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File: 1712151178295.webm ( 761.58 KB , 1280x720 , 14.webm )


After Joe embarrassed the U.S. in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, it sent the message of weakness to all the nations of the world. Now we see the Bear and the Dragon testing us. I fear they know there may never be a better time than now to go to war with the U.S., we're torn internally, an inept puppet at the helm. This could be getting serious.
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Russia amd China have their own problems. Anything bad theyre doing, Americans have done the same.

Also, Biden, while incompetent, isnt the only one at fault.


File: 1714955657745.png ( 133.05 KB , 323x393 , 1714797977465857.png )

>a taunt to the rest of the world saying "look what we can get away with"
>What, were we going to keep sending soldiers to pay off local pedophiles for another 20 years so the Taliban didn't come back?
Do You See The Light


Russian invasion had nothing to do with Afghanistan, Crimea happened long before that.

Nobody is testing shit, all diplomatic solutions just ran out.

All this shit was predetermined long before any of you faggots were even born.


File: 1714962420614.png ( 410.64 KB , 719x1080 , 1714681321247747.png )

>All this shit was predetermined long before any of you faggots were even born.
Even In This


File: 1715018990810.jpg ( 282.71 KB , 1280x822 , bro im hungary.jpg )

TCOAAL was a mistake.

File: 1641130748183.jpg ( 59.02 KB , 640x479 , 1640329479947.jpg )


This will be a dedicated thread for sharing and showcasing and reaching out to other, smaller, communities and chans so that we can all help and boost one another.
Imageboards and imageboard culture is important we like to believe. Anonymous culture on the internet allows for the, more or less, free flow of ideas in the general public and for beliefs and those ideas to be challenged.

We hold these values closely here at leftychan. We also have noticed an uptick in spam, so, to anyone looking to advertise your board this is a space to do so. The only thing we would ask is the same privilege from you in return! Thank you! Enjoy~
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File: 1705662206647.png ( 449.41 KB , 993x1833 , pajeetchantrvke.png )



the earths rotation was faster millions of years ago from accretional energy from formation.

Also, the Bible has been translated through four languages: from Hebrew to Aramic to Greek to Roman.


how is it any different than general imageboards?


File: 1714850132111.png ( 18.08 KB , 320x100 , won.png )

come victorypost at threech DOT top
jesus christ the antispam is insanity this is my fourth attempt at posting


7chan seems to be down, someone go wake them up

File: 1714063269123.png ( 10.56 KB , 56x65 , 4zee2ecopkv6qvz143.png )


Do you simp
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File: 1714235447908.png ( 139.64 KB , 480x360 , 167530993304153442.png )

sad truth. Men have simp DNA. We need purge it. Unironically maybe sterilize simps.


You need a Great Reset flag.


Life sucks


File: 1714920248951.gif ( 538.59 KB , 500x500 , 1714054383746772.gif )

File: 1714600347214.mp4 ( 1.62 MB , 1280x720 , 1714581634830415375.mp4 )


the best thing you can do is join a clandestine vanguard organization where you can sabotage imperialism from within and serve as useful collaborators for liberating forces when the time comes. “Communist” parties in America are either completely irrelevant cults focused on idpol, federal honeypots that collaborate with the Dems, or in the case of CPUSA both, and they will receive the least amount of leniemcy up there with politicians and financial bourgeoisie
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Parties are a meme, take the councilcom/anarchist pill



File: 1714877529629.mp4 ( 391.11 KB , 1280x720 , 17530993304153758.mp4 )

>Parties are a meme, take the councilcom/anarchist pill
Seems Legit
>The Debian Project has been far more useful than any cringeguard in this regard, they recently voted for secret ballot after the Stallman controversy, wonder how this will impact them.
Linux Retards


>take the councilcom/anarchist pill
how are they all different from the vanguardoids?

all leftoids stick to the same centuries old tried-and-failed shit

council pyramid was proven to be fucking MATHEMATICALLY deficient, and Michels BTFOD anarchists forever

Michels was for leftoid politics what Mises was for leftoid economics

and if Mises got tackled and confronted, Michels got fucking ignored


File: 1714911651992.jpg ( 6.73 KB , 416x271 , 1753099330415371111.jpg )

all Superstates stick to the same centuries old tried-and-failed shit
proven to be fucking MATHEMATICALLY deficient


>all Superstates
I hope you don't mean Soviet Union here buddy.

