683211367839.jpg ( 14.63 KB , 480x360 , dolphed.jpg )

>case in point: dogpill
don't forget about horsepill
oh, and also dolphinpill is especially brootal
women will fuck anything that moves except us inkwells


File: 1683212659921.jpeg ( 310.77 KB , 2560x1724 , can't compete with that f….jpeg )

>don't forget about horsepill
a piece of historical trivia: many women in the middle ages lost their virginity riding a horse

it was horse or be horsed world


I'm not butthurt about anything, but I suppose I'd rather these women do something more productive and less degrading with their lives. I wouldn't want my children to have to literally whore themselves out as a career.

File: 1679080547725.mp4 ( 79.97 MB , 1440x1080 , PublicFreakout-11tgiio.mp4 )


Why does .org want to court people like this so badly?
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File: 1679093156289.jpg ( 178.24 KB , 1170x1137 , 1678489547151816.jpg )

Honest question, will this arrest lead to a chilling effect on imageboards especially on 4chan where VPN and Tor connections are banned?


Idk, frenschan(or something) is being shilled pretty hard on /pol/ right now. I've long considered the place to be a glowop/honeypot


/int/ is basically government agents talking with government agents (and mods ban every post that isn't on the list of 10 allowed posts)

you get instantly banned for mentioning everything
50 % of good posts are banned

the board is a shithole where only posting BBC is funny, and only 30 % of posts are actual people


File: 1683164682062.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 15.85 KB , 320x320 , 326496431_117685971065684_….jpg )



File: 1683165072409.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 15.85 KB , 320x320 , 326496431_117685971065684_….jpg )


File: 1682877486594.jpg ( 509.84 KB , 1080x1555 , IMG_20230501_005648.jpg )


Ummm… Chomsky bros, I don't feel so good
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File: 1683009370700.jpg ( 38.53 KB , 640x522 , 1682948921336744.jpg )

Chomsky is a cranky oldfag who hasn't been relevant for decades.

No surprise he's buddying up with state security agents like Epstein and shilling for biomedical globohomo. That's basically the trajectory of anyone on the muhleft who achieves any prominence.


Why is this in /b/?
Is this not political? I know we can post about anything here, but wouldn't this be fine on the main board? I like using this board for goofy shit.


Also Epstein's relationship with CIA director William Burns the year before is imo more remarkable, even if it's less surprising. Chomsky could plausibly not know exactly the extent of Epstein's crimes, and just think of him as a university donor or something. Do I believe that? Well, I'd like to, but not really. I believe it's more plausible than William Burns having no idea, but that doesn't mean I believe Chomsky is innocent here. There seems to be less connecting Chomsky to Epstein 'personally' than with Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Ehud Barak, Steven Pinker, Bill Gates, Alan Dershowitz, prince Andrew, Matt Groening, king Salman of Saudi Arabia, Courtney Love, Les Wexner, Peter Soros, Alec Baldwin, Ted Kennedy, David Koch, and Chris Tucker… among others. But this is still very, very bad.


File: 1683071421414.png ( 513.73 KB , 1024x690 , ClipboardImage.png )

I'm no longer a leftist, I'm purely MAGA COMMUNIST now, for the only Epstein acquaintance I trust


politics on the internet can only ever be goofy shit. In fact goofy shit in general is probably much more valuable.

Think about it, the only real political action you can take is going to happen outside.

File: 1683014610743.jpg ( 59.04 KB , 850x400 , maosaysnotomuhleftism.jpg )


>So leftychads.. What's your answer to Mao?

File: 1682566103466.jpg ( 53.43 KB , 1280x672 , Vivek.jpg )


Is this the burger right's Andrew Yang?

And what the fuck is his problem?


File: 1682567387657.mp4 ( 1.73 MB , 640x360 , pRMw9qGAEiHecfxr.mp4 )

Based, but snowball's chance in hell


>20 years from now
>America ruled by Caliph Vathek Ramadan, from the NRA leadership forum
>You must now be 40 years old to own a gun, but socialists are barred so the NRA's happy about it
>there's a Stephen Paddock incident once a week
>policy is controlled by an evil genie, and Vathek's word is unquestionable for fear of its wrath


File: 1683009223658.jpg ( 442.82 KB , 1080x1473 , IMG_20230502_133221.jpg )

Nope. He's the Burger Mao

File: 1682241336573.jpg ( 274.02 KB , 612x380 , 1682213934480090.jpg )


The 90s were downright comfy. What happened?
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>The 1990s was a repeat of the 1980s.

That's not really true. The '90s began with the fall of the USSR and the launch of the world wide web. 'Western' economic policies were an extension of those adopted in the late '70s & '80s, but a lot of the conditions of the '90s were still different.


>he doesn't do as much new bad stuff as Bush
You sure about that? Five more new wars to Bush's two, repealing habeas corpus, going after whistleblowers with the Espionage Act, Romney's fascist mandatory-private-health-insurance bill, etc. Bush used 9/11 to greatly accelerate the construction of a repressive national security apparatus, but it was Obama who normalized it under a cloud of respectability after Bush.


>five more new wars

Didn't happen. The US didn't invade any more countries on that scale during Obama. If you're just counting any time the US underhandedly backed some dissidents somewhere as the US entering a country in war, the number would probably be higher than "five" during both Bush & Obama's respective presidencies. The only full-on wars the US military had going on during Obama were in Iraq and Afghanistan.

>repealing habeas corpus,

The attacks on habeas corpus were Bush era. If you recall, the indefinite-detention-without-due-process thing was something Obama campaigned against in 2008 - he was straight up talking about closing Gitmo. Fwiw he didn't do this, it was bullshit, though he issued an executive order declaring that the Gitmo prisoners "have the constitutional privilege of the writ of habeas corpus," though how effective that was is extremely questionable. He also didn't "repeal habeas corpus." Habeas corpus was merc'd during the war on terror, although it's never technically been repealed, all the legwork was done circa Bush.

>going after whistleblowers with the Espionage Act

Over videos of mass murder filmed in 2007. Fwiw, Bush went after anti-war protestors with Patriot Act surveillance powers and also used the Espionage Act against journalists. Anything you can say about Obama on this front was Bush-lite.

>Romney's fascist mandatory-private-health-insurance bill, etc

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


It was, in fact, Obama who finally formally revoked the right to habeas corpus. The provision was included in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that he signed, which stays that the US state is allowed to declare someone a terrorist or enemy belligerent and then detain them indefinitely without trial. Chris Hedges and others sued the Obama administration over it, and in the process were able to infer that the bill itself was just a justification for activity the government was already engaged in.



Actually, it was the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and they were already putting this into practice by the time Obama ran in 2008 - it was a campaign issue by that time. The 2012 NDAA, which is also very bad!, fwiw is citing the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, which was pre-Obama and was cited by the Bush admin (in defense of the flagrant denials of due process which they, again, were already doing in 2006) when this stuff came up in court. It's literally a reassertion of tricks Bush had already pulled.


They ran out.

File: 1682503979630.jpg ( 95.77 KB , 816x1024 , 1682503330574203m.jpg )


Imagine fancying yourself as opposing porkie and US hegemony yet not liking Tucker.
If that's you, something doesn't add up.
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Hypocrisy is a hell of a drug, eh boy


>praxis is when you purity spiral yourself into irrelevance while simultaneously believing only you are the real leftist


based blanquist


File: 1683173878354.jpg ( 390.51 KB , 1000x1350 , 04215997b84c84349d29184ac2….jpg )



too based to handle

File: 1682320710712.jpg ( 970.93 KB , 1984x1234 , IMG_20230424_141437.jpg )


Has anyone else taken the Schopenhauer pill? Did your shoulders grow too?


File: 1682340913731.jpg ( 303.45 KB , 610x762 , what.jpg )

>duuuuude, reality doesn't matter, what matters is how u view it
philosophycel cope

a man dying of hunger is the same everywhere for all intends and purposes

advice: don't EVER take philosophycels seriously


Have you ever, even once in you life, met someone who was dying from hunger?
>Dude, let me argue against you with a hypothetical point which has absolutely no relationship to my, your, or barely anyone's life.
I think you are the philosophycel here. Smoke more weed and go back to your scifi threads


File: 1682353428553.jpg ( 59.29 KB , 568x335 , one does not.jpg )

solipsistic cope

there are OBJECTIVE LIMITS to your massive Ego, philosophycel
u can't just keep dwelling in ur Ivory Tower forever, philosophycel
some day u gonna hit the earth

we've been thru this with Christoid copes already
it was always just that - copes


Who said there wasn't objective limits?
>Doesn't understand what a feedback loop is
I've travelled to about a dozen countries, and lived in a small handful. I think your accusations of being out of touch and having a limited view of reality reveals more about you than me…


sometimes philosophy is just intellectual laziness.

File: 1681674220647.mp4 ( 23.77 MB , 1080x1920 , MAm924tgJ14CNaXp.mp4 )


What are the political implications of the same elites who endlessly expound on the need to fight climate change also being secretively engaged in weather modification without any public scrutiny.
What are the political implications of the left ignoring real world and widespread issues like this?
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>Science and factual data is what is "driving" climate change as a narrative
Who is funding the "science"?

>It is also the same billionaire class that keeps shilling for oil and natural gasses.
Who is shilling for oil and gas? Show me one corporate media article not telling readers to buy an EV. You've absorbed the propaganda to a point where you can't remember where it came from.


File: 1682718072291.pdf ( 20.3 MB , 196x300 , Adrienne Buller - The Valu….pdf )

>>147391 (cont)
Also claiming that companies legitimately care about climate change is like claiming they also legitimately care about queer people.
They don't. Its a PR stunt to humanize the company and make it seem like it's doing 'the right thing'. It's marketing. Any support towards sustainability initiatives is first and foremost a capitalist endeavor. Most of them are bullshit.
Any sustainability initiative would hurt profits. No company is going to go further than they necessarily have to for PR or regulations. The only companies that profit off of climate change are the ones building the technology for sustainability, those companies can be rightfully met with skepticism as they will make any attempt to make themselves look as good as possible despite actual performance.
If anything, it would be more profitable for a company to shill for deregulation as that would increase their profits.
Also more is spent on oil and gas lobbying than renewables lobbying.
Lobbying for Oil and Gas is $125 Mil
Lobbying for Renewables is $24 Mil




I'm sorry to inform you but money cannot change the outcome of science.


It can certainly decide what hypotheses are tested.

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