For expected outcome, IT IS deficient.


Saagar seems to be in a good mood in this segment.
Do you think Krystal finally pegged him for bad behavior and he realized he likes it?


File: 1714913726374.png ( 2.3 KB , 950x350 , 1753099330415371128.png )



where did this concept even from?

File: 1714906796381.png ( 312.91 KB , 1280x216 , 167530993304153428.png )


Communism=NWO NWO=Communism.


File: 1714734758279.jpg ( 115.16 KB , 945x2048 , GGy6sLuWsAA6jK9.jpg )


>goon battles
Can we leverage this for leftism somehow? Also isn't this a positive development since it's people sharing porn amongst each other instead of it being fed and dictated by the exploitive industry?
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>🔥🔥🔥 commie girls get me so hard
<Do you submit to superior communism?


Porn addiction isn't going to help our cause


fagcel jewish niggerino thread




File: 1714907499002.webm ( 3.77 MB , 1280x720 , pinky and the brain A85ep….webm )

This game unironically used the most fitting ending trope for the soviets, unlike the 2nd one: no capitali$t s*x in ussr (they don't have it), only the love of, & for the people.

ending in the 1st game is still more accurate
& that gal is СРПКИЊА anyway, tito gang will hang

File: 1706667593394.png ( 962.67 KB , 2560x1440 , image.png )


what is the point of doing anything anymore? Why even better yourself as a person if the final destination is getting blown up by a grenade falling on your head from a Russian drone or Muhammad firing a RPG at you.
How fucked are we? What do we do?
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I'm not a fed, but if OP doesn't want to write it down here that's fine. Folks should at least write shit down on paper so they can reference it, none of this is illegal, and this attitude of paranoia towards simply doing completely legal stuff in the interest of educating yaself is stupid.


I think laying any kind of tactical plans is putting the cart before the horse. You aren't going to be fighting by yourself - so you have to organize as a first priority.

How do we organize? I think this is the real question and a very difficult one. Like if there is a meeting of like minded people that explicitly want a revolution, I don't know where they meet in my city.


File: 1713672157190.webm ( 5.32 MB , 656x400 , nothing is eternal.webm )

>How fucked are we?
Completely. We are @ an infinitely WORSE condition as a political power than any left movement since 1917, & it just getting worse. & no you fucking morons, the fact that every single retard is bashing cuckitalism doesn't tell anything @ all, the elites would just throw 0.00001% of their profits into social budget & all these "critics" will instantly join the 2nd Freikorps in defence of socialist nation states against insane idealistic utopian commie radicals with their kike fairytales about one humankind with public ownership of the present universe.
>What do we do?
Actually realise your existential interests, for a start.
There's nobody who will do this for you & they know it & they made everything from the ground up to be this way worldwide. You're living in 1848-2 basically, maybe even earlier.




I think that researching this stuff is worthwhile whether or not you've already got the means to do anything more than researching it. You can't plan a counterattack, but you can at least get an idea of what an attack on you would look like.

For your question, though… I'd first recommend that you reach out to everyone you can. If you can do so, try to set up support networks.

In your city, you should look for local organizations' pages, and you should attend events. This won't open a door immediately, but it's liable to get you closer. You should continue to reach out to people as you do this.

File: 1714846560178-0.mp4 ( 8.59 MB , 480x360 , 1675309933041537.mp4 )

File: 1714846560178-1.mp4 ( 15.93 MB , 854x480 , 1675309933041537113.mp4 )

File: 1714846560178-2.mp4 ( 7.75 MB , 854x480 , 1675309933041537111.mp4 )

File: 1714846560178-3.mp4 ( 9.91 MB , 640x480 , 167530993304137.mp4 )

File: 1714846560178-4.mp4 ( 12.52 MB , 480x360 , 1675309933041537112.mp4 )


Ara Ara Useful Idiots

File: 1714548745783.mp4 ( 1.71 MB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153754.mp4 )


This channel does not exist.


Nice ambient pad music.


File: 1714550182595.mp4 ( 4.9 MB , 960x720 , 1714548745783.mp4 )



I like this lofi stuff. So you gonna explain what this channel used to be or what? What's EK?


File: 1714770648039.mp4 ( 7.98 MB , 1280x720 , 1714550182595.mp4 )

downloaded channel halfway through watching it. went back "This Channel Does Not Exist"

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